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We’re sure you have many questions you’d like to have the answers to! In fact, everyone starting out in RV Living, Workamping, RV travel and Location Independence has probably had some of the very same questions you’re currently searching for.

We all have similar concerns, worries and issues we need to solve before, during and after launching an RV adventure while working along the way. 



Is it possible to live in an RV?

Yes! RV living is more than just possible, its  doable! And better than just being doable, it’s obtainable for almost everyone.

Check out this post on Books for Full-time RVing! 

What types of RVs can you live in?

You can technically live in any RV you want, but the real question is would you want to? 

Size, floorplan, age, amenities, and type- are all considerations you’ll want to address when choosing the very best RV for your full-time adventure. 

Choose wisely and do your research. You might be surprised to find what you truly need and/or want!

Can I really do this as a...

Couples, Singles & Families can all live the full-time RV lifestyle! There are no requirements or previous experiences needed to launch your RV adventure. 

Anyone can do this… that means YOU!

Do I need a mail forwarding service?

Probably so. 

Getting your mail on the go can take a little getting used to. And although it’s not difficult, sometimes you have to coordinate your stops, your shipping and your pickups. 

A mail forwarding service can help by providing one place to have all your mail shipped and then one service to ship it directly to you, on your schedule!

Check out this Guide on Mail for RVers to learn more about options while on the road. 

What are the best states for domicile?

Different states can be better for different reasons, depending on the person. In general these are the 3 most popular states fro RVers looking for a domicile to call home: 

  • Florida
  • Texas
  • South Dakota
Do any memberships make is cheap to RV full-time?

Heck Yes!!!

Thousand Trails is by far the easiest and cheapest way to go full-time and travel in an RV! Their memberships can drop the price of camping to less than $10 a day!

Check out this Ultimate Guide to Thousand Trails Memberships for more information!


What is workamping?

Workamping is best described as working seasonal jobs while you travel in an RV full-time, part-time or seasonally!

Who can be a workamper?

Anyone! If you have an RV (and sometimes even this isn’t a requirement) and you are willing to take on odd jobs in the outdoor hospitality industry- then you can go workamping!

  • NO Paid Memberships
  • NO Paid Job Ads

… are ever required! 

How do I find jobs for workamping?

Workamping jobs can be found on individual company websites, federal websites as well as job boards. 

Click here for a list of places to find jobs for RVers!

When can I Workamp?

Workamping has 2 distinct seasons each with its own set of characteristics, employer recruiting activities, and more. 

You can workamp during the (1) main camping season from Memorial Day – Labor Day or in the (2) off season from Labor Day – Memorial Day. 

Jobs are easier to find during the summer, but can be found in warm weather destinations as well as places like Amazon Camperforce & the Sugar Beet Harvest in the Winter. 

Do State Parks Hire for Camp Hosting?

Yes! And they are always in need of new RVers to fill these positions. 

If you’re interested in Camp Hosting in a State Park, find the contact information listed here, by state!

Is a Free Site Equal To Trading Hours Worked?

Working for an RV site is not the same as being provided a free RV site.

Make sure if you agree to work for your site that you calculate the number of hours you’re working for it and see how much you’re really being asked to pay.

Do I need a Workamper REsume?


A workamper resume is practically the same as a traditional job resume. It’s a tool to sell yourself to employers and grab a job you’re interested in- so you can use either. 

A workamper resume can be much more simple than a traditional resume, but includes additional information like pictures, which are not usually sent by job applicants. 

Check out this post for more information on Workamper Resumes!

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