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Sometimes I’ll go as far to make an ebook or a printed version if I think it’ll really be a great resources for fellow RVers. In this section, I’ll keep a running list of my books currently for sale! as ones you can get early on pre-order!

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The Live Camp Work book is a resource for RVers and those interested in RVing and want to know how they can earn cash along the way, by Workamping!  Get everyhting you need to know about this RV lifesytyle from the basic details to over 1000 employers who all hire RVers to work part-time, full-time and seasonal jobs! Buy the digital version or fully printed copy on Amazon by clicking here!




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My Guide To Camperforce $9.99

A great tool for Rvers looking for practicle advice and detailed information about this Workamping through Amazon’s seasonal Camperforce program!

Designed for solo RVers, couples and familes- this guide has the information you need to know, before you make the decision to go!

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Go Full-Time Guided Planner & Workbook $7.99

Plan your full-time RV adventure from the start! 

This planner is designed to help you stay organized and keep your plans on track while planning to hit the road full-time in an RV. It contains helpful tips and general information on items like establishing your domicile, mail forwarding, budgeting, and buying an RV.

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