Live Camp Work: A Beginners Guide to Workamping

Book Launch Team

Hey thanks for your interest in joining my book launch team!

The first Book, Live Camp Work: A Beginners Guide to Workamping has already been published and is available on Amazon in both print and ebook formats.

The team for Book 1 started with over 500! As we moved through the process of editing pages, offering feedback and picking apart the manuscript page by page- our team had a final number of 225.

I’m very thankful to everyone who helped and truly grateful for those who stuck around through the launch!

Want to Join the Next Book Launch Team?

If you are interested in joining the next Book Launch Team, enter your information below! As the we move through the writing process and gather information on when the launch date will be, we’ll reach out and let you know the details.

In general being on my launch team includes:

Access to the early stages fo the books content as well as a final advanced reader copy!

In return I ask that you read through the pages provided, offer valuable insights on how you felt, what you think is worth expanding on, what should be edited and even what should be taken out.

My launch team will have a private slack channel for our communications, private google docs to share information and private group calls where we can talk face-to-face!

Thanks so much for your interest in joining and make sure to add your name below for an opportunity to join the team.

Thanks again,