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Make Money RVing

I wanted to send over the announcement I talked about recently and let you know what I’m working on for the next month… It’s sooooo exciting!


Have you ever logged on to Facebook and seen someone asking a question that looks like this… “Hey! What do you guys do for work?” I know I have- actually I see it all the time.

Usually I can’t help but to stop scrolling and read through all the comments- looking for a bit of inspiration and more information on ways people are making RV life while working along the way- work for them.

Do you do this???

Maybe I’m just curious- or maybe I’m obsessed with finding ways to make cash on the go. Either way, the information is always useful and inspiring!

I think the question of what everyone does to make money and RV is one of the most frequently asked and maybe the most valuable to actually obtain the answer to. For many RVers retirement income isn’t a reality- so making some cash while they travel is the only way the adventure is even possible…

So how are people making money while they RV? 

The answer is always scattered and never really all that well detailed. I’ve written many blog posts about it on Live Camp Work, but of course more answers are still needed… 

Hmmm…. If only there was a way to get multiple answers to this question through just one online resource that really provided information and inspiration from people who have been there and done it!

Enter the Make Money & RV Virtual Summit!

Yep- you read that correctly- The Make Money & RV Virtual Summit, hosted and produced by yours truly! 

This is the huge project I’ve been talking about for the past month!

It’s a 5 day virtual RV Conference that brings together a variety of presenters who can all speak from experience on topics ranging from Workamping and seasonal jobs, to entrepreneurship, small business and even remote jobs and location independence! 

It’s literally a gigantic virtual conference for people who want information on how real people make road work and RV life work for them- and how you can do the same!

Wanna know the best part- it’s 100% FREE to attend all the live sessions! 

You can watch all the live sessions for absolutely free by just registering for the event! Read the details here!

Join over 35 lifestyle speakers and industry experts to dive into topics surrounding how to get a job at a national park, how to create digital products, affiliate marketing to monetize your blog, how to really make money from blogging, starting a subscription box service, podcasting, the top 10 Workamping employers, and even network marketing!

I’ve tried to include something for everyone- so make sure you check it out!

Just enter your email address at and save a seat for yourself. We’ll handle the rest! No travel and no extra expenses to cover- just the information you need when you need it!

In addition to great presenters, I’ve also been working with some really amazing sponsors for the event like, Escapees RV Club, Harvest Hosts and even the soon to be released TV series The RVers on Discovery channel.

Check out what you’ll get for FREE on the Summit: 

  • 40+ Sessions: Including seminars, interviews & bonus content specifically aimed at helping you find ways to make money and RV!
  • Practical Tips & Advice: Learn from lifestyle speakers about ways to make money on the road. Grab practical steps and advice to implement now or whenever you need it!
  • Freebies: Grab a variety of freebies offered by our speakers who can help you achieve a quick win now, and get started sooner than you imagined!

I’ve opened registration 1 day early for my subscribers to grab their seats with a special 50% discount offer on VIP passes!!!

What’s a VIP pass?

Good question! So for the summit, you basically have two options:

  1. Attend live for FREE: This option is super easy and requires no investment on your part. Simply enter your email address and you’ll be registered to attend all the Live Sessions for 100% FREE access! All you have to do is show up and watch!
  2. Upgrade to VIP: This option allows more flexibility with your schedule and getting as much out of all the content as you possibly can! It provides access after the Live Sessions are over for as long as you want (30 days, 365 days of lifetime access) and comes with some great bonuses.
    1. Bonus #1: Make Money & RV Virtual Summit Workbook (follow along and take notes as you go!)
    2. Bonus #2: Make Money & RV Audio Bundle (listen to sessions on the go!)
    3. Bonus #3: $10 off a 1 year membership to the Mobile Internet Resource Center by Technomadia!

If you can’t make it to the whole event- you’ll be glad you caught a few sessions here and there, and can upgrade your ticket to a VIP pass and gain access to the content for as long as you like!

I’m super excited to show you what I’ve been working on and can’t wait to connect with you!


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