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Understanding the Workamper Lifestyle is Key!

As more and more people take to the streets and decide that traveling in an RV is what they truly desire to do, more and more people lack the basic understanding of the Workamping lifestyle. Workamping has grown tremendously in popularity and with that growth has come a new set of misconceptions, biases and new ideas as a whole. For instance, the idea that you have to be retired and living well off of savings income or monthly retirement checks has been debunked as more millennials and working-age RVers transition into the lifestyle. Other concerns about realistic living expenses, working for your site and being overqualified for basic jobs give new Workampers unnecessary worries before starting their big adventures!

Entering the world of Workamping can be a fun and exciting part of your life! I know when we first started we were filled with the joy of location freedom and the dreams of finding nooks and crannies across the map to explore with our kids. Workamping allowed us to pack up and go as we pleased. It allowed us to discover America on our own terms while making some income along the way. It can and will do the same for you if you understand first how it all works!

Making Sense of Dollars

Workamping is a niche lifestyle. It’s an alternative way of living for some and a way to travel for others. For most folks, it is a combination of the two that seems to allow the best of both worlds.  Workamping can be your ticket to travel when you have limited income from outside sources such as small businesses or hobbies that generate very little. It can allow you to take to the open road pre-retirement and stay afloat, so long as you are willing to make necessary adjustments to how much you pay out in respect to the income you have coming in.

Living in an RV can obviously lower your living expenses and free up cash to do fun things like exploring your new destination, but for some it can also provide the needed slack to pay off debt. Many people have found this to be true and continue to use it as such.

One thing that has remained the same if not pretty close to constant over the years, has been the cost associated with RVing. It’s not free living!

It can be cheaper than a traditional travel lifestyle filled with hotels and even gives the American Dream of owning a home in the suburbs a run for its money, but let’s be clear… it’s not free living!

Many of the costs associated with RV travel can be greatly reduced and sometimes erased through the decision to Workamp along the way. Workamping lends its hand to help RVers save cash on things like housing expenses, site rental costs, paying for electricity at monthly sites, and having to pay for use of onsite amenities. Another huge savings is the fuel, as you will not be driving your RV daily from here to there, while Workamping. In fact, Workamping will allow you to stay for extended periods of time in some of the most desired locations in the US, where only local driving will be necessary.

Two Views of Workamping

Overall, Workamping was first and remains most commonly known as the optional travel life for adventurous souls who want to spend their days exploring and creating memories while staying active in communities across the US. In this view of the lifestyle, people choose to RV and live happy lives based around exploring new areas. They enjoy their days in short-term jobs that fuel their adventures and they use their off time to see and do as they please.

On the flip side, some have recently pegged Workamping as the fallback plan of those who fail to attain a standard of success and have no other choice but to wander aimlessly through life or what’s left of it in search of low paying jobs as a migrant workforce. This was obviously not the intent of the Workamping lifestyle. The reality is that folks who have hit hardships have found that living the RV lifestyle, which offers reduce costs, is an attainable option.

You should choose which group you want to be associated with and what RVing will be for you.

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