Gettysburg Farm RV Resort & Campground

*If you haven’t heard of the Thousand Trails Membership Club, you will soon! Honestly, I had heard many campers talking about it for years, before we broke down and purchased one. I think I hesitated thinking it was too good to be true!. Hearing people talk about being able to pay one set fee- then having the ability to camp all year for FREE… I just doubted there was such a program. But there was. This post may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a commission if you purchase something using one of our links. We only link to products and service we recommend for other RVers, and the income helps offset the cost of running this site.

I’m thrilled we purchased the Thousand Trails Camping Pass, but even more proud of our decision to upgrade to the Elite Membership- which gives us the opportunity to go from one park to the next, without taking a break outside the park system, stay for 21 days at each, and the ability to book our reservations 180 days in advance (which for us is crazy far in the future!)

We love ❤ of Thousand Trails Membership- because it saves us an incredible amount of money! We chose to pay $165 per month instead of forking over the full cost of the membership upfront since there was no discount for doing so. So we figured, we would spend between $500 – $1200 in camping fees per month, depending on if we were stationary or traveling, and then also the locations we visited. That’s a big savings!*

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Just an hour drive from our site we stayed at for 10 days while working at the Hershey RV Show this year. The Gettysburg Farm Campground was a 60-minute drive worth taking. Such a hidden gem, nestled between two corn fields outside the Gettysburg City limits. Farm Animals, a petting zoo and sites in the middle of it all are just some of the fun in store at this property!

Review: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

Gettysburg Farm Campground has some great features and some not so great features, as with all campgrounds. Nothing is ever perfect, but this is really something you just have to expect and be prepared to deal with it as needed. 

The Good: 

Friendly Farm Animals: Very friendly farm animals is probably more accurate. They come right up and welcome you. Really they expect you to feed them, and the kids had a ball loading them up on everything they could sneak out the camper. (Our pantry was empty by the time we left, and I’m sure we may have caused a few tummy aches… sorry!) But they have goats, chickens, bunnies, cows, and other cute animals including big turkeys the kids can interact with, or run away from.

On-Site Activities: During our stay, there were a few activities planned for the guests by the staff, and we only participated in one. The petting zoo. It was taking place right behind our camper, so it was easy to do and it just happened to be happening when we were in the park with nothing else really going on. It’s nice though, that they take time to plan a few things throughout the week for people inside the park to do.

Clubhouse:  They did have a clubhouse- open to both kids and adults. There were magazines, a tv, games, and an area for crafts towards the back. This is always a nice feature- especially on rainy days, when you want to get out the camper, but not into the rain. 

Amenities: Amenities seem to be pretty standard at many of these Thousand Trail parks. This one was no different. They had mini golf and basketball, so the kids can get outside and be active- regardless of when you visit.

Cell & Internet Service: We have Verizon Cell & Internet service and it worked perfectly in this area. No spottinesss, or outages. There was also not a tremendous amount of trees at our site, which always helps with getting a good signal, so we had no complaints!

The Bad: 

Roosters: Are we the only folks who thought Roosters only make their trademark calls bright and early in the morning…if not, I’ll tell you right now they do it all night! The kids thought it was cool the first night, but after about 3 days they were over it. Our site was on the fence of the animal pens, so maybe sites farther from here would not have to deal with it as heavily as we did. 

Commute to Gettysburg: Its abut 25 minutes outside the city limits, so depending on how much you plan to see and do in Gettysburg you’ll have to drive back and forth. We had many activities and tours planned during our stay- and I overlooked the amount of driving this would be be, and we were pretty over it by the time we left!

The Ugly: 

No Outdoor Lights: Thinking back on this park the only thing I really wish they had was some type of outdoor Lighting. I don’t remember there be any. It was so dark at night- the sky was all you had to light your path. Walking our dog, and sitting at the campfire would have both been more comfortable with more than a moonlight glow. (It was so dark- my husband and son got lost walking back to our camper one night)

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