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    Amazon Camperforce: Amazon Jobs For RVers

    Hiring RVers Since 2008

    What is Amazon Camperforce?

    Amazon Camperforce is all about working in one of the nation’s largest online retailer’s warehouses. Amazon calls them fulfillment centers, but in an attempt to clarify, I’ll make it clear– you will be working in an extremely large warehouse (possibly the size of a small village) with all the pros and cons that it entails.


    The Amazon Camperforce program brings together the working RVer community! As part of the Camperforce team, you'll be able to choose from seasonal assignments in a variety of locations, depending on the availability for the season/year you are interested in applying. Locations change periodically with more being added and others being taken away, so always reference their location map when deciding if the program will work with your future travels.


    Keep reading for all the information you need about the Amazon Camperforce Program! In this Ultimate Guide to Camperforce, we'll cover everything from benefits, to reviews, to typical days and much more!

    Full-time and part-time

    Camperforce offers both full-time and part-time jobs for RVers.

    Pay for all hours worked.

    Amazon Camperforce pays a minimum of $15/hr depending on location.

    Assignment Completion Bonus

    $.50 for each regular hour worked and $1.00 for each overtime hour worked paid after assignment ends. (varies by state law)

    Campgrounds Available Near All Locations

    Each location has a list of campgrounds nearby for you to choose from.

    CampPay For Each Camperforce employee

    Camperforce pays $120.00 - $270.00 weekly based on location towards your campground fees.


    Amazon Jobs Reviews & News in the RV World

    Don't take our word for it... Thousands of RVers have worked for Amazon Camperforce.

    Amazon is all about reviews right? So watch the videos below to hear what others are saying about this seasonal job for RVers that's been around since 2008!

    Amazon Camperforce Program Overview

    Hiring RVers Since 2008

    Camperforce: Amazon Jobs For RVers

    When you think of you might think of all the items you've ordered using your Prime membership with fast delivery and the likeliness that soon your orders would be dropped off by drones like the one in the picture above.


    But when I hear Amazon, I almost always assume people are talking about Amazon Camperforce! Amazon created this program many year's agao and it's revolves around a reliable seasonal workforce of RVers, hired each holiday season to help fill orders in record time!

    Hiring RVers Since 2008

    What is Amazon Camperforce?

    Camperforce is a Amazon work camping program that provides (Amazon) jobs for RVers. Theses workamping jobs are available in several different states at a variety of locations in both the summer and the fall months. 

    With most workamping jobs, and also with Camperforce, Amazon provides a seasonal job opportunity with camping  arrangements. 


    That means that Amazon RV workers, or Amazon Workampers as they are usually referred to in the RV world- have some or all of their camping fees paid for by the national retailer in addition to getting paid for each and every hour they work!


    Not a bad deal for working RVers who enjoy the ability to take on short term work camping jobs in different locations, stack up some cash, and then go and enjoy one epic adventures. 


    Still working yourself, "What Is Amazon Camperforce?" keep reeding for more details on this Amazon work camping program that hires hundreds of RVers each and every year!


    Camperforce Amazon Run Down

    At the close of the traditional camping season, many RVers find themselves in search of a quick gig before heading south or west for the winter. Amazon Camperforce is a great option for many RVers including singles, couples, and even families. With Camperforce, Amazon does a great job at accommodating all types of travelers, and with several positions, locations and schedules available, there’s sure to be something for you.


    RVers of all ages work for the Amazon Camperforce program! An RV is your big ticket to Camperforce. Amazon designed the program for RVers looking for temporary employment while traveling in the United States, so as long as you have one-you're likely a candidate.


    Amazon Camperforce is available at select fulfillment centers throughout the US. Currently there are 11 locations from the East to West.


    There are three main positions with Amazon Camperforce. Amazon has been known to hire RVers mainly in the following 3 job roles: Pick, Pack and Stow.


    Cash of course! The Amazon Camperforce program pays for every hour worked, plus extra cash towards camping fees. If you're wondering how much you can expect to take home weekly it will probably make you feel better to know minimum wage starts at $15 per hour :


    Typically for Camperforce, Amazon starts the season sometime in early to mid-September running through the holidays, with some lasting through February. Most positions will end in December.


    Amazon Camperforce does a great job at accommodating all types of travelers, and with several positions, locations and schedules available, there’s sure to be something that will suit your needs. You can apply easily online at

    Working At Amazon Camperforce

    Everything from the moment you step inside the building is planned, timed, scheduled, organized and then constantly being tracked, measured and observed for ways to make it better and more efficient.

    Working in one of their fulfillment centers, inside the Amazon Camperforce program, means working for one of the largest, if not the largest, online retailer in the World.

    You’re on the inside and you’ll soon see first-hand what happens after a customer makes a purchase from their computer screen. You’re working day in and day out to fill orders not only for customers but most likely for your family members as well.

    Time is everything and your ‘numbers’ also known as your ‘rate’ will show how your performance against the typical Amazon employee. These rates are usually posted near your startup area daily.

    Top 3 Amazon Camperforce Jobs

    There are three main positions with Amazon Camperforce. Amazon has been known to hire RVers mainly in the following 3 job roles: Pick, Pack and Stow. These positions are responsible for…

    “Getting the right product, into the right box and shipped to the right customer, every time!”

    Amazon Camperforce HR Rep


    to put into a place for storage.

    Ex.) Employees will stow assigned items into their assigned bins.

    When merchandise is received in the fulfillment center, the associates in the Stowing Department have the job of making sure it reaches the shelves not only in a timely manner but also with the correct labels and into the correct bin so that Pickers can retrieve the items with relative ease. Stowers typically walk between 5-8 miles per day.


    to put into a place for storage.

    Ex.) Pick the exact item, as described on your scanner to avoid mistakes.

    After products have been stowed, Pickers receive bin locations on scanners, report to that location, and retrieve the correct product with 100% accuracy. The Picking Department is the largest department, involves the most walking (ranging between 8-12 miles per day), and makes up the majority of available jobs for Camperforce.


    to put into compactly.

    Ex.) Pack your items securely with cello to fill your boxes before applying the label.

    The Packing Department waits for the filled totes to arrive at their stations on conveyor belts once pickers have picked the order. They can then sort and pack the items into shipping boxes to fulfill specific customer orders which populate on their computers. Packing requires less walking than the above two departments, but physical activity is still required.


    What's A Typical Day At Amazon Camperforce?

    Amazon days, depends on which department you’re working in, the number of orders to be filled and what shift you’re working on. Generally, you’ll clock in after entering the building and dropping off personal items in your locker.


    Clocking in for the day is a sight to see!

    Employees line up at every time clock and wait patiently for the exact second when their shift begins. Then one by one they scan their badges and proceed to their start areas.


    After arriving at your start-up area you will meet with your department heads at a start-up meeting, where basic stretching is completed while important information is relayed through your Manager. After setting off to your station, or if you’re a Picker– wherever your scanner directs you, your day will progress until either a scheduled break, lunch or the end of your shift.


    Throughout the day, there is limited time to socialize with fellow campers or employees (unless of course, you’re a Picker) but making time for a quick “How’s it going?” will help you maintain your sanity after hours and hours of repetition and checking your productivity.


    At the end of your shift, you’ll again notice an extremely long line of campers and employees at each time clock. As they wait for the clock to tick– conversations about ‘work’ and ‘numbers’ fill the air until the exact moment their badges touch the scanner and they exit the building!

    Camperforce-Amazon-Sharee (2)

    Amazon Camperforce Hiring Process

    Camperforce hiring process

    Getting A Job With Amazon Camperforce?

    For first-time applicants, interested in Amazon work camper jobs, the application and hiring process for the Amazon Camperforce program can be long, drawn-out and filled with delayed responses. From the moment you submit your resume or online application, wheels will naturally begin moving in your head.


    You’re ready to go! You're excited about these Amazon RV jobs, right? Well, not so fast... When they say Application Process, they really mean it.


    I would allow at least a month lead time from start to finish, and more likely 2-3 months, but then again, some folks get hired in just a few weeks, so you never really know.


    There are hundreds of applicants interested in these Amazon work camping jobs. They are all sending in their resumes and there is only a small on-site staff of HR reps to sort through them all. Give them some time and just plan on waiting a few days between emails and sometimes even up to a week in-between steps.


    They do an amazing job of getting pretty much everyone who wants to work placed in a position! But it's also not common these days to never actually speak with a human, until actually being hired, or sometimes even arriving on site.

    Online Application

    Fill out the online application on the Amazon website at where you’ll need to provide typical pre-employment information and accept that you’ve read through the job description and understand the basic requirements.

    Proof of Education

    You must be able to provide a high school diploma or equivalent. College degrees are not required but transcripts can be used as proof of education.

    Background Test & Drug Screening

    More paperwork and a urine screening at a local facility. Amazon will ask for your current location and set up a date window of when you will need to report to that facility to take the test. 

    Pre-Employment Work

    A lot of forms will needs to be completed prior to your start date. You will also have to attend a Virtual New Hire Event. These virtual events are required and must be attended and registered for by each applicant to progress to the next step of the application process. Once you register for your session, information will be provided 24-48 hours ahead of time for you to login.


    Orientation used to be just a few hours of Amazon policies and protocols. A well timed picture release, great Camperforce stories and time to meet the group of campers starting the program right along with you! But orientation has changed over the years and now includes just about a full day! With the addition of safety school, you’ll be going into the fulfillment center for the first time where you’ll be split into groups and go over safety procedures, which Amazon takes very seriously. Make sure you wear your tennis shoes! This will be your first encounter with the cement floors for a few hours of standing on your feet!

    Camperforce hiring process

    Amazon Camperforce Current Season Start Dates

    The start and end dates for each location are pre-set. In past seasons, they would have start dates weekly, but current dates are locked in as shown in the chart below. Some assignments are longer than others. The shortest being just 6 weeks and the longest assignment running about 14. 


    For the shorter assignments you may have the chance to pick up another assignment after the completion date, but keep in mind you cannot transfer (unless asked to do so) in the middle of your commitment. Doing so will result in losing your bonus and not being able to work on other assignments for the Camperforce program for the remaining season...  When considering jobs @Amazon, force yourself to choose a start date that feels comfortable and realistic! It needs to fit the appropriate amount of time you want and are able to work.

    State Nearest Major City Site Weekly CampPay Amount Assignment Details
    Arizona Phoenix, AZ AZA5 $175 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT
    Arizona Phoenix, AZ AZA5 $175 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks PT
    Arizona Phoenix, AZ GYR1 $175 9/11/2022 12/17/2022 14 Weeks FT
    Arizona Phoenix, AZ GYR1 $175 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT
    Florida Tampa, FL DTP9 $270 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks FT
    Florida Tampa, FL TPA1 $270 9/11/2022 12/17/2022 14 Weeks FT
    Florida Tampa, FL TPA1 $270 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT
    Florida Tampa, FL UFL5 $270 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT
    Kentucky Cincinnati, OH CVG2 $120 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks FT & PT
    Kentucky Cincinnati, OH CVG9 $120 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks FT & PT
    Kentucky Lexington, KY LEX2 $150 11/20/2022 2/25/2023 14 Weeks FT & PT
    Kentucky Lexington, KY LEX2 $150 12/4/2022 2/11/2023 10 Weeks FT & PT
    Kentucky Lexington, KY LEX2 $150 12/4/2022 2/25/2023 12 Weeks FT & PT
    Kentucky Louisville, KY SDF1 $120 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT
    Kentucky Louisville, KY SDF1 $120 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks FT
    Oregon Portland, OR PDX9 $130 9/11/2022 12/17/2022 14 Weeks FT & PT
    Oregon Portland, OR PDX9 $130 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT & PT
    Oregon Portland, OR PDX9 $130 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks FT & PT
    Tennessee Nashville, TN BNA2 $215 9/11/2022 12/17/2022 14 Weeks FT
    Tennessee Nashville, TN BNA2 $215 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT
    Tennessee Nashville, TN BNA2 $215 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks FT
    Tennessee Nashville, TN BNA3 $215 9/11/2022 12/17/2022 14 Weeks FT
    Texas Houston, TX HOU2 $160 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT
    Texas Houston, TX HOU2 $160 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks FT
    Texas Houston, TX HOU6 $160 10/9/2022 12/17/2022 10 Weeks FT
    Texas Houston, TX UTX3 $160 11/6/2022 12/17/2022 6 Weeks PT

    Amazon Camperforce: Job Requirements

    Who Can Work for Amazon Camperforce

    Camperforce : Amazon Work Camping Job Requirements

    Amazon hires a variety of people to work in their warehouses and RVers are no different.


    To be honest, just about anyone and everyone can work the Amazon Camperforce program, if you feel you're up to it. People of all ages and backgrounds in all different rigs, campers, and RVs. If you’re relatively healthy, over the age of 18, able to pass a drug screening and background test and you have a ‘recreation vehicle’, you’ll probably be hired in our opinion...


    The Amazon Camperforce program requires the following to be able to work in their warehouses. (We've also added a few additional requirements that are not official or even requirements, but they can definitely help!)


    Applicants must be 18 years old or older.
    A high school diploma or equivalent is required.​
    Must be able to read and speak English.​
    Must, with or without reasonable accommodation, be able to lift up to 49 pounds​
    Must be able to stand/walk for up to 10-12 hours​
    Must be able to frequently push, pull, squat, bend, and reach.​
    Must be able to climb and descend stairs safely with or without reasonable accommodation).​
    Must be able to operate carts, dollies, hand trucks, forklifts, order pickers, and other equipment to move large quantities of merchandise, with or without reasonable accommodation.​
    Must reside in a RV for the duration of the assignment.​
    Must reside in a campground for the duration of the assignment.​


    Amazing walking shoes with THICK soles for extra cushion.
    Ability to work long hours with little interaction.
    Comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely.
    Desire to connect with fellow working RVers and have a campfire or two when your off days aligned.

    Camperforce: Amazon Jobs For RVers

    Know what your agreeing to

    What To Expect From Amazon Camperforce?

    Even if this is your first time, you really do need to know what to expect. You should know what you’re signing up for. Reading every review available will give you information, both good and bad.


    Just try to keep an open mind and pull from each personal story whatever information is given about the job, the available positions, the workload, the schedules, typical days, location information, community details and the expectations for Amazon Camperforce Associates.


    Take notes on what you’ve gathered and transform these notes into questions. Once you’re called for your phone interview, make sure to refer to your questions for the information you need to know. You can also bring up any unanswered questions at orientation or in a quick email to the HR Staff at the site you’ve decided is best for you.


    My first year at Amazon Camperforce, I had a horrible time.


    I dreaded waking up at 5 a.m. every day to go to a job I chose, only to realize I didn’t like it. I had no idea what working in a warehouse was like. I had never even seen a conveyor system and barely knew what a tote was.


    As I looked around at all the smiling campers having a great time, I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong! Then it hit me - this wasn’t what I signed up for. I signed up to fill customer orders in a fulfillment center.


    This was not what I had in mind!


    If you think about my first experience, you’ve probably already noticed - this wasn’t Amazon’s fault.


    It was actually my own.


    I hadn’t asked many questions when I agreed to take the position. I was excited and let that excitement overtake my rationale to ask any probing questions. I had absolutely no warehouse experience, but I never once asked what a typical day inside the fulfillment center would entail.

    Plan for working at camperforce

    Planning For Amazon Work Camping Jobs

    Going into this job with the notion that you’ll just “wing it,” is the worst mistake an RVer could make.


    Showing up to a campground to work in the store or maybe reservations for the summer may be something to “just wing.” However, signing up to work at Amazon during their Peak Season, when millions of holiday orders are being pumped out at the very last minute, is something you should prepare for.


    When I left Amazon Camperforce in 2013, I swore up and down, I would never return.


    Then after about a year, I started thinking...maybe I should give it another chance. After all, my horrible experience was largely the effect of my own lack of preparation.


    If I knew what to expect, I could have prepared. And if I prepared, I would’ve had a really great time just like the other Workampers.


    Working in a warehouse (click here for more warehouse Jobs for RVers) is mentally and physically draining, so preparing for your job with the Amazon Camperforce program will require exercise prior to your arrival. In the weeks and months prior to your start date, I recommend you slowly increase your physical activity level and try to walk as much and as often as possible.


    Training your body for long periods of movement and even just standing for extended periods of time will help you adjust easier to life inside the fulfillment center.


    In addition to physical labor, mental stamina will also be a major factor since employee safety is such a major concern. There are procedures and required protocols for just about every action you make and every job you will perform.


    You need to be constantly aware of your surroundings, as well as your own actions to make sure you’re upholding the high level of safety Amazon expects at each of its locations. Preparing yourself both mentally and physically will make transitioning into your new role a whole lot smoother.

    Preparing For Amazon Camperforce

    DOn't skip out on the prep work

    Getting Ready for Camperforce

    You can’t imagine what your life will be like, while working at one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers. And yet, the very best tip anyone could give you, is to be prepared.


    How can you prepare if you don’t know what to prepare for?

    I know exactly what you’re saying! I was in your shoes during my first peak season in 2013. After being hired, we jumped in the RV, showed up and went with the flow.


    That, to say the least, didn’t work out the best for us. We were stressed, hated it and were literally miserable! But it doesn’t have to be the same for you. With a little mental and physical preparation– you’ll be headed towards a manageable, if not enjoyable Camperforce experience.

    Physical Prep

    I want to be clear– I’m not a Doctor, a Nutritionist or even a Health Coach for that matter– but I think it’s pretty clear, if you plan on working at Amazon, you need to start exercising and drinking more water than usual, prior to arrival.

    I recommend increasing your daily exercise rate gradually over a period of time, that’s been discussed and agreed upon with your doctor. You don’t want to push yourself too much but let’s just be real… You need a realistic picture of your current state of physical health before you sign on to walk miles upon miles on a daily basis for weeks, if not months at a time.

    Mental Prep

    Mental prep is a little more difficult to address. It’s more about training yourself to be aware of your surroundings and even your actions. Your new job will require your attention span to last the entire duration of your assigned shift! No day dreaming while walking though the warehouse.

    I remember one moment while working in 2013– when my employee badge dropped down onto the conveyor. I immediately stuck two fingers in between the bars and grabbed it– without thinking. I snatched my hand back– and was stunned at my own stupidity. Thankfully I still had all my fingers. Dress for Success


    This may seem trivial, but if you’ve never worked in a giant warehouse you probably don’t know what wardrobe is appropriate– and more so what is comfortable.

    The dress code policy at Amazon is based off of what is safe, not necessarily what is the most comfortable. Things like open toes or healed shoes, strapless tops, long scarves, jewelry, and hoodies with long strings are not appropriate, so don’t bother packing them.

    What you should pack though are sweatpants, yoga pants, jogging suits, khaki pants and shorts, and comfortable outdoor clothing that can be easily layered, which will help accommodate for the various temperatures inside specific areas of the building.

    You’re more than welcome to try jeans, as many people do wear them daily, but I personally found them too restricting to walk, bend, and squat all day long. Cotton was my best friend.

    Also, make sure you have a new pair of ‘broken in’ walking shoes with thick soles. I made the mistake of purchasing thin running shoes, but after the first day when I had to drag my feet across the floor, I realized a thick sole would be more beneficial than cute colors.


    While working in Campbellsville, we realized pretty quickly that while other campers who may be traveling alone or with a single companion, could easily pop a load into the campground washing machine after a long day of work, this wouldn’t be the case for our family.

    With 6 people and a minimum of 3 loads a week, we found using the local laundry mat was our best option. The machines were large, clean, and well maintained. The prices were very affordable and it’s convenient location across from the nail shop and Kroger, allowed me to drive back and forth to grab last minute items and get a quick mani/pedi while loads were finishing up!


    We cleaned our RV daily, to keep clutter to a minimum, but right now I’m talking about a deep clean. When you have 6 people living in an RV, you just can’t underestimate the worth of a good deep cleaning.

    We saved this for our off days, of course.

    Mopping the floors, scrubbing the countertops, disinfecting toys, and cleaning our the cabinets and refrigerator – were tasks that needed to be done regularly to keep organized. Cleaning on a routine allowed us to maintain a clutter free RV, which made living in it more enjoyable for everyone.


    Armed with a detailed list, categorized by departments, of everything from grocery items, to toiletries, and alcohol, a few hours was more than enough for me to get everything we needed for the upcoming week. Running errands can easily be done altogether or broken up between loads of laundry, if all facilities are relatively close together.

    RV Life

    Typical days around the campground will vary, of course, and once you add working 10.5 hours a day 4-5 days a week on opposite shifts into the mix– those typical days are bound to be shaken up a bit. Everyone’s routine will need to shift to accommodate the new work schedules, school lessons, and just ordinary things like sleeping. We found it best that everyone knew what the days looked liked on paper. Having a schedule, regardless of if we always stuck to it or not, helped us keep our sanity and things running smooth inside the camper.

    RV life is never perfect, but it’s an amazing experience! Working for Camperforce is a similar experience. Taking time to plan, just as you would a great road trip will help you tremendously.

    Amazon Camperforce Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I get to pick my schedule?

    No, your Camperforce shifts are determined by the needs of each building at the time of the assignment. Camperforce will put traveling partners on the same shifts unless otherwise directed. 

    Will I get to pick job?

    No, Camperforce jobs are based on the needs of each building You may also be asked to do multiple job functions within your working season and will be trained accordingly.

    Can I be added to a “wait list” for a location that is full?

    Are there any other start week options available then what is listed on the application?


    When will I know my shift or job function?

    Your Camperforce shift will be assigned to you 1 to 3 weeks prior to starting at the Amazon Camperforce fulfillment center of your choice. You not find out your final job function until your first day onsite.

    Can I choose to stay wherever I want?

    Does my application count for me and my traveling partner?

    Can I transfer from one assignment to another mid-assignment?

    No. Once you’ve completed your application, you are committing to that particular assignment. If you choose to leave mid-assignment, you will not be able to work another Camperforce assignment during the season and will not get your completion bonus.

    Is the campground contribution paid directly to the camper or the campground?

    Last Words on Amazon Camperforce

    While the program is open to hiring applicants of all ages and physical strengths, it is wise not to overestimate your own capabilities.

    These jobs are all very physical. Walking, standing for long periods, as well as lifting, bending and using multiple sets of stairs is required constantly throughout the day. Know your limits and make sure the job you sign up for is at a comfortable level within your physical ability.

    Contact Details


    Phone: 855-9CAMPER


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