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3 Workamping Jobs Where The Fun Happens All Summer Long!

When you picture yourself Workamping, do you imagine working someplace fun, where excitement is abundant, laughs seem to never end and where fun fills the air? If you answered yes, then consider a Workamping job at an amusement park this summer!

Workamping where the fun happens describes a summer season at many theme parks throughout the United States, and to be honest there are more than handful that recruit and hire Workampers season after season! If you’re new to the Workamping lifestyle you might consider testing the waters with a position at a theme park, where large numbers of fellow RVers are hired each year.

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In this post, I’ll cover some of the details about a few Workamping programs you can count on for summer fun in the sun. I recently caught up with the HR Managers from Silver Dollar City, The Island in Pigeon Forge, and Adventureland Park to find out what their programs are all about!

When you picture yourself Workamping, do you imagine working someplace fun, where excitement is abundant, laughs seem to never end and where fun fills the air? If you answered yes, then consider a Workamping job at an amusement park this summer!

Silver Dollar City- Branson, MO

Discover the city of Branson, Missouri from your summer job at Silver Dollar City! Doesn’t that just sound like an amazing place to spend a few months? The 1880’s craft village sits on over 110 acres, houses over 40 rides and attractions as well as 6 seasonal festivals! Open from March 13-Jan 1, Silver Dollar City is just minutes from the show-city of Branson, where 40 musical theaters play nightly shows for tourists who come back year after year. Workampers are welcome to spend a season enjoying the pristine beauty of amazing landscapes in the legendary Ozark Mountains.

Workampers at Silver Dollar City play host to millions of guests who visit the park each year! Opportunities are available in multiple areas throughout the operation including: ticketing, food service, house and grounds, as well as ride operations, parking and merchandising. Exceptional guest service is required in every role.

Workamping at Silver Dollar City

A season spent at Silver Dollar City lends itself to one that’s filled with a variety of local and tourist type fun packed into one big benefit package. By working for Silver Dollar City Attractions, you’re eligible for a variety of wonderful employee benefits including complimentary tickets to share with family and friends, free admission to their sister theme parks in GA, NJ, KY, and TN, discounts on food and merchandise purchased inside the parks, free and discounted theatre tickets in the Branson area, access to a medical facility just for employees, free uniforms, health insurance, a 401k, profit-sharing programs, and much, much more!

“We absolutely love Silver Dollar City Attractions,”

said John & June Clayton, Silver Dollar City Workampers.

“We also like the benefit of working for a company that provided so many discounts to area shows.”

Workampers will typically work 3 – 5 days each week, with an average of 25-30 hours during the spring and fall, and 32-40 hours per week during the summer. Every effort will be made to try to coordinate schedules between partners and spouses. Campsites are not provided, although many are available in the nearby area.

Positions Available at Silver Dollar City

  • Ticketing: Members of the ticketing team are responsible for selling and verifying guests’ tickets, checking out park strollers and motorized carts, as well as caring for lost and found items. This role does require strong computer skills, extensive cash handling as well as the ability to stack the 20lb strollers for storage. For acceptance into these positions you will be required to pass a test to determine cash handling skills and typing speed and accuracy.
  • Ride Operators: Ride Operators will greet passengers with riding instructions while assisting them on and off the ride safely. Remaining alert and attentive at all times is a basic requirement of this position for guest safety. Public speaking in front of large audiences, sometimes the ability to climb, know how to swim and work at various heights are all things to consider in this role.
  • Food Service: Food Service team members work in fast-food or catering environments throughout the park and need strong cash handling skills. This area requires a rapid work pace and willingness to job share at different food venues. Main responsibilities include: running a cash register, bussing tables, cleaning work areas, food preparation, serving food, and/or stocking supplies.
  • Merchandising: Members of the merchandising team are responsible for basic merchandising tasks including: stocking shelves, cash handling, and answering customers questions concerning location, price, and use of merchandise, while providing exceptional customer service.
  • Parking: Parking Lot duties include the ability to direct traffic and cars into specific parking spaces, cash handling, valet parking, driving park trams, speaking over a microphone to large groups, performing crowd control and directing foot traffic while maintaining a safe environment for everyone involved. Some positions will require a CDL with passenger endorsement.

Phone: 417-338-8122

The Island in Pigeon Forge

The Island at Pigeon Forge is a 23 acre entertainment destination that offers affordable fun for families all year-long! Home to Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville restaurant and Paula Dean’s Family Kitchen, the Island is one of the newest entertainment and shopping complexes in the Pigeon Forge area!

As far as Workamping goes, the Island is new to the scene but sets a high standard and big expectations for making employees into family! The encourage all employees to have fun at work and make an effort to plan pot lucks, end of season parties, holiday events and occasional surprises to make sure the staff has a great time during their stay!

Workamping at The Island in Pigeon Forge

Working at the Island in Pigeon Forge means working in the heart of the action. You will be spending the better part of the year in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains where the weather on average ranges from 75-85 during the summer months. And although they have a peak season that runs from May- September, they are open 365 days a year and can work with most schedules and time frames. During the busiest times of the year, shift will start as early as 7am and end as late as 1am!

Employees are expected to maintain a smile and exhibit great customer service at all times! They hire both couples and singles and offer an exciting employee benefit where you’ll receive free or discounted rates to a number of area attractions including Dollywood. Camping is neither available on site or discounted for employees, but they do provide a list of possible campgrounds in the area for extended stays and recommend you do not hesitate in booking your site if you have any interest in working for them.

Positions Available at The Island in Pigeon Forge

Employees should expect to spend a fair amount of time walking and standing throughout their shifts. Comfortable footwear is recommended and uniforms are required to be purchased either by cash or payroll deduction, for items including khaki pants/shorts and polo shirts.

  • Park Services: Working as a part of the Park Services Team, your job is to help maintain a visually pleasant environment for guest and fellow employees alike! Major job tasks will include jobs like, sweeping the streets for trash, maintaining public restrooms, recycling, emptying trash cans as well as helping with parking at special events held within the park.
  • Ride Attendants: Taking guest safety as your priority, members of the Ride Attendant Team, create the fun inside the park! With flexible schedules and the ability to enjoy the outdoors during your shift, these positions are quite popular.
  • Ropes Course: If you’ve ever done a ropes course, you know that this position will require requires working in a variety of weather conditions, includes helping guests with their harnesses and comes with a high focus of safety!
  • Ticket Agents: One of the few indoor/outdoor positions, Workampers hired for positions as Ticketing Agents will need to be friendly and helpful! Your main focus will be assisting guests with purchasing a ticket that fits their needs as well as helping those interested in gem mining!

Phone: 865-286-0700

Adventureland Park- Des Moines, IA

Adventureland Park is more than just a theme park with big thrills and fun rides, it also sits on 200+ acres that also houses a 310-site campground and an almost 200 room hotel. It’s a popular summer hangout for many RVers who return season after season and is expected to see more than 600,000 guests during the 2018 season!

The Workamping program at this property is one of the longest running programs available today!

Workamping at Adventureland Park

Over the years the program has grown tremendously, as each year Workampers routinely return to complete another season, bringing new friends back to join in on the fun.

Throughout the season, they do a good job of encouraging employees to have a good time with fun trips to local attractions, group games, ice cream socials, and other social activities. Since the property sits just east of Des Moines there is also much to see and do off property within a very short drive! Workampers should consider using their days off to visit places like the Botanical Center, Farmer’s Markets, Blank Park Zoo, the State Capital, the Science Center and many other top attractions located nearby.

At the beginning of the season, schedules will only include part-time weekend hours. After the park opens for the summer, daily full-time hours will open to 8 hours days, 5-6 days per week.
Separate from other Workamping programs, they do not set time constraints on when your work agreement ends but do offer a seasonal bonus for those who stay through the end of the operational season, calculated at $.75 for every hour worked

Positions Available at Adventureland Park

Most positions will be inside the park facility in departments such as ride operations, retail, food service, and retail working 5-7 hour days with a 30-minute unpaid break.

  • Rides: Working in the rides department will include operating amusement park rides, as well as assisting guests during the loading and unloading process. Guest safety is a top priority.
  • Food Service: Food service employees are required to take and fill orders, operate a cash register for sales and prepare some food items. Standing on your feet for extended periods of time is typical in these roles, and they also require moderate lifting when receiving and unpacking inventory.
  • Games: Inside the games department, Workampers can expect to work in many arcade/game areas throughout the park. Major responsibilities will include encouraging game play, handling cash payments, providing prizes to winners, and speaking over a microphone. An outgoing personality is needed due to high guest interaction.
  • Retail: Retail Employees will enjoy working in one of several kiosks and/or souvenir shops located both indoors and outdoors throughout the park. Job tasks could include using a cash register and stocking shelves. Employees in these roles should enjoy high customer interactions and be ready for a fast-paced work environment.

Phone: 1-800-532-1286

Hopefully this information is helpful in helping you to decide is Workamping during a summer season at an amusement park is the right job for you! One thing to note is that many theme parks hire RVers to work in their parks. If one of the above companies, doesn’t suit your RV travels for the upcoming season or next season try doing a Google search to find other RV jobs at theme parks across the country!

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