Warehouse Jobs for RVers

Workamping Warehouse Jobs for RVers

Workamping is an excellent way to enjoy the RV lifestyle while maintaining some form of employment and often some type of parking arrangement. Whether you are on the road constantly or looking for seasonal labor, there are several options out there that cater to RV travelers.

One of those options is to enter the world of warehouse jobs. For RVers finding a reliable work/camp relationship is important and that’s why warehouse work is a trusted way to make money on the road. Here is a list of warehouse jobs for RVers and seasonal workampers!

Workamping Warehouse Jobs for RVers: Amazon Camperforce

Amazon CamperForce Warehouse Jobs

For RVers looking to be a part of a fast growing and highly technical work environment, Amazon CamperForce is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to one of the largest online retailers in United States. Chances are you’ve had something delivered from this retail company or have at least heard of them.

But did you know that Amazon offers seasonal workamping jobs! With a great number of perks and a workspace filled with seasonal workampers just like you, Amazon CamperForce Warehouse jobs for RVers are an incredibly beneficial way to see the country. 

The CamperForce website mentions a number of benefits to working for one of there many warehouses. For RVers who are accustomed to choosing their campground, Amazon offers a weekly stipend toward any park of your choosing! They also offer bonus completion and competitive pay. 

Applicants should be aware that working at the Amazon Warehouse will require standing for up to 12 hours a day. Bending, lifting, walking, squatting, and reaching are also part of being a warehouse employee.

 So, if you love staying active and engaged at work, this is a perfect opportunity for you. However, Amazon also promotes being an Equal Opportunity Employer, everyone is encouraged to apply!

And for a more in-depth look at what it’s like to work warehouse jobs for RVers in the CamperForce program, check out Sharee’s take on the Camperforce Workamping Program!

Digi-Key Workamping Jobs: Workamping Warehouse Jobs for RVers

Digi-Key’s Digi Kamp Workamping Jobs

Like Amazon, the Digi-Key workamping opportunity is a warehouse position that keeps its campers moving and grooving, lifting, packaging, and verifying products. Offering mostly full-time positions, campers are paid on a bi-weekly basis with an hour of compensated overtime added, up to five hours, each week. 

Another great perk? Your campsite is fully paid for while participating in Digi-Key Warehouse jobs! For RVers this is a great advantage as not only will you be receiving a paycheck of up to $20 an hour, but your campground expenses are also covered.  

Located in Minnesota, Digi-Key is also closely located to the Sugar Beet Harvest and offers accommodations for those looking to participate in both seasonal positions. Between the two, workampers could easily line up multiple seasons in the same location. For those looking to stay put for the off season, the Digi-Kamp experience extends well into the winter months. 

So, if you’re a detail oriented workamper that would enjoys inspecting products, verifying orders, and packaging items, Digi-Kamp is for you! With positions in Picking, Packing, and Migration, you will be an essential step to making sure the customer receives the correct package with the correct information. And when you work in migration, you are responsible for product defects and functionality inspection.  

And for a detailed look at Digi-Key warehouse jobs for RVers looking for a firsthand account, check out this article on Workamping at DigiKey Jobs for RVers

JCPenney Camp Crew Warehouse Jobs

For RVers looking for workamping positions from coast to coast, JCPenney advertises its 8 locations as being just that. From California to North Carolina with a few places in between, JCPenney warehouse jobs can accommodate those looking for both pay for hour work and discounted rent packages. 

With a $100 weekly RV stipend, working RVers can choose their own campground location. And with three separate warehouse departments, there is a function for everyone! JCPenney promotes diversity and encourages applicants to reach out to the facility they are interested in directly to set up an interview. 

On the job you can expect to work with either logistics, distribution, or support. The Store Supper Center  focuses on scanning and storing for store allocation. In Distribution Logistics you will be responsible for order filling and shipping individual customer orders. And lastly, in the Regional Distribution Center you will be dealing with bulk handling.  Between each department you will be required to lift, pack, unload, handle, and stock as you are an essential resource to over 600 JCPenney stores!

Their website also mentions that most facilities are not climate control, so be aware of that when you are choosing your location and season. 

For more information on the JCPenney Camp Crew Program visit https://jcpwk.business.blog/

Workamping Warehouse Jobs for RVers: Glacier National Park Conservancy

Glacier National Park Conservancy Retail and Warehouse

Looking to get a little closer to nature? The Glacier National Park Conservancy is a non-profit fundraiser that hires for both retail and warehouse positions. Located in West Glacier, Montana, the Historic Belton Train Depot store and warehouse is seeking both retail associates and those with warehouse experience. 

Products you will be working with are those that are sold in the Glacier National Park gift shops and Visitor’s Centers. So, you can take pride in the idea that your work is going back into the National Park system and all the beauty it has to offer. 

This is a great warehouse job for RVers looking to step away from the mega companies and work in a more intimate setting. However, you will still be able to enjoy full-time work and the activity that comes with production and handling. 

This is a 4-month summer season opportunity that covers both retail and warehouse positions, which is great for candidates with computer skills, positive social skills, and the ability to quickly adapt to changing environments. 

Glacier National Park has over 700 miles of trails and offers breathtaking mountain and lake views. For workampers seeking vast wilderness and wildlife this warehouse position is excellent for outdoor enthusiast. 

The website encourages RVers to apply and offers to help applicants obtain local campground accommodations. For more about the Glacier National Park Conservancy visit their website!

Yellowstone General Stores Warehouse Associate

Like Glacier Conservancy, the Yellowstone General Stores and Delaware North hire for more than just warehouse jobs. For RVers seeking opportunities in cashiering, kitchen staff, or custodial maintenance the Yellowstone General Store has several openings. But if warehouse work is your thing, they offer stocking and warehouse associate positions. 

It’s no secret that Yellowstone National Park is a highly visited area so you will be an essential part of keeping the park alive. Explore the world famous Old Faithful Geyser and relish in the small-town atmosphere of West Yellowstone. As the oldest National Park in the United States, Yellowstone warehouse associates have access to over 2 million acres of reserved land. 

Workamping RVers can expect to work a full-time schedule ranging from 32 to 40 hours a week with wages starting at $15 an hour. 

Campers can also take advantage of store discounts as well as discounted full hookup sites from $35 to $75 a week. Meal plans are also available. 

Like most warehouse jobs, you should look forward to bending, stocking, stooping, and lifting. 

Make Yellowstone your playground and read more about the open jobs for this summer or next in this blog post about Workamping at Yellowstone General Stores with Delaware North.

Workamping Warehouse Jobs for RVers: Grand Canyon National Park Lodges

Grand Canyon National Park Lodges Warehouse Associate

Another close to nature warehouse job for RVers is located at the breathtaking Grand Canyon National Park. At $14.20 an hour, this team-oriented position starts immediately and is open to anyone! Employees receive a number of discounts including dining room meals, mule rides, Sam’s Club Memberships, and entertainment. You will also have access to wellness centers, free laundry facilities, and rec centers. 

On the job you will be required to load, stock, and deliver. You must be comfortable with maneuvering a large vehicle and working on a tight schedule. Because you will be working with perishable items and responsible for noting any discrepancies or maintenance needs, warehouse experience is preferred. 

You must have a valid driver’s license and be willing to work a varied schedule. Having experience with both forklifts and pallet jacks also encouraged. 

Unlike the other warehouse jobs, for RVers looking to secure parking arrangements you may have to reach out to company directly. Employee housing is provided however for those seeking that route instead. 

With hiking trails and breathtaking views, Grand Canyon National Park is an excellent place to set up seasonal warehouse jobs. For RVers this is a chance to explore an incredible landmark that ranks as one the world’s 7 natural wonders.

Workamping Warehouse Jobs for RVers

Whether you enjoy high functioning and disciplined production or smaller non-profit warehouse jobs, for RVers its essential to have reliable options while working on the road. These crucial positions are what make a company run smoothly and its workampers are a fundamental part of how efficiently a warehouse runs. From national chains to National Parks, get a list together and warehouse across America! 

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