RV Newbie Must Haves

RV Newbie Must Haves

Feel like an RV Newbie? Well, that’s probably because you’re a new RVer! 

Don’t let the anxiety and fear stop you from heading out with your new RV on a road trip to remember! Learn what items you need to buy, and what you need to do to make sure you have the best trip possible.

Make sure you have the necessary items for your new RV to ensure you’re self safe travels and happy camping. Here are some of the best tips for RV newbies to help you avoid any road blocks on your new journey. And don’t forget to check out RV Facebook Groups for more tips and tricks from other previous RV newbies.

Let’s get started. 

RV Newbie Must Have Items

RV Surge Protector

It’s best to have a surge protector to help prevent excessive repairs caused by electrical surges. Every now and then when plugged into a parks electrical post, you may have a small surge that causes your lights to flicker and then goes away. Hopefully, you’ll never have a big surge that damages your RV’s electrical system but having a surge protector to make sure your rig is safe if it happens is priceless. 

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Freshwater Hose

Freshwater is important. And a freshwater drinking hose is an important item that RV newbies will want to make sure they have before taking their first trip. If your RV is new and you purchased it off the lot, the RV dealer may have supplied you with a new freshwater hose of your very own. If you’re buying used however, you’ll definitely want to make sure you grab one.

Water Pressure Regulator

Not all water spigots are created equally. Some will have a considerably higher water pressure level than others, and some flat out won’t have much pressure at all. When you hookup your hose to the campsite spigot, you’ll want to make sure you have an RV Water Pressure Regulator to control the amount of pressure coming in. Too much pressure and you’ll damage your new RV. Too little and you won’t have much luck with a shower or washing dishes. 

Every RV Newbie Needs a Berkey!
Water Filter

You know I always recommend people get a Berkey, but if that’s not an option- I definitely would put some type of filtration system on the water coming into my RV. To be honest, we like to do both. Our Berkey is used mainly for cooking and drinking water, while the filtered water from the tap is used for bathing, brushing our teeth, filling up the Berkey, hand washing, etc.… 

Sewer Hose

A sewer hose is a must for every RV newbie! Using your onboard lavatories means you’ll eventually have to dump those tanks! Start with a quality sewer hose that’s sturdy and has great reviews. The last thing you want is to spring a leak while you’re dumping your tanks! 

Sewer Supports

Once you’ve got a nice sewer hose, you’ll need some support! As you can imagine, once the hose is full of liquid from your tanks, it’s going to be heavy and saggy and it probably won’t drain correctly. The answer is a set of expandable stilts to hold up your hose and gently guide it towards draining in the desired direction.

While we’re talking about sewage, every RV newbie needs to know that RV tank digestor and deodorizers are really not optional! Not only do they help break all that waste down and keep your tank from clogging, but they help eliminate odors! Just find one you love and add it after every dump!!!

RV Newbies New Wheel Locks
Wheel Locks & Chocks

Make sure your RV wheels are locked and you’re not at risk for rolling away. Use the wheel chocks to wedge up under your tires in the front and back before unhitching. Then use your wheel locks in between your tires for extra security!

Tool Kit

Basic tools are really all you need. Just grab a quick variety of screwdrivers, a hammer, zip ties, needle nose pliers, a wrench (or two) for your RV lug nuts and maybe some duct tape! That last one is my personal favorite, but sometimes the best tool we have in a pinch. The point is this… you don’t need anything fancy. 

Tire Pressure For New RVers
Tire Pressure Monitor

Your tires are your lifeline! If they go flat… you’re done. So do your best to make sure you have good tires and the right tire pressure! Checking tire pressure should be done before each trip, and can be monitored while driving with fancy tire pressure systems if you want to go the extra mile! If not, a simple tool like the ones shown above will do. 

Outdoor Rug

You might not think an outdoor rug is really an RV newbie must have, but it most certainly is! If you’ve camped in an RV, then you know how much dirt can get inside that front door. An outdoor mat, plus a few others for around the camp site can definitely cut down on the amount of dirt tracked inside!

Zero Gravity Chairs for RV Newbies
Zero Gravity Chairs

I love these zero gravity chairs! So comfortable for relaxing outside with a coffee in the morning or just any time of the day to be honest. You can sit up or push back on the bottom bar to lean all the way back and maybe snooze for a little bit! 

Okay, so obviously every new RVer will have their own list of must have items, depending on what they’ll actually need and end up using! This list is just a start but many RV newbies will find that these items are worth the purchase. Budgeting for them is a smart money decision that will set up for RVing success from the very start.

Shall we move on to the Top 4 Tips for RV Newbies? 

Get ready for your first adventure with tips and tools for RV newbies.

RV Newbie Top 4 Tips

Downsizing is Important. 

You just can’t fit everything you own into an RV!

They don’t have enough room and you likely won’t need all of it anyway. When you travel (and/or live) in an RV you’re likely living a simplified version. You don’t need a closet full of shoes, a pantry full of storage containers, and stacks of books you’ve already read. 

Check out this post on downsizing for full-time RV Life!

Do Your Research. 

Information is your best friend! You should research every aspect of RVing and take notes! You’ll need to know how to use your electrical system, how to take care of your sewer system, how to fill your freshwater tank and what you can run on a 30amp hook-up. 

Doing your research will make you well prepared for the trip you’re about to take. Being unprepared and out on the road isn’t fun for anyone. Do your best to get the information you need to know, before you need it. 

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Know You RV

Your RV is your new home on wheels, whether for one trip or one year, so you’ll want to become familiar with it. How big is your gas tank? How much does it take to fill it up? 

How many grey tanks do you have? How many black tanks? How big are they? How long can you go without needing to dump your tanks? How tall is your RV? How much does it weigh? How long is it? 

Can you run your air conditioning while you make dinner in your instant pot

These are all important questions you’ll want to make sure you have the answer to before setting out on long trips. Can you imagine trying to cross a bridge with a posted weight limit, and not know how heavy you are? 


Practice Makes Perfect. 

You’ll need to practice driving your RV. If you’re driving in your RV or towing one behind you, you’ll need to practice and get comfortable with how to navigate, turn, and back in. Most people say it’s relatively easy to get used to, but don’t just jump in and hop on the open the road. 

Practice your skills in an empty parking lot or with an RV driving school instructor who can teach you the ropes and make sure your safe to drive on the road with confidence. 

Cheers to You, RV Newbie!

Cheers To All RV Newbies!

I’m so excited for your new RV adventure!

And regardless of if you’re planning on going for a few days, a few weeks or you want to live full time in your RV- this is going to be the trip of a lifetime!

Plan it well or don’t plan it at all. But be prepared for the road and all that it delivers.

Safe Travels!

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