*If you haven’t heard of the Thousand Trails Membership Club, you will soon! Honestly, I had heard many campers talking about it for years, before we broke down and purchased one. I think I hesitated thinking it was too good to be true!. Hearing people talk about being able to pay one set fee- then having the ability to camp all year for FREE… I just doubted there was such a program. But there was. This post may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a commission if you purchase something using one of our links. We only link to products and service we recommend for other RVers, and the income helps offset the cost of running this site.

I’m thrilled we purchased the Thousand Trails Camping Pass, but even more proud of our decision to upgrade to the Elite Membership- which gives us the opportunity to go from one park to the next, without taking a break outside the park system, stay for 21 days at each, and the ability to book our reservations 180 days in advance (which for us is crazy far in the future!)

We love ❤ of Thousand Trails Membership- because it saves us an incredible le amount of money! We chose to pay $165 per month instead of forking over the full cost of the membership upfront since there was no discount for doing so. So we figured, we would spend between $500 – $1200 in camping fees per month, depending on if we were stationary or traveling, and then also the locations we visited. That’s a big savings!*

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We pulled into Bay Landing Campground and were treated by the friendly staffer at the front gate. She gave us a map and sent us on our way to go find a spot- where we would bunker down for the next 2 weeks before we headed deeper into our California Road trip. 

We circled Section 1 of the park- where there are only 30/50 amp w/e sites, searching for a spot and ultimately settled on a large back-in with a huge rock fire-ring. You know this was Antwon’s decision because he loves his campfires!!!

An hour after we finished setting up and getting cozy in our new spot. Antwon took a bike ride around the campground to see the bigger picture. When he got back to the camper- I could see something was up, by the look on his face… We needed to move! He found a FHU and since we planned to stay for 2 weeks- if we wanted to grab this site, which was also in front of the mini golf course- we needed to move quickly. 

We called the Ranger Station, she apologized for misinforming us on the fact that this site was available, and moved our reservation. We packed up and moved. 

As I sit here writing this review- I’m so thankful we moved! What presented itself as a pain and just another obstacle to jump before dinner, turned out to be huge in our overall enjoyment of our stay here!

Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Bay Landing has some great features and some not so great features, as with all campgrounds. Nothing is ever perfect, but this is really something you just have to expect and be prepared to deal with it as needed. 

The Good: 

Adult Lodge: They offer a kid-free spot, where folks over the age of 18 can go an enjoy some adult time without cartoons and having to answer a million and one questions! It was clean, offered tables, chairs, tv with Direct TV and a fresh pot of coffee in heavy rotation. 

Kids Amenities: Our site was directly across from the miniature golf course, which we always love to play! In the same area are other kid-friendly amenities like, the clubhouse (which was closed for the winter), volleyball, tetherball, group campfire pit, horseshoes, basketball, playground, and baseball field. There was an estimated headcount of about 18 kids in the park utilizing this area during our stay. 

Large Open Spaces: Space is not always overrated. Sometimes you want big open spaces to just walk, roam, explore and let the kids run around. Bay Landing offers many for you to choose from. They are well maintained, and besides the occasional pile of deer droppings- they are great to play in!

Nice Sites: I love not being right on top of my neighbor. I love having extra space to park my car and still have a few feet to walk around it. I love having grass on my site and a fire-ring to keep the hubby happy. I also like to have FHU so we don’t have to monitor the levels in our tanks as often. 

Clean Laundry Room: If you don’t have a washer/dryer in your rig, like us, you’ll appreciate the large front loaders Bay Landing has in their laundry room! 4 washers and 3 dryers that accept your shiny quarters, 6 at a time! We washed just 4 loads during our time here and have no complaints!

Wifi: They offer complimentary WiFi and paid service as well. I used the freebie connection for just about everything except streaming, and it worked both at our site and in the adult lodge.

Campfires: You know my husband is crazy about his campfires, and this place, even though it looked to be experiencing some dry conditions, allowed private campfires in nicely built fire-rings on your site. We enjoyed many fires during our stay, and since our site backed up to the water- it was pretty relaxing (and sometimes creepy) to sit out there and chit-chat after the day was done. 

Deer: We love to see deer freely roaming in the campground. And to be honest- it’s not uncommon. But in this campground, seeing a few deer is like experiencing a drought. Seeing a large group of deer, like 20-30, is the norm around these parts. It was really pretty cool! People sit outside around 4:30 pm daily to feed the deer, who come right up and just about eat out of your hand. It was pretty awesome!

The Bad: 

The Bath House: Okay I wasn’t a fan of the bathhouse. I’m pretty sure there was only one in Section 1 and I didn’t see one at all after we move to Hollywood Blvd… yes, that’s really what they call it. The one in Section 1 had dark brown plywood doors and benches- and to be honest, I think it needs to be redone!

Mostly W/E Sites: Out of the sites at this park are W/E hookups. They have about 20 50amp FHU and 10 30amp sites- which are all on “Hollywood Blvd”. So if you are lucky enough to grab one of these gems like we did, you’re all good but if not- I don’t think we would have stayed for the full 2 weeks. 

The Ugly: 

Entrance Road:

When you turn off of HWY 380 on the park drive, you’ll have to stop and speak with the Ranger at the front gate. After pulling through the gate, there is a big dip in the road- where if you’re going too fast, you could possibly damage the front bumper of your vehicle- to slow down!!! From here on down, the road is horrible- we had just put on new tires, so it was a little smoother, but still really bad. Big potholes, while some had been filled- the road was just so long, uneven and rough- I dreaded leaving the park and coming back in. 

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