Top 5 Benefits of Fulltime RV Travel

As children, many of us dreamed of the days we would travel the world in search of new and amazing things.

We pictured ourselves as modern day explorers, discovering for ourselves and others, the many joys our country has to offer. “The world is your oyster” they used to tell us. But what happens when you take those words literally? What happens when you leave the standard American life- pack up your family’s belongings and go on a quest to find your hidden pearls? What happens when families decide to write their own textbooks and give their children the education and adventure many can only dream about?

Reality Check

Packing your family up into a 400sq.ft. motorhome with one bathroom, a tiny kitchen, and limited storage space may not seem like an awesome adventure, but surprisingly enough, many families have done just that and would argue otherwise. Minimizing their possessions and packing only necessities, sometimes just enough for one season at a time, young full-timers are finding that the retirement life many seniors have lived for decades- is ‘just what the doctor ordered’ for families looking for a way to reconnect, form bonds and create memories to cherish for a lifetime.

RVing as a family can be a wonderful journey, especially when you have a few young children.

Children are adventurous and can be very open-minded when it comes to road trips. They enjoy spending time with their family and will most likely welcome the idea to plan an extended road trip, with little additional enticement required. So, whether planning for your trip to last a year or be your family’s new lifestyle, traveling together will encourage a lifelong curiosity for new and exciting experiences in the minds of your young travelers and encourage them to explore beyond their comfort zones as they grow older.

To help encourage your adventurous spirit and to take the edge off when making the decision on whether your family is ready for this trip of a lifetime, we’ve compiled a list of benefits specifically for families with children, who are considering extended travel throughout the country.

Top 5 benefits of fulltime RV travel


The first and arguably the most important benefit of traveling fulltime with your family is the affordable nature of the lifestyle. From the outside looking in, it may appear that those on the inside, have it all figured out. Big fancy rigs, online businesses, seasonal employment…. But to tell you the truth, that’s not usually the case. Many families are traveling on a budget. They find seasonal Workamping jobs in places they wish to visit and explore. After being hired, they plan their road trips to these destinations and plan smaller road adventures spread out over their time of employment in the area.

Entering the traveling community in this nature allows young families to travel the country, seeing the places they wish to explore, when they are most popular, and make a decent amount of money in exchange for their services, while receiving free or reduce sites. This can be a very economically savvy approach to achieving the full-timer lifestyle, without waiting until the kids are out of the house and you’ve retired.  Young families have learned to be resourceful and use their skills, whether crafty, business and tech or skilled labor, to push themselves to the top of the piles of applicants for open positions.


We all know the drill- you arrive at the hotel and you order something to eat for lunch and then again for dinner. You wake everyone up early so you can catch the free breakfast buffet, which justifies the high dollar amount you paid for the room, then rush back upstairs to pack up your stuff and check out all before 10 am.

Today’s families don’t want the hassle of traditional family trips. And can you really blame them? They’ve decided to trade in packing suitcases for packing up their motorhomes.  Taking all their family’s favorite foods, toiletries, toys, games, and clothing- and not feeling guilty for weighing down the trunk. They enjoy driving leisurely to their destinations, sightseeing along the way, and relaxing at their personal campsites once they arrive!

Convenience is a major benefit when considering full-time family travel. Families and more specifically large families know the hassle of checking in and out of multiple overnight accommodations, and are wisely starting to weigh out their options.


As an extra bonus, as if the above two reasons weren’t enough, you may want to consider the benefits of campground activities, which many sites are now offering in their recreation programs. From scheduled Hey! Rides, Bingo Nights, Teen Dance Parties and Crafts, each park or campground you visit will likely have anywhere from a few options to an entire hourly planned activity schedule to help keep your family entertained!

How awesome is that, right? After a long day of traveling- the kids will need some sort of outlet before tiring out for the night. Allow them to explore the campground and the amenities it has to offer. Take a dip in the pool, play a round of miniature golf, relax on the lake in a kayak or kick back with a traditional s’more roast and campfire at your site. Whatever activities your family enjoys, you’ll have time to do it all.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the busy 9-5 world, you’ll notice free time is plentiful and moments are easily enjoyable. So take advantage of what each destination offers and cherish these special moments with the kids, they’ll grow up fast!


Education for yourself and your family is easily attainable while traveling fulltime. With each new place you visit and person you meet, you’ll continue learning about different cultures, traditions and ways of life that are totally different than what you’re probably used to.

Focusing children’s curriculum around the road trip seems to be a popular choice for traveling families. Teaching map skills by eliminating the use of your GPS device and learning about National Monuments by visiting them first hand are great ways to incorporate geography and history into your family’s ordinary life while exploring your surroundings.

Learning will become seemingly effortless, but depending on the ages of your children you may need or want to supplement their learning with boxed curriculums, eBooks, manipulatives and workbooks which are readily available online covering a variety of topics across all grade levels.


Needless to say, the flexibility an RV offers is a huge benefit to families wanting to travel fulltime. I mean think about it- you have the option to go where you want, do what you want and stay where you want, for as long as you want. The flexibility that full-timing provides is unmatched by any other form of family travel.

Familiar surroundings, personal space, and unique setups make RV travel ideal for small and large families alike. Everything about the fulltime lifestyle is easily and readily customizable. Contrary to the rigid idea that all full-timers are retired, drive huge diesel pushers and work as only as campground hosts, the new generation of young full-timers are breaking down all the barriers associated with lifestyle and creating rules all their own.

So now that you have the information and you know the benefits this awesome lifestyle can provide your family, the question still remains…

Are you ready to hit the road and travel fulltime?

We know it’s a lot to think about and even more to consider. So take all the time you need. Plan it out, make a budget and get ready for when the time comes to drive off and start living the dream!

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