18 Smartphone Apps For RV Travelers

Technology advances have made RV living even easier! In all honesty, how did folks live the RV life prior to iPhones?  I rely on my smartphone to not only give me directions to and from local hot spots, but also to show me where the nearest attractions are, where the truck stops and Flying J gas stations are, the nearest National Parks, discounts on local favorites, current weather and much more!

I think everyone has their favorite apps but these this list includes some well-known favorites, my personal favorites as well as many that were recently recommended by a group of fellow RV travelers!

Google Maps or any navigation application (free)

You’re traveling non-stop when you are RVing. You’re on a perpetual road trip and you need to know the best way to get there. Of course, you can always follow a paper map like in the ‘olden days’, but who has time for that? The majority of people will benefit from having a navigation app handy, (in addition to an RV GPS). It will give you systematic directions on where you are going, leaving little room to get lost.

Waze (free)

Waze is a unique navigation system. It gives you directions, of course. However, the thing that makes it unique is the other types of road information given. Waze will inform you of any car crashes, construction, roadblocks, and police. It is especially great if you happen to drive through a populated city.

Oh, Ranger! Park Finder (free)

This app is great for finding any National Park, National Forest, Federally managed Recreation Destination, and just about every state and local park in the United States! You can put in your current area or your final destination and the app will let you know all of the local, state, and federal parks near. It gives you details about the parks listed, including directions, contact information, facts, and recommended activities.

Allstays Truck and Travel (paid)

When traveling in an RV, you have to think about the roads a little differently than in a normal vehicle. Even getting gas, pulling over, and parking are different. This app is great because it gives you all of this information in one place. It can tell you where travel centers and truck stops are. It can tell you which roads have low clearances, which roads do not allow trucks, and more. This is a crucial app for your safety and convenience in your RV.

Roadtrippers (free)

This app is great not just for RVers, but traveler’s period. This app makes the road trip fun! You put in your starting location and destination and it will tell you all of the attractions along the way. This includes tourist attractions, like sightseeing, tours, museums, history lessons, etc. It also includes restaurants, shopping, services, hotels, scooters, etc. While ti used to allow for you to plan a road trip with many waypoint, now you can add 5 points on a free account, before needing to upgrade to  Pro.

GasBuddy (free)

Gas can be a budget buster when you’re taking perpetual road trips, and we all know that RV’s are gas-guzzlers themselves. GasBuddy is a great app to help you save money by finding the cheapest gas in your location. Save your money for the adventures!

RV Dump Stations (paid)

Need to dump your tanks? Use this RV Dump Station Locator to do just that. It’s a locator for dump stations in the US & Canada that includes rest areas, truck stops, KOA campgrounds and more. You can put in your location and it will lead you to the closest site.

WeatherBug (free)

Have you ever checked two different weather sources and you get two different results for what the weather will be like today? This can be a problem when your whole trip depends on the weather. You need to know an accurate depiction of the weather. WeatherBug compiles all weather sources from around. It is the largest network of weather stations in the country and will give you the most accurate weather forecasts.

History Here (free)

A big part of RV traveling and exploring for some of us is the history lessons you get to experience first hand along the way. History Here is an interactive, location-based map that will guide you to all the historic locations across the United States. You can even set up the app to notify you when you’re close to a historical site, this way you’ll never miss history close by!

iNaturalist (free) 

When enjoying the great outdoors on your travels, you encounter many plants and maybe some animals that you may not recognize or be familiar with. You may see a creature or a flower and not know what to call it, or where it came from, with iNaturalist you can easily connect with 400,000 scientists and quickly identify them with just the snap of a picture.

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AllTrails (free)

Many RV travelers are also nature fanatics. AllTrails is a great app for those that love the outdoors. It’s a guide to over 50,000 trails for you to hike, bike and run. It gives you trail reviews, maps, photos, and personal stories.

Where Am I? (free)

Ever been driving through a gorgeous town, on a beautiful street and wonder to yourself… “Where am I?” This is the app for you! I recently downloaded it to help me keep track of altitude, city and county information. The app also provides a section for ‘nearby’ points of interest that also help locate things in the surrounding area.

First Aid By American Red Cross (free)

If you are on a 100-mile highway with nothing in sight for miles, or at a campground exploring and away from humanity, what do you do if a medical emergency arises? Majority of us are not medical professionals and would have no idea what to do without first responders and 911. First Aid by American Red Cross gives you essential first aid skills in any situation.

RV Parky (free)

RV Parky is an app that has a little of all of the above. It can tell you where campgrounds are. It will inform you where rest stops and fuel stops are located. It will give you all of the attractions, restaurants, shops, and hotels. You can find gas and gas prices. You can find dumpsites. It gives you safety information like low clearance warnings, a great app joins everything you need.

Harvest Hosts (free)

Harvest Hosts is a membership app. You pay a yearly fee of $49 and guess what you get? You get access to individuals who own large amounts of land, like ranches, farms, and vineyards. These individuals will “host” you free in your RV. You get to park and stay overnight for no charge. Use the app to see al the information about possible and upcoming stays!

Campendium (free)

Are you ever stuck trying to figure out where to park your RV? Campendium is an app that helps you find the peak popular locations to park quickly. When on the go, you can select your destination in the app to give you results near where you planned on ending up.

Passport America (free)

Passport America is one of the best apps to save money in an RV. This app is a membership application, that offers 50% off nightly stays at over 2 thousand campgrounds. The membership is less than $50 for a year- and will quickly pay for itself in one use!

Groupon (free)

Everyone uses Groupon, but RVers can benefit tremendously from this coupon app that saves big dollars in virtually every big city. Multiple apps supply you with entertaining attractions and events along the way to your destination. Groupon can help you get discounted prices on all of these things to do. It is a great money saver on the road. I use Groupon for museum tickets, bike rentals, local eats, and sometimes I even buy cool products!

Gypsy (paid)

The Gypsy app is a personal tour guide. You set your own pace and itinerary and the app helps you enjoy. Commentary plays automatically as you drive through top destinations, attractions, historic sites and more. It gives descriptions to the views you see along the way as well as educational information. It’s awesome for sightseeing in new cities!

These apps do not only help with convenience.

Downloading these applications can help you save money, stay safe in case of emergency, and adding even more fun to your traveling.