Winter Workamping Jobs

Finding Winter Workamping Jobs

Just because the summer season is over doesn’t mean you have to give up on your workamping dreams. Whether you’re a single workamper or a couple, there are benefits to being able to work year round. Workamping is an excellent way to make an income while you travel. And although, it may take a some extra effort, finding a winter workamping position might be a little easier than you think.

Start with the basics on how you find work for the summer season, add some extra time, and keep your eyes open for jobs when they first become available as well as those previously advertised. It also doesn’t hurt to think about your location when you’re looking as different areas of the country may be more inclined to hire in the winter.

Ready to start your winter workamping adventure?

Tips for Finding Winter Workamping Jobs:

  1. Use the information available.
    Check past and current ads as well as job alerts you may have received. employers purposely leave out dates to let working RVers know they have positions open during several times of the year. Sometimes you may have to jump out on a leap of faith by just sending your resume and letting them take it from there. It can’t hurt!
  2. Review past Workamping job ads.
    Just because the ad was posted last year, last summer or last week doesn’t mean the employer doesn’t still have a need to fill that position or others at their property. Check for ads that specifically say fall or winter as well as those without dates. Send your resume to the ones you’re interested in as an attachment in a professional email.
  3. Make sure to follow-up with each employer.
    Create a list of the companies you’ve sent your resume to for follow-up calls. I like to keep an Excel spreadsheet with columns (employer name, 1st Email, Phone follow-up, 2nd Email, Offer, Confirmed, Notes) to help me keep track and to help me remember who I’ve contacted, who replied, and what the next step is. When you’re dealing with multiple employers you need to keep your information organized.
Winter workamping jobs are a great way to travel year round!

Are There Winter Workamping Jobs Available Now?

It’s not a straight ‘yes’ or ‘no’. There are many people who would swear that they found the perfect job at the very last minute and that their winter worked out great. But there are others whose story is the exact opposite, and you’ll likely hear those stories first.

So, I’ll just say, there is a chance, but why not just plan ahead and be prepared?

Planning ahead is going to be your best tool for success.

Working RVers, especially those who wish to have the most desirable jobs during the winter, are known for booking jobs 1-3 seasons ahead to make sure they get the job they want the most. Be diligent and get a plan together of the next few seasons.

Even a general idea of where you wish to travel will be a big help when you sit down to apply for open positions.

If you can’t narrow down the exact location, try to plan what region of the country you’ll travel to and look for a job in that area. If you find a great opportunity and are offered a job, base your travels around that location and enjoy what the area has to offer!

The bottom line is, planning ahead will help you plan your adventure and make sure you don’t always have to hustle at the end of the summer to find where you’ll go next.

Avoiding Popular Destinations?

Florida, Texas, and Arizona definitely attract an insane amount of people in the winter, but don’t let that scare you off – just think of it as another part of the adventure. And, if you plan ahead, you could be one of those super prepared Workampers who found a sweet gig camp hosting at a beachfront RV resort.

I personally love Florida, so I’d never recommend you stay away. It’s an awesome state to live, camp, and work! There are so many attractions, natural and historical sites, beautiful coastlines, and tons of campgrounds to keep RVers as busy as they want, or not at all.

In the winter months, while investigating opportunities and campgrounds, you will more often see compensation packages that just include RV site and perks. There are fewer offers of paying wages for extra hours or wages for all hours worked. This is likely due to the demand for these warmer locations that provide the employers with more bargaining power.

Many snowbird resorts are constantly full and taking a Workamping job in one of these resorts can help you get into an area you may otherwise have to wait years to experience.

Ski resorts and winter-friendly towns are a great place to find winter workamping jobs.

How to Find Winter Workamping Jobs

  1. Look for year-round private campgrounds and RV parks.
  2. Check into volunteer positions with state parks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects, government-run operations, or non-profit organizations in states with warmer winter weather.
  3. Contact Bowlin Travel Centers about positions in their stores and Dairy Queen restaurants in Arizona and New Mexico.
  4. Research ski resorts who might need seasonal staff and shuttle drivers.
  5. Consider positions that you can do anywhere! AGS, Southeast Publications, and Good Sam Travel Guide are three examples where you are selling ads and marketing packages all year long!

What Are Some Options?

Winter Workamping jobs exist at state parks, historical sites, private campgrounds, franchise parks, snowbird resorts, travel centers, ski resorts, retail stores, restaurants, and more.

These are all great options to get started with but don’t limit yourself. You can find winter Workamping jobs scattered throughout the southern half of the United States and much of the West Coast.

Options for Workamping during the winter can be endless, especially if you can consider options besides a traditional campground job.

The best part about Workamping is you can do just about anything. I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true.

Workamping doesn’t have to just include campgrounds. You don’t have to clean bathrooms, make reservations, or work in warehouses. You can do what you want. And as Work campers, we choose these jobs for one reason or another.

Places in the south and southwest, like Arizona or Florida, make finding winter workamping jobs easy.

10 Ideas for Winter Workamping Jobs

  1. House or property sitting
  2. Sell something on Etsy, Amazon, or eBay
  3. Work at a Christmas Tree lot.
  4. Work for a Christmas tree lighting company.
  5. Find a Thousand Trails Campground to work at!
  6. Become a mobile RV technician and fix your neighbors’ rigs
  7. Start a dog walking service
  8. Sell photography to Shutterstock
  9. Look into remote jobs
  10. Get involved with a direct sales distributor like Tupperware, Avon, Young Living, or doTerra
  11. Become a camp host.

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