DigiKey Workamping Jobs

DigiKey Workamping: New Jobs For RVers

DigiKey Workamping Jobs are NEW to the Live Camp Work Community! 

Express Employment offered it first to past Sugar Beet Harvest employees– but it’s open to anyone who wants to work and they still have some opportunities available for this year! 

It’s a brand new workamping opportunity being offered by Express Employment Professionals, the same team who brings working RVers to the Sugar Beet Harvest each year!

Learn about the DigiKey Workamping Jobs Program and see if it’s right for you this year or possibly in the future. (Apply online here)

What is DigiKey

Located in Thief River Falls, MN DigiKey workamping jobs are located in a small town not too far from the locations of the Sugar Beet Harvest! Just 70 miles south of the Canadian border and offers much for outdoor enthusiasts. Very close to the heart of lake county, you can make time to visit a few of the 10K lakes in the area!

They are the largest distributor of electronic components in the world, with over 4K in house employees. Many products are available for immediate shipment, meaning the orders are shipped out the same day.

DigiKey is expanding and needs to bring in an additional workforce to help fill orders and keep up with supply and demand. This is great news for working RVers who want to cash in on BIG BUCKS!

Workamping Jobs at DigiKey

Similar to Amazon Camperforce, where RVers are recruited to work in fulfillment centers looking for extra help with orders, the DigiKey Workamping program is hiring RVers for specific positions. The jobs you’ll be hired for are going to be picking, packing and migration.

Picking Positions with DigiKey: 

DigiKey fulfillment position that is responsible for both retrieving customer orders and packing the assigned items into the right storage compartments throughout the facility. (A little different from the Amazon Camperforce program, where Pick and Stow positions are done separately.)

  • Ensure customer satisfaction by retrieving the correct products
  • Update inventory information so the correct quantity of on-hand items is reported.
  • Stock items into predetermined storage bins
  • Make sure date/lot code information is accurately reported, for customers requesting this information. 

Packing Positions with DigiKey: 

DigiKey fulfillment position that is responsible for curating and packing customer orders in accordance to the DigiKey quality standards.

  • Check customer orders to verify correct items and quantities have been picked. 
  • Double check the order against the information in the online system
  • View packaging and special requests, including date/lot code information
  • Break large product cases into smaller pre-packaged quantities for storage bins in the fulfillment center.

Migration Positions with DigiKey: 

DigiKey fulfillment position responsible for migrating items into the new DigiKey facility. Must be able to accurately inspect products for defects and ensure adequate inventory counts are in place, for the pick and storage locations.

Many of the Pick & Pack positions will be transitioning over to the Migration role starting in July, to help the DigiKey team migrate into their new fulfillment center, which is right next door to the current one.  

New DigiKey Workamping Jobs

What Shifts Are Available?

They have 3 shifts available. Please apply as soon as possible, shifts are filled on a first come first serve basis. 

  • 4am-1:30pm Monday – Friday
  • 1:30pm – 10pm Monday – Friday
  • 1:30pm – 10pm Sunday – Thursday
  • 9pm-5:30am Monday – Friday
  • 9pm-5:30am Sunday – Thursday

There will be mandatory overtime of 5 hours week. This overtime is fulfilled on the front end of your shift. So people working the 5am-1:30pm that means starting at 4am.

There is not a program for paid time off, but you will have two days off back to back each week. 

Of course, there is more overtime available, which you may or maynot be interested in. For those of you who are interested in picking up more hours, or even another day- these overtime opportunities will be communicated directly through your onsite manager. 

Ask about opposite shifts, if you’re a Workamping Family or need to take care of pets!

Sharee Collier

How Much Does Digi Key Workamping Jobs Pay?

Workamping at DigiKey pays pretty well! Especially for a workamping job. So if you’re looking for a workamping gig where you can stack up on a bunch of cash for future travels, this one’s for you! 

The DigiKey program pays RVers on a bi-weekly basis on Fridays. 

  • Full-time AM Shift (morning start) pays $18 per hour
    • Time and a half for overtime. 5 hours of overtime is mandatory, and worked prior to your daily start date. 
  • Full-time PM Shifts (afternoon and evening start time) pays $20 per hour
    • Time and a half for overtime. 5 hours of overtime is mandatory, and worked prior to your daily start date. 

For full time hours, you will receive 2 paid 15 minute breaks as well as an unpaid 30 minute break for lunch. 

**Part-time hours may be available 5pm-10pm in the evenings and the pay rate is $16.15 per hour. While this position does still get a campsite 100% free, they are not actively seeking RVers who only want to work part-time hours. 

All pay will be paid through Express Employment Professionals with a w-2 at the end of the year. The campground cost will not be listed.

Workamping at DigiKey

Camping & Campground Information

Workamping at DigiKey will require an RV. They do not allow tents or for anyone to sleep in a vehicle. They do allow conversions though, so if you have a van or bus conversion that meets Class B requirements (bed, sink, stove, refrigerator, heat and table) you can send in photos to be approved by their team. 

Camping is covered with DigiKey!

Your camping will be covered and coordinated for your employment while workamping with DigiKey! That means Express Employment will not only pay for the site, but they will make the reservations for you!

There are several campground options available for your stay, but it will depend on availability! Some campgrounds are closer to the fulfillment center than others, but you can expect to drive between 2-35 miles one way. Some also may not have bathrooms and showers available onsite, so keep this in mind and apply as early as possible. And some campgrounds will require the use of a honey  wagon (2 times per week) and water services. 

Your campground reservation starts on the date you are scheduled to work… a little tight but you can book a few nights ahead of time to arrive early and get settled in, they just won’t be covered or reimbursed. Your reservation will end 48 hours after your last day assigned or as soon as 24 hours after your last day, if you quit or leave early.

DigiKey Workamping Jobs Pay BIG BUCKS

Hiring Process

  • Online Application- The online application can be found on the Unbeetable Experience Website under the ‘other opportunities’ tab. Just click on the link for DigiKey. You’ll then receive a checklist that you need to read over as well as a link to their online assessment.
  • Basic Assessment- Complete the basic assessment and score at least a 15 to move forward with the hiring process.  It’s a timed assessment that covers basic questions and a range of different topics. Just try to get through as many questions as you can. 
  • Review Checklist- A Workamping Coordinator will contact you after you pass the assessment to go over the information you received in your checklist. It’s a time to go over the details of the job in about 1 ½ hours. This is basically an interview and a detailed review of the job wrapped into one. They will then provide a conditional job offer, if it’s a good fit. You will then be sent onboarding paperwork.
  • Onboarding- After you have a conditional job offer they will send you an email with your onboarding documents, which you only have 72 hours to complete. After that, they will issue a background check (via email) and then a pre-employment drug screening, which you can complete in any state/location. Once all of this is completed, you will then receive an email with your final offer letter. The offer letter will detail your arrival and start date, the campground where you’ll be staying, and any additional information you’ll need to know.
  • Orientation- Your orientation will be at the Express Employment office. You’ll be provided a date and time for your DigiKey orientation, where you will finish up your new hire paperwork. This is also your chance to ask any final questions before you’re official start date.  

The first 2 weeks you will work an 8am-5pm scheduled training shift, before going into your assigned shift for the season.

Start dates for summer only extend until the last Monday in June.

if you plan to stay a little longer into the fall and winter- you might be able to start even later. There are campground options for people who want to either stay late or return to DigiKey after working the Sugar Beet Harvest. Just be sure to let the folks at Express know this is your intent, so they can work with you on the details and coordinate start and end shifts. 

What You Need to Know

  • Camping Fees are 100% covered
  • All hours are paid $18-$20
  • Mandatory overtime is 5 hours per week and is worked daily, 1 hour prior to your start. 
  • Positions for next year will be available to apply for, after the hiring has ended for this year. 
  • DigiKey is hiring for picking, packing and migration 
  • Must be able to lift 35lb regularly through your shift, and occasionally up to 50lbs
  • Your campground reservation starts on the date you are scheduled to work
  • You can work at DigiKey, then go to the Sugar Beet Harvest. 
  • You can also work the Sugar Beet Harvest and then come to DigiKey
  • A criminal background check and a pre-employment drug screening are required
  • All applicants must pass a basic assessment before moving forward in the application process. 

Physical Requirements: 

  • Must be able to work 8-10 hours per day walking/standing
  • Must be able to lift 35lb regularly through your shift, and occasionally up to 50lbs
  • Must be able to climb stairs 
  • Must be able to bend and twist, as well as use repetitive hand motions

Apply for DigiKey Workamping Jobs

Apply for this new workamping job opportunity with DigiKey through this link! 


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