RV Decorating Ideas for the Holiday Season

RV Decorating for the Holidays

Let’s get into the Holiday Spirit!

Holidays are just as fun while traveling in your RV as they were prior to living a life on the road. Each year somewhere between the end of the camping season and Halloween, I get asked a simple question by my loving family, “Are we going to decorate for the holidays this year?”

I’m usually tempted to try to skip the décor and start some new tradition that doesn’t involve fake trees, string lights, stockings, and garland hung all over the place, but the kids love it and so do I to be honest.  My only qualm is that I don’t like buying it all over every year, to just give it away or worse trash it because we can’t store it.

RV decorating for the holidays can be hard especially when living in a smaller space. Storage in our RV is very limited, we can’t just keep everything!

RV decorating ideas for the holiday season: keep it simple.

So, I’ll admit, I have been known to be somewhat of a scrooge around our home-on-wheels. Buying decorations, we obviously can’t store to reuse next year is just not an option for me. It’s wasteful and to be honest, I’d rather use that money on a fun adventure or tickets to a new museum or city attraction. We’re supposed to be collecting memories not stuff, but some days this way of thinking is harder to stick to than others.

Overall I’ve made it my goal over the past year to find ways to get into the holiday spirit and decorate without a ton of unnecessary items and clutter in the RV. After all, limited room for storage may hinder how much saving and transporting of decorations we can do, but it shouldn’t stop us from trying to give it our all and light up the campground with our love for the holiday season!

No matter how much or how little you do, decorating your RV for the holiday season can be fun!

Decorate Your RV For The Holidays

  1. Candles: I think everyone has candles in their RV… But during the holidays buy some with festive scents and colors and actually burn them for reasons beyond the power going out! Use candles to decorate your RV and burn them every once in a while, to fill the air with holiday scents that remind you of good time and cherished memories!
    ***If candles in an RV aren’t your thing, try the battery operated ones for decoration only and use a holiday scented plugin to bring in the seasonal scent!
  2. Candy Canes: Who can resist these minty delights? Not me! I love peppermint and we always have some lying around in a bowl. During the holidays we switch it up and buy candy canes to display on garland and enjoy munching and crunching on these through the new year!
  3. White lights: I love white string lights and honestly use them all year-round for additional lighting outside our camper! After Thanksgiving, I usually make sure to break out a few extra sets of the mini lights to hang up indoors and give the inside of the camper a pretty glow at night! If you’re planning on being in the same location for a while, I would suggest decorating your site by trimming your outdoor trees, light posts, and even your camper!
  4. Gingerbread Houses: Fun to build and fun to eat! Have a fun time creating this tasty masterpiece and display it for as long as it lasts. We always end up nibbling on it for a few days… they just don’t seem to last longer than that!
Making warm cider is a unique RV decorating idea for the holiday season because it decorates the senses!
  • Stockings: You do not have to hang them on the fireplace, although if you have one that would be perfect! These traditional holiday decorations can be hung anywhere in the RV, both inside and out! This year we hung a few Christmas stockings on the main slide in the living room and the rest on around the wreath behind the tv
  • Holiday Music: You have to have holiday tunes to get in the spirit! Grab a CD from Amazon or download a few holiday albums on iTunes and play them in your camper, on your outdoor speakers or on your phone while you walk the dog or do your laundry!
  • Throw Pillows: Try a holiday slip cover for your throw pillows! These are easy to store and a nice addition to the living room decor! Once the holidays are over, simply take them off and store easily with your decorations or linens until next year!
  • Throws: It’s easy to buy a cheap throw that you can cozy up with for a few months then toss in the donation bag when they start to show signs of wear. These fun holiday themed blankets are great for campfires, movie nights, or just a bit of extra warmth on a cool night!
  • Pinecones: Make a day of collecting pinecones that you can use to decorate with. Paint the pinecones, sprinkle with glitter, or tie them up with ribbons for cute decorations that are easy to toss when the holiday season is over.
RV decorating ideas for the holiday season: Get cozy in your tiny space with throws and pillows.
  • Table Tree: Instead of wasting space on a full-sized tree, try using a table top version this year and enjoy the extra room to move around. You can find pre-lit versions and those with holiday music for extra pizzazz!
  • Apple Cider: You can’t miss the opportunity to drink warm apple cider this holiday season, especially if you plan to make it yourself! The smell will fill your camper with sweetness and your neighbors will thank you as well. 
  • Bunting/Banners: I love a well themed banner for a holiday!  
  • Fresh Garland/Wreaths: If you’re going to have a fake tree, then you’ve got to bring in the fresh pine scent with some fresh garland and/or a nice fresh wreath!

See- it’s easy to decorate your RV for the holiday season. Options are endless and you don’t have to go overboard, spend a bunch or money or stress about the finest details. With the scent of Christmas candles in the air or a bowl of pinecones bringing in the natural look, there are so many little ways to bring in the holiday cheer!

Small personal touches are all you need. So if your planning on spending Christmas in your RV this year, there’s still time to decorate!

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