4 Easy Ways RVers Earn Money Remotely

Non-retired RVers are constantly on the hunt for ways to earn an income while traveling full-time!

Since we don’t have retirement income to keep us a float, making money while we travel is the only way the adventures keep rolling!

But how do people make the most of their travels and continue to make money to pay for the adventures as well as their living expenses? The answer is probably right under your nose, and far less complicated than you think!

RVers of all ages have the ability to setup mobile income streams that bring home the bacon! Location independent careers, nomadic jobs, Workamping and short-term gig opportunities are all reliable ways to earn money remotely while RVing.

In this post, I’ll be covering 4 easy ways you can fund your RV life with mobile friendly income streams!

For the record, when I say easy…  I mean they are relatively simple to get started and setup, if they fit the bill. As with most things, folks who are willing to put in some research, gain some knowledge and then complete the small steps to get the end products in place- are the ones who usually prove successful!


Fiver is a gig app that allows anyone, anywhere to take advantage of the all-inclusive digital marketplace. On this site, people from all over the world can find and purchase services they need with the starting cost of just $5.

For example, say you are an excellent cartoonist and can turn people’s pictures into cartoon sketches using a variety of different poses. Fiver allows you to create an account (which can actually be used as a buyer and a seller) to market your services. Create a gig that offers your work for a set price with set parameters like delivery times, available edits, and more.  

When people buy your gig and you deliver on time and with a great final product or service- you’ll build your credibility with reviews and order totals! As you build your profile, you’ll not only be getting paid for doing work that you love and are passionate about, but you’ll also be working towards new levels of service with higher starting dollar amounts and gig addons!

You can sell any service or product using the Fiver app, as long as its within the legal boundaries. There are currently over 100 categories for product and service ideas, so take a quick peak and get some inspiration from people who have been building their profiles successfully.

Gigs on Fiverr can be your side job, second job, or your main job, depending on how much you aim to make. You can set your own prices anywhere from $5- $995 and you also have the option to offer variations of the same gig at 3 different price points. It’s free to sign up and you keep 80% of your sales totals.

When I first decided I wanted to build some income streams to keep my travel adventures going, this was one of the first platforms I discovered. It was relatively easy to use and I did end up selling a few services. In the end, I found that I actually purchased more services on Fiver than I sold, but that was a great way for me to delegate tasks I needed to get going quickly to build my website. So if selling doesn’t work out for you, maybe buying services and outsourcing will!

Learn More About Fiverr Here! 

Consider becoming a virtual assistant or selling your skills are ways RVers earn money remotely.


Do you still have a sticks-n-bricks home? Are you on the fence as to if you should just sell it, stop dealing with long term renters, or maybe just setup a domicile in an RV friendly state with tax benefits?

Well before you place the ‘FOR SALE’ sign in the front yard, take a moment to consider how hundreds of thousands for property owners around the globe are making extra money by renting their homes on vacation rental platforms like Airbnb!

Airbnb is one of the original house sharing platforms that set the stage for family vacations, girls’ trips, honeymoon travels, family reunions, and other get togethers. No longer do you have to rely on renting a room for multiple guests or a large family at a nearby hotel. With Airbnb travelers can rent a private room or entire house.

  • Private Room: Offer a private room for sleeping with some shared spaces and amenities.
  • Entire House: Provides the renter with the entire space or house.

Anyone can be a host on Airbnb! It’s free to sign up for the service and to list your rental. For new hosts they not only help guide you through the setup process with a whole arsenal of useful tips and information, but they also offer a ‘earnings guarantee program’ which you can read about here.

I think this would be my preferred route, if we still owned a home. The ability to keep the home as a short term rental to travelers really appeals to me, and I’ve heard great stories from people who are currently using this method. Also, it would allow you to block out times, when you want to use the house- say in the Winter or the summer. With Airbnb, you’d have a home base that’s paying its own way!

If you think dealing with host responsibilities of cleaning the rental, key exchanges, and managing your rental are too much to add to your plate, just do a google search for Airbnb Management Services and see if this option alleviates the stress!

Interested in renting an Airbnb? Click here to find out more save up to $55 on your first trip!

Listing your home on Airbnb could be the answer to your income questions! Allowing travelers to rent your home by the day or the week for the same price as a nearby hotel, could mean covering your mortgage payments, utility bills, and having some left over!

When you use your house as an Airbnb, you can easily make money remotely while RVing.

Fancy Hands

Help people get things done by joining a team of US based virtual assistants that get to work immediately on knocking out task for people based on requests.

If you enjoy working from the computer, this platform allows you to conquer all types of computer based tasks for business owners and average individuals who need a little help getting their to do lists completed!

Do you have great computer skills? Are you a fast typer? Great proof reader or designer? This could be the perfect way to earn a remote income while RVing fulltime!

Fancy Hands deals with two types of request- standard and live.

Standard Requests:

Generally answered within a 24 hour period, these jobs will take approximately 20 minutes for you to complete. Typical request may include tasks that require gathering information, making a request to another persona or business, or something that involves coordinating details.

Live Requests:

A live request will take about 10 minutes and actually connects you to the person submitting the request. These are short requests that need to have a quick turnaround, like grabbing a restaurant reservation, doing a price comparison, or a quick phone call.

All requests will be submitted either through the app, an email, text, or by leaving a voicemail. Self starters who are great at quickly solving problems and completing tasks will do well in this position!

You will receive payments based on the tasks you complete. Pay will vary, depending on the type of task, how quickly you were able to complete it, the time of day, and the complexity of it. Tasks generally start anywhere from $3-$7 each and increase from there. Payments will be made to virtual assistants every other week and you have the ability to set your own hours.

Find out more information about Fancy Hands!

Sell your photos and videos in order to make money remotely.


The easiest way to make money and RV is buy using the Foap app on your phone to share your everyday pictures for cash! If you want to make extra money with your videos and phots, this app is definitely for you!

If you’re thinking it’s too good to be true, it’s not. This app is really easy to use. Just download the app on your smartphone, sign in with Facebook or create an account with an email and start uploading your pictures! When brands, agencies or just about anyone really, finds your picture or video through the app, you’ll get a sale for 50% of the revenue it generates! It’s that easy!

You also have the option to take part in brand missions- where you could really make some big bucks off of just one video or photo if chosen! Sometimes brands need certain types of photos, and they are willing to pay for them- if you have what they want! So just read over the brand mission brief and then upload your pictures that match the case file. If chosen you could win hundreds of dollars off one entry!

To be honest this is one app that I’ve just recently heard of! But once I downloaded it and realized how easy it is to use- I knew I had to include it on this post! I’ll be using this platform all summer to upload cool every day photos of camp life and RVing!

Head to the app store and download your Foap app now or learn more about Foap on their website!

Alright that’s ends today’s post about 4 Easy Ways RVers Earn Money Remotely! I hope you found the information helpful and that at least one of the resources mentioned will help you make money & RV fulltime!

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