Workamping Jobs for Singles

I know… sometimes it’s not easy to find RV employers who will hire just one person work camping! Couples seem to have all the luck! 

But trust me, if you want find work camping employers who are looking for single working RVers, you’ve just found where you need to be! 

Workamping Jobs for Singles

In this post, I’ll start from the top by explaining the difference between single work campers and solo work campers, give you 30 ideas for making money on the road, then list a bunch of RV employers you can research to help you find the job you’re after.

Workamping leads to an adventurous life of travel enjoyed by many Americans of all ages. If you need more information about workamping, check out our Ultimate Guide to Workamping to get started! And definitely check out our other post on workamping jobs for singles which provides even more information!

Traveling from place to place, state to state, and job to job may not be a lifestyle made for everyone, but for many it affords the adventurous life they have always dreamed of while providing a modest income to boot.

There are many workamping jobs for singles even if you are camping with a partner.

Workamping Singles vs. Solos

Many of today’s RVers travel as couples, and sometimes families with children in tow, sharing both the responsibilities of each new job and the lifestyle responsibilities of trip planning, driving, and the not-so-glamorous tasks included with setting up their campsite. But not all RVers come in pairs, and for those who don’t, there are often additional worries about finding employers who are willing to hire just one.

While these fears are not to be entirely disregarded, they are a little over-exaggerated with the usually negative social media posts that dominate the scene.

Let’s first clarify the difference between a single Work Camper and a solo Work Camper…

  • Single refers to a situation where one person is able/willing to work. This person may or may not be traveling with a partner. They are a single Work Camper- meaning they work alone.
  • Solo is describing someone who is traveling alone. They work and travel by themselves. 

Many employers, in my experience, will try their best to fill spots with couples based on the simple fact that they can get two workers that only occupy one site. It’s not personal, it’s business. They’re trying to lower their costs while being able to utilize the skills and labor force of two individuals compared to just one.

What you need to know is that employers are looking for both, those who can fill one spot and those who fill two.

Solo & Single Work Campers may not be the majority when it comes to folks who travel, but the reality is that many amazing people do this alone and their numbers are growing!

There are many employers who hire just one worker per site.

Some employers only have one available position, or maybe they prefer to not have the possibility of personal issues trickling into the workplace and have made the choice to not hire those who live or travel together.

Either way, it works in your favor. Embrace these jobs and these opportunities and you’ll find there is a variety of options for you to choose from.

Truth is, most employers will offer workamping jobs for singles even if they don’t advertise it.

Workamping Jobs for Singles: What’s Available?

There are a variety of RV employers and income opportunities available for Solo & Single travelers. A mix of negotiation skills, creativity and patience is almost always a requirement.

30 Workamping Jobs for Singles 

  1. Rides Operator
  2. Lifeguard
  3. Activity Director
  4. Food Service Staff
  5. Store Clerk
  6. Campground Host
  7. Raft Guide
  8. Tour Guide
  9. Docent
  10. Groundskeeper
  11. Security
  12. Gas Line Inspector
  13. RV Delivery Driver
  14. Mystery Shopper
  15. RV Inspector
  16. Gate Guard/Attendant
  17. Warehouse Worker
  18. RV Tech
  19. RV Detailing
  20. Disaster Relief Worker
  21. Shuttle Driver
  22. Ski Instructor
  23. Event/Fair Staff
  24. Sporting Event Staff
  25. Pet Grooming
  26. Pet Walker/Sitter
  27. Writer/Blogger
  28. Photographer
  29. Advertising Sales
  30. Campground Map Sale

Workamping jobs, for singles, is a great way to travel the country and make an income.

Who Offers Workamping Jobs for Singles?

Many employers hire one RVer, some just don’t make a point to directly state this in their recruiting ads. Others obviously love to recruit two strong workers to fill one RV site but welcome single workers with open arms if and when possible. Many employers would be in favor of one strong worker as compared to a couple where one half is seen as a thorn, so do your best to always inquire with employers about the availability for hiring one person.

In addition to many others, the following employers have said they specifically have positions for Single and Solo Work Campers.

Various Locations:

State Specific Locations

  • Xanterra Glacier National Park Lodges
  • California Land Management
  • Yogi Bear Camp Resort Wisconsin Dells
  • Adventureland Amusement Park, Iowa
  • Delaware North at Yellowstone
  • Black Meadow Landing, California
  • Greenlaw’s RV & Tenting Park, Maine
  • Yellowstone Silver Co., Montana
  • Yellow Jacket Campground, Florida
  • Lakeside Camp Park, Michigan
  • Klink’s Resort, Washington
  • Vermilion Valley Resort, California
  • Trinity Pines, Texas
  • Indigo Bluffs RV Resort, Michigan
  • The Cabins at Historic Columbine, Colorado
  • Country Oaks Campground, New Jersey
  • Cherry Hill Park, Maryland
  • Black Bear Campground, New York
  • Chocorua Camping Village, New Hampshire
  • Three Rivers Resort, Colorado
  • Mackinaw Mill Creek Camping, Michigan
  • Pine River Lodge, Colorado
  • Cottonwood Borco Ranch, South Dakota
  • West Crooked Lake Resort, Minnesota
  • Shenandoah Hills Campground, Virginia
  • Spring Creek Campground, Montana
  • Forest Recreation Mgmt., South Dakota
  • Olis Trolley, Maine
  • Jack’s Campers, South Dakota
  • Wall Drug Store, South Dakota
  • Canyon Enterprises, Inc., Colorado
  • Blue Bonnet RV Resort, Texas
  • Okefenokee Swamp Park, Georgia
  • Wilderness Aware Rafting, Colorado
  • Rocky Mountain HI RV Park, Montana
  • Partridge Hollow Campground, Massachusetts
  • Treeland Resorts, Wisconsin
  • Stonebridge RV Park, Texas
  • Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge, Tennessee
  • Jekyll Island Campground, Georgia
  • Sportsman’s Supply Campground & Mountain Cabins, Colorado
  • Sundance 1 Resorts, Arizona
  • Corrington Enterprises, Alaska
  • North Rim Country Store, Arizona
  • YMCA of the Rockies, Colorado
  • The Willamettans, Oregon
  • Olive Branch Campground, Ohio
  • Forever Resorts Parry Lodge, Utah
  • Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority, Texas
  • Taylor Park Trading Post, Colorado
  • Detroit Greenfield RV Park, Michigan
  • Idaho State Parks
  • Glamis North Hot Springs Resort, California
  • River View RV Park, Louisiana
  • Cedar Pass Lodge, South Dakota
  • Camp McPherson, Ohio

Okay, so I hope this post has been helpful! Workamping Jobs for Singles aren’t super easy to find, but by no means are they incredibly difficult either. Sometimes it just takes a few extra steps like reaching out to employers directly or knowing where to look to apply. Tons of employers would love to hire eligible workamping singles and solos who have the right skills for the job. So don’t give up your search just because you’re flying solo or your partner is working somewhere else! Use this list to find the perfect workamping job for you.

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