i95 Itinerary For A Fun Summer RV Road Trip

I-95 is an incredible highway that spans the distance of the East Coast.

It stretches from Florida to Maine, passing through major cities like Miami, Jacksonville, Savannah, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. If you are taking a trip up or down i-95, you are in for a treat. You will run in to scenic views, beautiful coastlines, and a world of history. So what can you expect to see on your visit?

Road trip ideas for RVers on i95


I-95: Summer Road Trip Itinerary

Castillo de San Marcos

This historic mansion is located in what some consider the oldest city in our country, St. Augustine. Back in the 1700s, this place was the location of battle. But regardless of the bloodshed and chaos with in its walls, it still stands tall today. The mansion was surrounded by fellow mansions and historic buildings, most of which are no longer standing. This building is an easy history lesson on the architecture from these days.


Savannah was the capital of the Province of Georgia up until the late 1700s. Savannah is the “beach” in Georgia. The town has little pieces of history all over and is a lovely tourist attraction. You can find things like Bonaventure Cemetery, Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room, and Old Fort Jackson.

Coral Castle

Coral Castle is right outside Miami. This castle is a piece of art due to the fact that it was built completely by the hands of one man. The castle is fully of whimsical effect and mystery and is a must see along I-95.

Congaree National Park

This park is unique in that it contains the largest amount of old growth bottomland hardwood forest out of any other park or area in the United States. It was deemed with this declaration in 2003. The park is a historic land site but is also an entertaining attraction, offering hiking, camping, and kayaking. You can catch a number of wildlife species and can fish in its gorgeous waters.

Photo credit: https://www.coralgables.com/venetian-pool

The Venetian Pool

This pool is drained every single night and refilled with fresh water every single morning. It is a public attraction because of how clean the water always is. Of course, a tourist fear is the amount of water waisted but fear not, it does not waste water. The water is drained back in to an aquifer, taking it through a natural cleaning process and redepositing it into the pool the following morning.

“Rocky” Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia is the home of the 72 “Rocky” Steps that stand in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. They are called the “Rocky” steps because they have been made famous from the “Rocky films. Another feature of this attraction is the FREE admission!

Mutter Museum

Another place to visit in Philadelphia is the Mutter Museum. This museum is rare in its odd medical pieces, like the conjoined livers of Siamese twins. It contains strange specimens, wax models, and antique medical equipments.

South Beach

This is one of the most known beaches in the United States, not just on I-95, making it a must visit. The culture here is mind-blowing and gives you such an animated trip, you won’t forget.

Butterfly World

Butterfly World, located in Florida, is the largest butterfly park in the world, holding over 20,000 butterflies. And it does not only hold butterflies, but also bugs and birds. It holds the largest free flight hummingbird attraction. This attraction is beautiful in nature and art.

Battleship New Jersey

You can take a tour of one of the biggest and most decorated battleships in our history. This battleship had a big role in three wars, World War II, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. You can take a tour of the main deck, cabins, and the bridge. You can sit in the Captain’s Chair and stay over night in the bunks below.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

Here is where you find wildlife. You can take tours on your choice of multiple trails, to see wildlife. You will see the habitats of a multitude of animals like lions, crocodiles, eagles, snakes, etc. This sanctuary is a combination of a nature center and a wildlife hospital. The trails lead you through an ever-changing landscape, including oak hammocks, wetlands, and flat woods.

Mystic Seaport

This attraction is found is Mystic, Connecticut, which you may know from “Mystic Pizza.” It is one of the nation’s largest maritime museums, founded in 1929. It holds four National Historic Landmark vessels. It stretches over nineteen acres of the Mystic River.

NASA’s Kennedy Space Center & United States Astronaut Hall of Fame:

The Kennedy Space Center was built in 1968. It is the primary launch center for all human space flight. It is located on the East coast of Florida. The Astronaut Hall of Fame features all of the American astronauts. It also features all of their personal artifacts from their jobs.

Pounce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse

This is where you can take a long stretch on your legs. You can take the hike that consists of more than two hundred steps to get to the top. The reward is the small museum and the view at the top.

Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary

This attraction is run primarily by volunteers and shelters wildlife cats that would otherwise be put down or not have a home. Here you can see lions, tigers, and many other wildlife cat species. The facility is like a big family, including the cats. Kids will love this attraction.

Cumberland Island National Seashore

This is a special stop for RVers. You actually have to park your RV and ferry over to the location. There is where you will find campsites, hiking, wildlife, and more. It is a secluded island with no supplies on the island. You will have to bring your own. Be ready for a real camping experience!

South Carolina State Museum

This is a huge, gorgeous museum. It is in a former textile mill, with four floors of display. There are over 70,000 exhibits. It has a number of permanent exhibits joined by ever-changing temporary exhibits.

UFO Welcome Center in Bowman

This attraction is a forty-two foot wide slaying saucer that is made of wood, fiberglass, and plastic. It was built in 1994 and is still considered a large tourist attraction. The saucer is open to tour and take pictures of.

Santee State Park

This park is most famous for its fishing. You can catch a number of fish including bass, catfish, perch, shell crackers, cream, and chain. It has over one hundred and fifty campsites in its parameters and offers cabins for stay.


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