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RV Families – Connect Online & In Person

When your family makes the journey into world of RVing it can be overwhelming, exciting, and a little nerve-racking. Not knowing how to get started, where to go, what to do, how much it’s going to cost, and more importantly how to connect with other Rvers traveling with kids- can all be daunting questions.

We have a whole event dedicated to RV Families like yours!

It’s called the RV Family Summit and it’s happening May 9th-13th.

The RV Family Summit

May 9th-13th is the live virtual event where over 2 DOZEN RV Family Speakers will hit the stage to share all their knowledge of traveling with kids. From budgeting and setting real expectations to homeschooling, road schooling, and much more- the RV Family Summit offers session topics that RV Families can relate to and learn from.

Free to attend, you can grab a FREE LIVE EVENT TICKET by clicking here, and then use mark off time on your calendar to tune in from your dinette, couch, a chair by the campfire or the passenger seat while you head to your next location!

Stop Dreaming & Start Exploring!

Let this Expert Line Up of REAL RV Family Speakers teach you everything you need to know about RVing with kids! Save your time and money for your travels by learning how to avoid costly mistakes, do more for less, and build a community on the road!

These expert RV families can teach you how to road trip with kids, or boondocking on a budget, how to grow your social presence, or stay active while wandering. Check out just a few of our AMAZING SPEAKERS then go grab that FREE TICKET so you can join in on the fun.

Lindsay & Dan

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New parents, Dan and Lindsay, are Colorado natives who part-time RV with their newborn son Myles. After 2 1/2 years of full-time RVing, they are now navigating the world of family travel while managing a home base.

Igor & Casie Tomaz

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As a husband & wife DIY duo, we packed up our lives and moved to Texas to peruse our dreams of living simply and providing a life of enjoyment for our 4 wildly amazing children. We pride ourselves on giving RVs a second chance by putting our signature design style into them. There’s no project that’s too ugly for us to take on! 

We are currently living in beautiful Texas in a barndominiim; half tiny house, half RV workshop! We are excited to see where this full-time renovation journey takes us!

Margie & Allen Lundy

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Margie Lundy is a nomadic explorer, wife, mom, author, unschooler, photographer (not a good one), coach, and finder of anything. Allen is a husband, father, teacher, provider, and fixer of all things. They love spending time outdoors, rock climbing, whitewater kayaking, hiking, & canyoneering.

Nomadic since 2010, they are currently adventuring somewhere, now that their three children are scattered across the country in jobs, college, and military service.

Lauren is a wife and mom of two who has been living and traveling full time in a fifth wheel since 2018. She is a photographer, writer and blogger for her family’s travel blog,

She loves hiking, biking, and all types of adventures. She is passionate about encouraging others to get outside and explore and absolutely loves when she can inspire someone to take the plunge into full-time RV life themselves.

Lauren and her family love meeting new people and making connections wherever they go, always striving to make the most of this life they’ve been given.

Bryce & Nellie

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Nellie & Bryce began posting on The Jurgys in 2016 after a health scare caused them to change their approach to life. The goal: inspire families to adventure more through weekly videos. They just finished hosting Camping World’s Ultimate-RV-Show-National-Tour, where they uploaded weekly adventures and clues for multiple RV giveaways!

They renovated their first RV to go full-time after their first daughter was 3 months old. She adventured all 50 states before she was 2, and now The Jurgys are back at it with their 2nd daughter (10 months) who has already visited 20 states. Follow more @TheJurgys!

Ana Willis

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Ana is a wife and homeschool mom of 3 who turned into a homeschool blogger and online entrepreneur. Her goal is to help moms go from stressed to blessed, nurturing restful homeschooling through a living education, and living a beyond blessed life.

World travelers, her family has lived in Africa, South America, North America, the Middle East, Canada, and just made Florida their new home base.

Tired of living in debt, Ana and Ryan made a radical change to their lives and moved into a 366 sq travel trailer. In only two years stationary, they were able to pay off all their debt and travel fulltime through 34 USA states and 2 Canadian provinces with their kids.

Ana has been growing a thriving six-figure business from their tiny home on wheels. She mentors homeschool moms through her blog They Call Me Blessed, The Homeschool Sisterhood, and her online courses taken by 12300+ parents and her online conferences: the Charlotte Mason Inspired Online Conference and For Such A Time As This Summit.

Nathan & Marissa

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Life was good, but we knew there was more. More than keeping up with the Jones’s and the daily grind. We wanted a life of adventure and memories.

After the birth of our daughter in 2014, she was the spark that ignited that dream into reality. As parents, we wanted more time as a family and the idea to downsize was born as well. As we made the decision to sell the house, we came across a video of the idea of putting our tiny home on wheels and traveling. It was the perfect solution for our desire of an epic journey and family time.

After a year of preparation, we sold most of our stuff, moved into an RV and hit the open road in 2015. Because video was such an inspiration for our own journey, we started a YouTube channel called “Less Junk, More Journey”. Our channel shows the ups and downs of RVing and paves the way for others to trade junk for journey.

With almost 6 years of Full-time RV Living under our belt, we couldn’t be more free! We turned our Youtube channel into a growing travel brand and our journey keeps us moving ahead. Keeping up with the Jones’s is now a thing of the past. We now live a life of Less Junk and More Journey!

Derek & Lindsay

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We’re a family of 7 who decided to sell it all, and take our learning and life on the road to travel America in December 2018. Through RV renovations, life season changes with growing children, and all the in between we document the ordinary and extraordinary days of RV living and travel.

Christian & Nate

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We are the Axness family; Nate, Christian, Ella, and Andersen. Five years ago, we sold everything, quit our nine-to-fives, started working for ourselves, and began traveling full-time in our RV.

Our goal in sharing our story with you, is to encourage you in your pursuit of long-term family travel.

We have been so positively impacted by nomadic life and believe that travel has not only brought us closer together as a family, but also made us better citizens in our ever changing community. We look forward to speaking life into your dreams of travel, helping you navigate the difficulties that travel can inevitably bring, and inspire you to embrace the RV lifestyle. You can catch us on Youtube where we post every Sunday!


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Kaylee is a recovering perfectionist turned explorer when her husband convinced her to ditch normal life and hit the road with their kids for what was supposed to be a year long journey. She is a proud homeschooling mama, engineer by trade, and handles their social media for Exploring Outside the 303. Kaylee and her family have explored 29 states and have no end in sight. She’s an advocate for choosing experiences over things and encourages those around her to do all things with intention. She shares monthly budgets, tips and tricks, and their adventures along the way. Happy Exploring!

Gary & Nicole Kennedy

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Hi there! We’re the Kennedys….Gary, Nicole, Amali (11), Abbi (9), JR (6), Gavin (3) and Avail (4months). In pursuit of a more intentional and intimate relationship in our marriage and family, we went on a three month adventure across the US in our 30ft Travel Trailer along with our enormous boxers and about 1/3 of our stuff. Welllll after three months, we kind of got hooked on travelling and after much (like a whole whole lot of) debate decided to go all in! After 12 months on the road….We sold our house and decided to travel full time in our trailer! Which pretty much means we traded our house on land for a house on wheels. 😂 And with that the world became our back yard!

Here’s what we’re looking to gain from what we’re doing….Hearts that are radically pursuant of what’s most important….Gods heart for our lives together!

We absolutely love Jesus and hope to share how good He’s been to us in our marriage, parenting and daily doings! We hope you’ll come along with us to experience life in high definition by learning to let go of the distractions and grabbing hold of what’s important!

Jenn Bethune

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We wanted to wake up to live a life that We love, every. single. day. But We were FAR from doing that. We had “responsibilities”, trying to live up to the “American Dream”. We had the big house, nice cars, successful small business, and a large property in Florida. But we weren’t truly happy.

Being Fulltime was always a “bucket list” dream that you never think is going to be possible. Something that you wish with all your heart that you could do, but know it probably won’t happen until (or if) you retire.

We had just returned from a camping trip, unloading our stuff from the RV to our house and knew in our heart, there was more to life than the 9-5 rat race every day. It was in that moment that we decided to sell the big house, downsize all of our things, remodel a bus, hit the road with our 3 kids and 4 dogs, and after over a year now, we’ve never looked back.

We do have one regret though…not doing it sooner ❤️

Ben & Michelle

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Ben and Michelle travel with their two kids, Elijah (13) and Lacie (11). They homeschool most days, except when they are tired, then they “unschool” or when the weather is nice, they “outschool” or when it’s raining they “skipschool”. Basically, we are always learning and enjoying life at the same time!

So why are we speakers for this event? No one knows..but we do travel quite a bit! One thing I can tell is that we’ve learned a lot in the past 4 years of fulltime travel and we haven’t given up for more than 24 hours at a time. So we are still going!

We’re all about doing things intentionally and not letting life, society, politicians or our old habits dictate our plan. We are living life on purpose and we look forward to helping you do the same!

Wadell & Alicia Simon

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Wadell & Alicia Simon are the parents of 7 children (5 boys and 2 girls; ages 28 – 2). Married for 15 years, both had a love for travel and adventure but they were too busy with work, ministry and kid’s homework & activities to go on any real vacations. After several years of praying for guidance and researching full-time travel, they took the leap to become a full-time traveling family. Within 30 days, they’d purchased and renovated their first RV, emptied their house, packed up and headed out. They’ve been through 10 states and spent 6 months in the beautiful state of Florida.

Nicole & Dustin

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In September of 2017, Nicole hit the road with her husband Dustin and three kids for an eight month trip to explore the United States. They grew to love the lifestyle so much that eight months turned into three and a half years of travel with no end in sight. The sights were amazing but it was the people they met that made their adventure so special.

Their love for the community is so deep that they joined the leadership of Fulltime Families in 2019 and become sole owners in 2020. Connecting people is a passion.

Sandra Peña

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Fun fact: When we were thinking about what our IG handle should be, we read in a blog that you should name yourself after something you are known for. Our first few months in our rv was spent in Arizona among thousands of retired snowbirds. There were not that many fulltime families around if any at some parks. Well, during our time there, we kept hearing as we walked around the park, “oh, you’re that cute little rv family”, from the retired grand & great grandmothers. Lol. So thats the story of our silly name.

LaNissir James

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LaNissir James is a high school consultant with HSLDA. She and her husband, Lorenzo have homeschooled their seven children for many years. They enjoy Road Schooling their children in their RV.



Jenny is a wife and mama of three wild ones. In 2017 her and her family decided that summer camping just wasn’t enough for them, so they sold it all, bought an RV, and hit the road full-time. They spent their first year on the road boondocking throughout the US in their 26’ renovated RV.



We are Ryan, Natalia, Benjamin & Jack.

We are: Family of adventure seekers, Outdoor enthusiasts, Huge fans of spending time together as a family.

We strive to inspire other families to spend more time together, go on adventures, travel to new destinations and make memories. We have been living in our renovated travel trailer for 2 years. We travel slow, homeschool our children and always choose experiences over things.

David & Robin

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Robin loves traveling across the country to amazing wonders with her family! She is married to David, and they have a 10 year old daughter. Based in Dallas, TX, one of their passions is helping families know, experience, and fall in love with parks. They maximize travel time with great planning and share the ins and outs of park adventures on YouTube and Instagram.

Currently, the family travels in a Grand Design Reflection 5th wheel and hope to explore as many state and national parks as possible.

Nicole & Bo Johnson


We are the Johnson’s, Bo, Nicole, Cooper, and Charley.

We have been living and traveling for the past 6 months in our self converted school bus, also known as a Skoolie. We thrive in bus life/tiny living on such a deep level. If you had asked us 10 years ago if this is how we saw our life we would have laughed and thought you were crazy. But today is a whole different story. We joke around that the bus life chose us. We felt the pull for a different lifestyle , this lifestyle, and we just went for it.

& So Many Other Amazing Speakers.

To find out more about the RV Family Summit, and to register to attend for FREE, click the link below!
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