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Podcast: Covid, Summer 2020 & A Live Webinar

As you are well aware, the new Coronavirus has pretty much spread throughout every edge of the globe. It leaves some countries, states, cities, and towns, in lockdown with little certainty of when this crazy new normal will end.

Podcast: RV Maintenance Course

In this episode I interviewed Ed Wilcox, the creator of Fix it Yourself- the RV Maintenance Course that teaches you what you need to be comfortable with fixing your RV issues yourself!

Things to do in New York City for 9/11

Things to do in New York City for 9/11 Can you believe it has now been 18 years since the bombing of the Twin...

69 Mobile Business Ideas For RVers:

Are you interested in running a small business from your RV? Do you dream of hitting the road or going farther with freedom unmatched...

How To Become A Summer Lighthouse Keeper in Michigan

In this guide, we'll cover all the details you need to know about 6 Michigan Lighthouses with onsite camping or housing opportunities! If you're interesting in Light House Keeper Jobs you'll enjoy this guide!

Thousand Trails Campgrounds

Thousand Trails Campgrounds are the heart and soul of the Thousand Trails membership program! Not only do they allow for cheap overnight camping, but they...

Gettysburg Farm RV Resort & Campground

*If you haven’t heard of the Thousand Trails Membership Club, you will soon! Honestly, I had heard many campers talking about it for years,...

i95 Itinerary For A Fun Summer RV Road Trip

I-95 is an incredible highway that spans the distance of the East Coast. It stretches from Florida to Maine, passing through major cities like...

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Podcast: Things to do in Big Sur

Big Sur, California is an amazing RVing destination with road trip adventures for all ages! Technically not a town or a city, Big Sur includes a variety of places to go and things to see from the main Big Sur area all the way up to nearby Monterey and back again!

Podcast: Covid-19 For RVers

Covid-19 is affecting everyone's lives, but many full-time RVers find themselves in an incredibly hard situation, where they can't find a place to park, are scared to travel and for some- they're out of work.

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