6 Tips When Searching for Workamping Jobs

6 Tips When Searching for Workamping Jobs

Searching for workamping jobs can be a thrilling yet sometimes overwhelming task. This fast-paced, mostly seasonal, world of workamping can be tricky to navigate at first. Listed below are some tips on how to make the search a little easier. 

1. Know what you want in a Workamping Job

The first step when starting your search is to know what it is you are even looking for. The great thing about this industry is that it is full of different opportunities, diverse locations, and tons of varying perks, pay rates, and time frames.

So it’s easy to find what you’re looking for… if you know what it is you’re looking for. 

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself before beginning your search. What type of work do you want or are capable of? Where do you want to camp and how many hours do you want each week? Are you ok working toward your site or do you prefer to work for a paycheck?

As mentioned in Beginner Workamping Mistakes to Avoid, there are a few ways things can go wrong. It’s important not to get caught up in all the possibilities and start applying to every gig that looks exciting. You may not be interested in working in housekeeping or taking on the role of a camp host. So, knowing this ahead of time is important.

Now a lot of these questions will get easier to answer once you start seeing all the listings out there, as every park has its own perks. But it’s still a good idea to get a firm boundary of needs so that you are prepared to get what you want out of the experience. 

For example, if you are someone who wants a consistent paycheck, it wouldn’t be worth your time looking at volunteer-only websites. But if you have time to spare and prefer that your work week goes toward your site, volunteering websites and platforms are a great place to start.

The same goes for location. If there are certain states you never plan to visit or workamp in, no need to read through each advertisement. 

All the options and ads you will see when you begin your search can be overwhelming at first. Having these decisions already made can greatly reduce your search time and narrow down jobs that are suitable to your needs. 

6 Tips When Searching for Workamping Jobs

2. Keep an open mind for different types of workamping jobs

Going exactly against what I just said, also remember to keep an open mind. Workamping jobs really are vast in number which means the compensations and bonuses are too. Some sites offer monthly discounts while others just ask for a few hours a week toward your site, ultimately, adding up to the same deal. 

You are also going to find that the Workamping positions available are just as vast, so you may not want to narrow yourself too short on the types of opportunities you want to apply to. From maintaining grounds to creating events and activities, there are a number of options to choose from if you keep an open mind.

When I first started workamping, I made it a rule that I wouldn’t accept packages that didn’t offer a paycheck. I wanted to continue making a full income on the road and didn’t want to end up with half my work week going towards my site.

I always sought out contracts with a discounted monthly rate attached or at least the equivalent in site worked hours. That was until I found this grand little camp hosting position in San Diego County that offered a free site for very minimal work. Even better, is that I was only on schedule two weeks a month and had plenty of room to start working in town. While I normally look for contracts where the work is included in the arrangement, I thoroughly enjoyed working within the local community.

It went completely against the boundaries I had set up for myself but it ended up being a great opportunity and just as financially fulfilling. So, while it’s important to know your needs, just know that there may be different ways to reach them. If you keep an open mind on your job search journey, it will open up even more possibilities. 

6 Tips When Searching for Workamping Jobs

3. Use multiple resources to find workamping jobs

Because there are a multitude of workamping jobs out there, that means there are just as many ways to find them. Unlike most careers where you search a particular area, workampers are quite literally all over the place. That means, in order to get the full idea of what’s out there, it’s best to use multiple resources when you begin your workamping job search. 

I will admit, that when I first began my search, I was a little overwhelmed with all the different websites that were available. From company websites and Indeed listings to RV forums and blog sites, there really are tons of different avenues to take when finding the perfect workamping job. 

Many positions can be found using job search portals like Indeed or even blog sites like this one! But they can also be more exclusive like KOAs membership program or Equity Lifestyle’s workday postings. The point is that there are tons of places to find listings and it’s worth digging through the ones that have what you’re looking for. Every assignment I have held has all been found through separate websites, not one coming from the same exclusive place.

On the other hand, once you start really diving into all the different resources, you will begin to learn which ones are more fruitful for you. For example, I stopped looking through certain websites that promote mostly volunteer work or that focus on the east coast. Because I know those to be my boundaries, I don’t waste my time searching these sites. 

The bottom line is that it really is important to utilize all the many options available when beginning your workamping job search. You don’t want to miss the perfect situation because you’re stuck refreshing the same website. So do some searching before you begin your search!

6 Tips When Searching for Workamping Jobs

4. Check your workamping job resources daily

Another key to making all these resources work for you is to make sure you check them regularly. The workamping world can be a fast-paced environment. As many campgrounds hire on a seasonal basis, many job listings will come and go quickly. 

Not to mention many campgrounds hire a season or two in advance. So you could be on the first day of your temporary contract and still be applying for the months ahead. That’s why it’s so important to check for new workamping job openings on regular basis. 

This may seem like a tedious task but if you are serious about a full-time schedule, it’s absolutely worth doing. I often have four or five tabs that I keep up once the workamping job season begins and I check them just like I would a work email. Because especially in many larger hiring resorts, an opening can truly be here today and gone the next.

 Keep in mind that you are not just competing with people from the local area as people from all over the place are looking and applying for these workamping jobs. So, like any search, you want to make sure you are staying on top of your game. 

Not only that but depending on where you are choosing to workamp, the jobs are boundless at times. So keeping a close eye on daily postings can be crucial if you are wanting to camp and work on a full-time level. 

6 Tips When Searching for Workamping Jobs

5. Stay organized when searching for workamping jobs

With all this information coming at you at once, it’s easy to get things mixed up. Multiple listings turn into multiple interviews, that turn into multiple positions and perks to keep track of. The last thing you want to do is accept a workamping contract with someone else’s compensation package in mind.

Because there is so much information to keep track of, another tip when beginning your workamping job search is to stay organized. Keep tabs on the websites you frequent most. Make a folder for places you wish to apply to and a separate one for places you already have. This will help you keep track when you begin gaining a list of everything that’s available. 

Beyond that and even more importantly, get organized once you start interviewing different campgrounds. As I’ve mentioned before, each place will vary greatly in what they offer and what they require. Keep a journal on what each workamping position offers that way you have a clear and organized picture of what your options are once you begin choosing the right one for you. 

The Working RVer’s Logbook is an excellent way to do this. With pages filled with interview prompts, job comparison sections, and goal sheets, this customizable and personal journal has everything you need to stay organized on your workamping journey! 

6 Tips When Searching for Workamping Jobs

6. Reach out directly to each workamping job

Another suggestion when doing your search is to not be afraid to contact campgrounds and resorts directly. Even with all the listings that are available, there is still a huge portion of campgrounds that have hiring needs that aren’t always listed on the sites you are frequenting. 

Have a campground in mind that you would love to work at? Don’t be afraid to contact them directly to see what types of opportunities they may have available. 

I found this came in handy for me when I was looking to settle in a specific area and wasn’t finding the same number of listings that really worked with my needs. So I decided to start contacting campgrounds directly. Almost every single one of them got back to me (which was quite a few honestly). They each expressed a use for workampers and I found quite a few that fit my criteria and time frame. 

Keep this in mind, especially in the winter season when ads start to dwindle. Write up a template email briefly expressing your skills and experience. Ask politely if they hire workampers and even engage about any other information they may have to offer. However you decide to promote yourself, it’s a really great way to proactively search and apply to unadvertised opportunities. 

6 Tips When Searching for Workamping Jobs

Beginning the search for workamping jobs can be overwhelming at first.

But if you stay organized with your searches, keep a decent list of platforms at the ready, and create a way to stay up to date, you will find how exciting the search can be. If you know what you want you can cater your searches down to match just that. But like any experience, open up to any possibilities that the workamping life may throw your way!

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