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The idea for a helpful and modern website about the intersection of living, camping and working on the road started back in 2015, when Sharee Collier, was traveling and working seasonal jobs on the road with her family. They had been living in an RV full-time for about 2 years and she was looking for an alternative to her then family travel blog, Meet the Colliers. 

Live Camp Work was officially founded in 2018, by Sharee during the launch of her first book, Live Camp Work: Make Money & RV Full-time. The main goal was to stay connected to her book launch team with updates and general information that centered around the creation and editing of the book. As the team grew to well over 300 people, Sharee decided to slowly incorporate additional posts from her experience and knowledge of the world of Workamping. 

Trying to provide great information to as many people as possible, Sharee offered her book for FREE to the members of an RV job board and captured thousands of readers through an option for them to provide their email in exchange for an advanced reader copy. From this point moving forward, Live Camp Work has continued to gain traction and grow to a community of thousands of working RVers who need and want genuine information about income opportunities. 

This website is aimed at those who fit the description of wanting to live, camp and work from their RVs. Our readers are RV enthusiasts who are either planning for an RV adventure and need insightful information to get them on their way with the least amount of road blocks or those who are currently RVing and need ideas of different ways they can earn on the go!


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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Live Camp Work was created to help provide information to working RVers about ways to make money on the road. By providing a variety of both free information as well as in depth resources our mission is to be an asset to those who wish to work as they travel.

Our Vision

Live Camp Work strives to maintain a voice of authenticity from personal experiences while delivery unbiased information. We pride ourselves in telling the true story, providing real reviews and references to great products and services the RV community can count on.

Our Values

Live Camp Work has no tolerance for those who lack a moral compass or ethics. We have built this business from the ground up without the need to lie, steal or cheat others and will not support or endorse those who disagree or show signs of other business standards.

Work With Us

 Do you have a product, service, campground, or destination you’d like RVers to know about?  

Live Camp Work has had the pleasure to link up with many RV brands as well as brands, businesses and services RVers find of interest. 

 Get in touch and let’s talk about ways we can bridge the gap between your goals and our audience. 

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Articles, Review, Sponsored Posts, Guest Blogs & More! Check out this link for a recent sample, listing many of the places we’ve been published in or published for, over the past several years.


Working with brands that hold similar values, encourage family travel and have a high quality product or service is our main goal.Please refer to this page for additional information.

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