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Some Articles We’ve Published

  • Seasonal Jobs for Working RVers– Escapees, July 2019. If you answered “Yes!”, then you’re not alone! Thousands of RVers are choosing to hit the road early and work seasonal jobs in great locations across the map.
  • RV Trip Planning: When, Why, Where, and What– Escapees, July 2019. Grab two pieces of paper, a U.S. atlas and your favorite pen. Gather everyone involved and get ready to plan. There are four big questions to steer you in the right direction when starting your trip planning process.
  • Being Prepared, Having a Voice & Selling Yourself- Workamper News Magazine, Jan/Feb 2017. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to negotiate your compensation with every employer you encounter. You will know what job duties you are comfortable doing and what things you just aren’t.
  • Plan, Budget & Drive Off: A Guide to Fulltime Travel– Workamper News Magazine, Jan/Feb 2016. I’ve compiled a list of task and decisions that most people will want to consider and prepare prior to embarking on their journey.
  • FamKamping: Jellystone Parks Camp-Resorts Workamper News Magazine, March/April 2016. Today, we’ll give a little more detail on the experiences we’ve had with Workamping at Jellystone Parks.
  • 4 Financial Keys to Living the RV Lifestyle– Workamper News Magazine, May/June 2016. We’re talking about establishing your purchasing power, earning an income on the road, creating a working budget and last but definitely not least, decreasing your expenses.
  • Classic Make a New Home- Winnebago GoLife Blog, June 2016After searching for the perfect RV to start our journey, we found Willie, a 1973 Classic Winnebago Brave.
  • AmazonCamperforce: Expectations, Planning & Preparations– Workamper News Magazine, July/August 2016. If I knew what to expect, I could have prepared. And if I prepared, I would’ve had a really great time, just like the other Workampers.
  • Prevent Burnout: Find Your Travel Style Escapees Magazine, July/August. Instead of racing to the imaginary finish, take a moment to find your travel style and to avoid the hardship of travel burnout, causing you to pull off the road prematurely.
  • Land your Dream Job with a Great First Impression- Workamper News Magazine, Sept/Oct 2016. Treat Workamping as you would any other job, be prepared and put your best foot forward.
  • RV Trip Planning- Escapees Magazine, Sept/Oct 2016. Grab two pieces of paper, a U.S. atlas, and your favorite pen. Gather everyone involved and get ready to plan.
  • 8 Benefits of Extended Family Travel with KidsLets RV, Sept. 2016. Although kids may change the way you travel, having a family shouldn’t postpone or keep you from traveling. In fact, traveling with kids of all ages is one of the most enjoyable ways to see the beautiful countries our world has to offer.
  • Prepare an Emergency Road KitLets RV, Sept. 2016. Being prepared with even half of the above items may help your family in a time of need when time is ticking and eyes are watching.
  • Yogi in the SmokiesLets RV, Sept. 2016. It was our family’s first time camping in the mountains and this taste mountain life left us with an insatiable appetite for scenic views and wooded backdrops.
  • 4 Days to Help Plan Your Family’s TravelsLets RV, Sept. 2016. Whether your new travel life will include diaper changing and nap times, depending on the age of your children, it will more than likely include more planning and prep to make the kids are both enjoying themselves and comfortable along the way.
  • Hillsborough River State Park, Thonotosassa, FloridaLets RV, Sept. 2016. Our stay was filled with family fun, and even though the rentals, like canoes, golf carts, and bike rental were a little too high priced for our travel budget, they were a nice addition to the traditional state park amenities.
  • 7 Steps to Plan your Family’s Road TripLets RV, Sept. 2016. Teetering between absolutely amazing and horribly awful, your family’s nomadic life could be a smooth paved drive or a rocky dirt road from a 1980’s horror film. The difference between the two can be as simple as a little forethought and planning, to make sure all your bases are covered.
  • Sewer Tank Panic: Lessons Learned the Hard WayLets RV, Oct. 2016. You guessed it folks — he left the tanks open! Not just the grey tank, like I told him everyone else does, but both of them. And now the black tank was full — while it was open!
  • Finding Your Perfect Job– Workamper News Magazine, Nov/Dec 2016. With positions, compensation, and employers just as flexible as your travels, finding a job that suits all your needs shouldn’t be hard at all. In fact, it’s more likely you’ll have a harder time choosing which to accept and which to postpone until the next year.

Podcasts & Video Interviews We’ve Done

  • Stories from the Road In this episode, Sam interviews Sharee Collier, the founder of, an online website delivering information and resources on jobs for RVers and making money while you travel. She’s the author of the best-selling book, Live Camp Work: Make Money & RV Full-time, the host of the Live Camp Work Podcast, and a full-time RV traveler with her husband and 4 kids.
  • Wanderers Life on the Road- Sharee Collier is spreading the word about how working from an RV can be just about anyone’s ticket to travel. Sharee travels with her husband and four children in less than two hundred square feet of living space!
  • Fortune Favors the Bold: Modern Nomads Host Ashley C. Ford kicks off the series by examining the future of work through the lens of the gig economy. In this episode, you’ll meet risk-takers who have chosen to put their personal values — like experience and travel — over traditional ideas of stability and ownership. Hear stories of a family who lives and works on the road, tales of entrepreneurs, freelancers and more.
  • Family Travel Summit- Live a life free from routine, free from the commute and daily 9-5 grind. I’m inviting you to listen as real adventurers and entrepreneurs who have made this a reality. They’ve discovered how to not only make out on the road but thrive with dream jobs, school for the kids and of course…the freedom of the road. Jump into the lifestyle of RV Living! Come listen to stories from the road and learn what you need to know before you set out on the adventure of a lifetime.
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