Workamping Family Interview Questions

Ace The Workamping Family Interview

Once you’ve sent off your resume and are ready to schedule an interview, you might think to yourself… What should I ask them? What will they ask me? It’s best to put your mind at ease during the interview and not try to come up with random questions on the spot. Be prepared and make the best impression possible, by asking the questions you really need the answer to, and by being prepared for questions they will want you to answer.

We’ve prepared a list of possible interview questions for the employer as well of a few popular questions the employer might ask you. You can also view a more extensive list of Workamper general interview questions here!

20 Questions To Ask A Potential Employer:

  1. How many hours are required?
  2. Are all hours paid?  If not, how many towards site per person?
  3. Are employee sites separate from guest sites or mixed in?
  4. Are the hookups W/S/E? 20/30/50 amp?
  5. Is electricity included? Propane? Laundry? Cable? Wifi?
  6. How many Workampers do you typically hire for one season?
  7. How many returns each year?
  8. Have you ever hired a Workamping Family?
  9. Are both parents required to work?
  10. Do you hire single parents?
  11. Are split shifts/opposite shifts available (if childcare is needed 24/7)
  12. Will workamping couples work the same days and have the same days off?
  13. Is there work available for teens?
  14. What is the minimum age to work?
  15. Will my kids have full access to the park (within the park’s guidelines for all guests i.e. kids under 16 must have a parent to swim)
  16. Are there any restrictions on the activities that my children can participate in?
  17. Is there a reduce (employee rate) for paid activities?
  18. Will my children be able to contact me while I’m working?
  19. Are kids able to help parents with any jobs or specific positions?
  20. What amenities/perks are included with the job?

2 Questions a Workamping Employer May Ask You:

  • Who will watch your children while you work? Will your children be supervised at all times?
  • How will you handle non-emergencies with your children while you are working?

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