Clearsource Water Filter

Clearsource Water Filter

Clearsource Water Filters are made for RVers! Their main goal is to make safe, clean drinking water that RVers can enjoy and rely on everywhere they travel!

We recently got a Clearsource Water Filter for our RV and instantly can tell, smell and taste the difference! It’s incredible to say the absolute least and it came right at a time when we were fed up with campground water failures, boil water notices and just the overall unreliability with access to clean drinking water accessibility.

And yes- just to clarify we do still have a Berkey Water Filter System!

We love it and always will!

The Berkey does its job. It filters the water we put in the upper chamber… but we can only filter so much at one time. Due to size constraints we have the Travel Berkey and it’s small. We refill it at least 2-3 times a day (sometimes more) and it only applies to the water we drink. The Berkey doesn’t filter the water we shower in, the water we brush our teeth with or the water we wash fruits, veggies and dishes in.

For this reason, we decided an RV water filtration system for the whole RV was the best bet at this stage in our RV life. So we installed the Clearsource Water Filter, but still keep the Berkey on the counter as well as take with with us on road trips when we leave the RV behind and stay at cabins, hotels, AirBnB rentals and more!

Clearsource Water Filter RV Unit
Clearsource Water Filter RV Unit

Clearsource Water Filter for RVers

The water filtration system made by the Clearsource team is definitely top notch.

All the components are heavy duty, weather proof and I agree it’s a premium filter made to withstand the trials of RV life and full-time travel! The heavy duty filter canisters are large and make for excellent water flow- which was one of the main concerns we initially had.

The fittings are all stainless steel for sanitary reasons. We loved this attention to detail, as with our other water filter system, we appreciate the use of stainless steel as opposed to less desirable materials that are not truly made for to come in contact with water/food.

Clearsource Water Filter RV Water Filtration System
Clearsource Water Filter RV Water Filtration System

You can install the unit into a storage compartment on your RV or just set it up on the ground at your RV site, which is what we chose to do. Our RV does not have a specific compartment for water hoses, the septic system and those types of things, so we decided to make it easy on ourselves and just place it on the ground in-between our RV water connection and the RV site’s water spigot.

The system features 3 stages of filtration down to .5 micron and includes a new virus guard filter in the final stage. Overall it removes sediment, bacteria, giardia cysts, cryptosporidium, chlorine, lead, mercury, pesticides, petrochemicals and other impurities from all water entering your RV!

And its weatherproof!

Because the chassis is powder-coated, the unit won’t rust when left to fight against the different seasons. Well, actually, I think they say it’s bullet proof- which is what I call going the extra mile.

Clearsource Water Filter RV in outdoors
Clearsource Water Filter RV in outdoors

3 Stages of Filtration with Clearsource

As I mentioned earlier the Clearsource Ultra RV Water Filter System now provides an additional virus filter in the 3rd and final step. So all water entering your RV will be free of Viruses, Bacteria, AND Cysts. That’s great to know, but horrifying to think that any of it might be in your water to begin with…

They’ve reengineered the Ultra system with a VirusGuard ™ filter that use NASA-developed technology to remove or reduce not just bacteria and cysts, but actual viruses. And since no other RV water filter provides that level of protection- I’m feeling pretty confident in the water our family is currently drinking, washing, and cooking with.

  • 1st stage 5-micron filter removes or reduces rust and sediment.
  • 2nd stage 0.5-micron coconut shell carbon block filter improves taste and smell, and removes or reduces chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and other contaminants.
  • 3rd stage VirusGuard™ filter provides even better protection than advanced survival filters, with the certified capability to remove or reduce bacteria like e. coli, cysts like Giardia, and – unique to Clearsource – viruses.
Clearsource Water Filter Water Flow
Clearsource Water Filter Water Flow is Perfect!

Water Flow with the Clearsource System

I mentioned we were concerned about the water flow and really just maintaining good water pressure while using this system.

This was a big concern, mostly because who likes weak water pressure???

It’s horrible to shower in, hard to wash dishes in, and just overall feels primitive in RV life in general. So when installing our system, I was super nervous, my husband wouldn’t want to keep the unit attached if the pressure was decreased. This was not even an issue-

The water pressure hasn’t changed a bit. Maybe due to the over-sized canisters, or maybe we just don’t use that much water and the system can keep up with us, but either way low water pressure (even with like 100 feet of hose attached) isn’t an issue.

Clearsource Water Filter on floor at RV site
Clearsource Water Filter on floor at RV site

The Big Picture with Clearsource

As RVers, we don’t have the luxury of knowing if the RV park, or the guests in the site before us- uphold the same level of sanitation or cleanliness as we do. You’re at the mercy of the odds, when you connect to the campground water connection without a water filtration system of some sort- especially if you plan to drink the water right from the tap.

In an effort to decrease the chances you’ll get a stomach ache, or seriously ill from contaminated water, we highly recommend you use a filter on your RV drinking hose. Any filter is better than no filter at all, but of course the Clearsource Water Filter is the best recommendation.

Prices are currently:

  • 2 Canister System: $349
  • 3 Canister System: $399
  • Nomad System: $799

Removing viruses, bacteria and cysts is top priority to ensure you stay safe while traveling park to park and that you have access to clean drinking water! We don’t take this lightly with 4 kids. We like to keep our chances of getting ill as low as possible, since its never just one person… as you can imagine.

Choosing to purchase a Clearsource RV Water Filter is a big decision. One that you can’t take lightly due to cost, but also because you’ll never have to buy another- so you want to make sure you get the right one. They have 3 different models available and I’ll include this link to their site for you to research witch option is best suited for your travels, but you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

They are currently offering our readers $25 off any purchase of $250 or more using the link:

Feel free to pin this post to use the discount later in the year or share it on Facebook with RVers you know who may be interested in getting thier own Clearsource Water Filter System for their RV. (Thanks in advance for sharing!)

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