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RV Maintenance Course

Many people love the RV lifestyle, but most of us would agree one of the main pain points as full-time and even part-time RVers is the RV Maintenance that’s required to make sure our homes are safe!

RV maintenance is never ending and for many it’s something we’d rather not go broke trying to keep up with. Am I right???

In this post I want to talk about the RV Maintenance Course offered by my good friends, Liz and Ed Wilcox that teaches you how to fix your RV, as well as a special deal we’ve teamed up to deliver!

Scroll down to view the Fix It Yourself RV MAINTENANCE Intro Video and the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE PROMOTIONAL DEAL- where you’ll get 2 great courses for the price of just one and learn all about Workamping & Rv Maintenance at the same time.

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I’ll be honest, I’m not the handy type.

In fact, I like a quick fix that saves money and time! Just the thought of having to pack the kids up and stay in a hotel while our RV is being fixed in the shop gives me anxiety, since you really never know how long it will take!

Think about this for a minute-

Ed Wilcox replacing a roof vent.

When Your RV Breaks….

Your first thought is usually to just call the dealership and find out how soon you can make an appointment with their service department. Simple right?

Maybe not! Dealers often give priority appointments to customers who purchased their RVs at that location. If that’s not you- what are your options?

You might consider a mobile RV tech or mobile repair service.

Great idea! If you don’t mind paying $100+ per hour for simple services… Oh dear! That type of unexpected repair costs can really break the bank.

So, what’s the solution? 

It’s easy. You have to learn how to fix it yourself

…Gain the knowledge and skills you need to fix more than 75% of all the things that typically go wrong with RVs.

If you want to RV or keep RVing, and you want to be both safe and comfortable- you have to know how to complete these RV maintenance jobs by yourself.

I mean who wants to pay a tech $150 per hour, just to fix a simple fuse?

Not me! 

I like to keep all my dollars for things I really enjoy like RV travel, finding new activities to do in cities we want to explore and for eating out at amazing restaurants- with firepit tables!!!

I know just how frustrating RV maintenance is. And with all of our rigs just sitting or in storage right now, I can only imagine how they’re going to run when we can finally get back on the road.

If you want your rig to be in tip-top shape for when your favorite camping spot opens back up, this has got to be your next step!

RV Maintenance Done By You

My friends Ed & Liz Wilcox are the creators of the Fix It Yourself RV Maintenance Course. A virtual course that dives into the stuff you need to know to well… Fix It Yourself

Fix It Yourself 

A self-guided online course where Ed, a certified RV tech walks you through all the steps you need to know to properly maintain your rig and fix problems when they come up.

This RV Maintenance Course Includes

Module 1: Generators

  •  An Introduction To Generators (0:38)
  •  Pre Checks (4:29)
  •  Air Filters And Carburetors (4:34)
  •  Exercise (2:19)
  •  Changing Your Air Filter (1:58)
  •  Changing Your Fuel Filter (8:35)
  •  Changing Your Oil: Drain It (2:01)
  •  Changing Your Oil: Filling ‘Er Back Up And Checking Your Spark Plug (2:16)
  •  Story Time With Ed (1:03)

Module 2: Water Systems

  •  Tanks And Paper (7:56)
  •  Water Heaters 1 (7:56)
  •  Water Heaters 2: Anode Rods (3:12)
  •  Water Heaters 3 (4:58)
  •  Water Heaters 4 (4:45)
  •  Water Heaters 5 (9:20)
  •  Water Filtration (5:30)
  •  Water Filters 2 And Fixtures (5:04)
  •  Sewer Hoses (5:57)
  •  Tanks And Chemicals (4:24)

Module 3: Roof Maintenance

  •  Roof Maintenance Overview (0:47)
  •  Replacing A Skylight 1 (6:12)
  •  Replacing A Skylight 2 (4:50)
  •  Replacing A Skylight 3 (1:46)
  •  Previewreplacing Vent Cap 1 (2:51)
  •  Replacing Vent Cap 2 (5:20)

Module 4: Tire Maintenance

  •  Tire Talk 1 (4:28)
  •  Tire Talk 2 (1:59)
  •  Tire Pressure Monitors (3:14)

Module 5: Electrical And Batteries

  •  Overview (0:31)
  •  Lead Batteries (4:16)
  •  How To Maintain Your Lead Acid Battery (7:38)
  •  Agm Batteries (5:12)
  •  Wiring Your Battery Banks (Drawn) (4:32)
  •  Series Battery Connection (4:14)
  •  Parallel Battery Connections (3:07)
  •  Linear Converters (5:00)
  •  Ferroresonant Converter (4:00)
  •  Switched-Mode Converters (2:36)
  •  An Inside Look At Your Converter (4:00)
  •  A Few More Battery Tips (3:16)

Module 6: AC & Furnance

  •  Overview (0:26)
  •  Air Conditioning (5:05)
  •  Furnace 1 (4:37)
  •  Furnace 2 (3:10)
  •  Optimizing Your Furnace (3:24)

Module 7: Propane

  •  Overview (0:24)
  •  Lp Tanks Vs Cylinders (4:24)
  •  Hydrocarbon Detectors 101 (2:10)
  •  True Or False: Propane Scenarios 1 (5:14)
  •  True Or False: Propane Scenarios 2 (2:33)

Module 8: Slide

***Brand NEW Course Module added for 2020!

Just for this re-launch, Fix It Yourself students will also get access to

  • a private students only Facebook group
  • a live Q&A session with Ed where you can ask him questions directly, and 
  • a workbook that’s never been available before now.

Fix It Yourself Will:

  • Save you thousands of dollars on much needed RV repairs.
  • Save you time, by not having to take your RV into a service center.
  • Provide confidence that you can fix it yourself when something breaks.
  • Help you protect your financial investment (AKA your home)!
  • Make you the most knowledgeable person at the campfire…and probably the most popular, too… lol

Let’s Talk BOGO

I’ve teamed up with Liz and Ed to do a Buy One Get One FREE deal, for a limited time! So starting April 27th – May 3rd, you’ll get a crazy deal!

You’ll have 7 days to buy the Fix it Yourself Course for $197 and along with it you’ll get my 12-week Ways of Workamping Course absolutely FREE! (That’s a savings of $147)

How this BOGO Deal Works:

  • Use the links we’ve provided to buy Fix it Yourself by May 3rd. (Use this link, because its the only way to track who gets the BOGO deal!!!)
  • Enjoy instant access to Fix it Yourself
  • Your information will be linked to Ways of Workamping on May 4th.
  • Enjoy lifetime access to both courses!!!

Alright that’s all!

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