Work Camping Jobs for RVers: 9 Seasonal RV Jobs

Work Camping Jobs for RVers: 9 Seasonal RV Jobs

Are you looking for information on how you can make money and RV with seasonal work camping jobs? I have some great news for you…

Working seasonal jobs at various places of employment is a great option for RVers of all ages. It’s also a great way for people without large savings accounts, retirement income, trust funds, location independent businesses and remote careers- to start RVing sooner rather than later! 

Here on Live Camp Work, we take a practical approach to providing you with information and resources to help you make the most out of RV life! Toss that theoretical fluff out the window and save the hypothetical for when you have time to kick back around the campfire. 

Keep reeding for more information or jump over to the Ultimate Guide for Workamping Jobs for RVers to start with the basics and gain more information on available programs!

Work Camping Jobs

In this post I want to give you an easy reference to 9 of the most popular posts about Work Camping Jobs for RVers! These are seasonal jobs for RVers looking to start work camping or find additional work camping opportunities! These posts have been read thousands of times and provide some great information on everything from what is work camping and how to get started to specifics on individual employers and how much the workamping jobs pay!

Work Camping Jobs for RVers: 9 Seasonal RV Jobs

Work Camping Jobs
Work Camping Jobs for RVers


Tired of searching the web for pieces of information about what is Work Camping, what Work Camping jobs are available for RVers, and who hires Work Campers? This guide is for you!

In the Ultimate Guide to Work Camping, I’ll answers those questions among many others for a complete and comprehensive guide to Work Camping today!


Any experience working at a National Park- can be life changing, and while I’m a big fan of the Work Camping program by at Yellowstone by Delaware North- I wanted to take a minute to talk about the Work Camping program at Mount Rainier, since I’m currently located just a few hours east of it!

This program is championed by Rainier Guest Services, which operate several properties including the Jackson Visitor Center, National Park Inn and the Paradise Inn as a concessioner for the National Park Service with jobs available in food service, gift shops, lodging, and customer service!

Work Camping Jobs for RVers
Work Camping Jobs for RVers


The Black Hills of South Dakota continues to pull at the heartstrings of outdoor enthusiasts for decades, and Lake Park Campground and Cottages is your place to stay, play and work in Rapid City!

A small campground with just 36 RV sites and 28 cottages, ranging from studio units with kitchenettes to large 4 bedroom/3 bath vacation homes sleeping up to 16 people, the Lake Park Campground and Cottages has something for everyone, including Work Campers looking for a long-standing Work Camping employer program with years of experience.


If you are looking to spend the summer some place where fun is plentiful, consider working at Adventureland Amusement Park.

In addition to the amusement park, Adventureland includes 200+ acres that also houses a 310-site campground and an almost 200 room hotel, just East of Des Moines in Altoona, IA right off exit I-80. A popular summer hangout, more than 600,000 guests are expected for the 2018 season!


When you picture yourself Work Camping, do you imagine yourself working someplace really fun? Do you picture a place where excitement is abundant, laughs seem to never end and where fun fills the air each and every day?

If you answered yes, then consider a Work Camping job at an amusement park this summer!

Work Camping where the fun happens describes a summer season at many theme parks throughout the United States, and to be honest there are more than handful that recruit and hire RVers for seasonal jobs season after season! If you’re new to the Work Camping lifestyle you might consider testing the waters with a position at a theme park, where large numbers of fellow RVers are hired each year.

Seasonal Work Camping Jobs
Work Camping Jobs for RVers: Yellowstone National Park


RVers looking for adventurous summers in the nation’s oldest and most sought-after National Park, are well served to spend their time working for Delaware North at one of several General Stores & Hotels inside Yellowstone National Park!

Imagine what a few months spent exploring natural wonders like Old Faithful Geyser, would be like! This could be the Work Camping adventure you’ve always dreamed of, and it’s more attainable than you might think! As a Work Camper in Yellowstone, you will have the ultimate ‘local’ experience of living inside the park and the spectacular ability to go beyond what millions of tourists are able to see in short visits and really dig in!


The annual Work Camper migration starts after the end of the Summer Camping season when Labor Day celebrations are just dwindling down. Work Campers who have hunkered down in the top tourist destinations of the year, now make their way South, heading for snowbird approved destinations for the Fall & Winter months ahead. The highways are packed with RVers heading south and far west, but many RVers have a different idea.

Easy to spot, since they might seem to be headed in the wrong direction, as they steadily drive farther north with their hearts set on racking in big cash before calling it quits for the year! They’ve signed an agreement with Express Employment Professionals to work the Sugar Beet Harvest, what they call an Unbeatable Experience. Committed usually for the full month of October, give or take a few days depending on mother nature’s plan for the weather that year, they stand to rack in about $2500 a piece for just 2 weeks of work.


What embodies the Work Camper lifestyle more than great jobs in great places? A cool job in an awesome place, that’s what! If you’re looking into jobs that will provide adventures not only along the way but also through your days, consider Alaska Excursions for a Work Camping adventure to remember!

Alaska Excursions, or AlaskaX, is a newbie in the Work Camper employer community. Their quickly growing tour company offers a wide variety of positions for Work Campers looking to join their team in Skagway, Alaska for the summer. Skagway is a well-known, small town in southeast Alaska. Mild temperatures during the prime summer season make it an ultra-desirable location for outdoor enthusiasts and travelers alike. Hiking trails, gorgeous scenery and a variety of wildlife make taking a trip to Alaska for the summer an extra special bucket list item for many RVers!


When you think of you might think of all the items you’ve ordered using your Prime membership with fast 2-day delivery and the likeliness that soon your orders would be dropped off by drones like the one in the picture above. But when I hear Amazon, I almost always assume people are talking about Camperforce, the seasonal workforce of RVers they hire season after season to help fill holiday orders in record time!

Working for the online super giant is truly an experience that’s hard to put into words. There are so many pieces to the story that need to be told and there is usually very little time to tell it. To be honest, working at Amazon can best be described as working for a well-oiled machine.

I know that sounds cliché, but it’s true. Everything from the moment you step inside the building is planned, timed, scheduled, organized and then constantly being tracked, measured and observed for ways to make it better and more efficient.

Work Camping Jobs
Work Camping Jobs for RVers


Southern Cross is a Work Camper employer who hires ‘mobile leak survey technicians’ that they kindly refer to as ‘travelers’ whose main job responsibility is to inspect gas lines to make sure they are working properly and then report the findings.

Natural gas lines have to be inspected regularly, that means every 5 years in most cases, but also every year for hospitals, schools, and business areas. As you can imagine, there is no shortage of work when it comes to identifying and ultimately preventing catastrophic situations. Most of the time the gas lines are said to be working as they should, but in the event where an issue is detected, your findings would be reported to the utility provider.

One assignment might have you assigned to a busy commercial district inside a metro area while the next would take you deep into a rural community where daily interaction with farm animals would not be uncommon. Talk about variety… RVers who are always up for new adventures and don’t mind less than adventurous jobs to get them there will do just great in these positions.

Start with these 9 post on Seasonal RVing jobs and see what you think.

Of course, work camping isn’t for everyone, and there are thousands of employers- but these jobs will give you a variety of different options to get the ball rolling and your brain moving!

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