Adventureland Hires RVers Every Summer!

If you are looking to spend the summer some place where fun is plentiful, consider working at Adventureland Amusement Park.

In addition to the amusement park, Adventureland includes 200+ acres that also houses a 310-site campground and an almost 200 room hotel, just East of Des Moines in Altoona, IA right off exit I-80. A popular summer hangout, more than 600,000 guests are expected for the 2018 season!

Since Des Moines is just a short drive away, there is much to see and do in your leisure time while working inside the park. Workampers should consider using days off to visit place like the Botanical Center, Farmer’s Markets, Blank Park Zoo, the State Capital, the Science Center and many other top attractions like the State Capital.

Working at Adventureland

The Adventureland Workamping program, which dates back many years of successfully hiring RVers, has become one of the most well-known summer Workamping jobs and for good reason. Adventureland Park has been hiring Work Campers for many years and hires thousands of RVers each season in addition to local hires.

Over the years, Work Campers have returned to work for Adventureland year after year and many have brought friends and family back to join the fun experience.

Throughout the season, they do a good job of encouraging employees to have a good time as well. It is reported that trips to local attractions, group games, ice cream socials, and other social activities are planned for employees to interact and have some summer fun.

Compensation includes a free FHU campsite during the season provided each Workamper is available to work up to 40 hours a week. Pay is calculated for all hours worked and starts around $8.50 per hour. Separate from other Workamping programs, they do not set time constraints on when your work agreement ends but do offer a seasonal bonus for those who stay through the end of the operational season.

The end of season bonus is calculated at $.75 for every hour worked and an additional $400 campsite bonus is possible, if the majority of the occupants of a campsite are working during the season.

The current HR Director has been known to start hiring right after Labor Day for the next season, but typically likes to wait until October 1. While the Workamping season at Adventureland runs from late April to late September, they seem to have flexible start dates with the caveat that all Work Campers should be onsite by late June.

In April, at the beginning of the season, schedules will include part-time weekend hours only. Once the park opens for the summer and operations are in full swing, Workampers can expect to see daily full-time hours through the last weekend in September where 8 hours days, 5-6 days per week are normal.

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Positions Available

Most positions will be inside the park facility in departments such as ride operations, retail, food service, and retail working 5-7 hour days with a 30-minute unpaid break.


Working in the rides department will include operating amusement park rides for park guests. Primary duties include assisting guests during the loading and unloading process and guest safety is a top priority. Standing on your feet for extended periods of time is typical in these roles, and they also require moderate lifting. You will be exposed to various weather conditions, so make sure you have appropriate gear.

Food Service

Food service employees are required to take and fill orders, operate the cash register, accept cash payments, and prepare some food items. Standing on your feet for extended periods of time is typical in these roles, and they also require moderate lifting when receiving and unpacking inventory. Safety is a top priority and requirements include use of (PPE) personal protective equipment.


Inside the games department, Workampers can expect to work in many arcade/game areas throughout the park. Major responsibilities will include encouraging players to play games, handling cash payments, providing prizes to winners, and speaking over a microphone. Basic customer service and math skills are needed, along with an outgoing personality due to high guest interaction. Folks working in this department can expect to be exposed to various weather elements.


Retail Employees will enjoy working in one of several kiosks and/or souvenir shops throughout the park. Locations are located both indoors and outdoors, with varying weather elements. Job responsibilities might include tasks such as, using a register with point of sale computer, credit card processing, and stocking shelves. Employees in these roles should enjoy high customer interactions and be ready for a fast-paced work environment.

Dress Code

Adventureland has a dress code that is required for all employees. They will provide two work shirts, a sweatshirt and a raincoat. A $15 uniform deposit will be withheld from your first paycheck until the items are returned.

You are responsible for providing:

  • Low cut black or white sneakers.
  • A black belt, if wearing black shoes.
  • A brown belt, if wearing white shoes.
  • Khaki shorts, pants or capris.

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