Camp Hosting in Missouri State Parks

Campground hosts in the state of Missouri are “live-in” ambassadors.

You are expected to be the camp forefront who is an on-site example and information source. Campground hosts in these parks are asked to work a minimum of 30 days when volunteering ns are expected to work up 40 hours per week, holidays and weekends needed. 

Missouri campground hosts are expected to perform the following duties:

  1. Registration of campers and collection of appropriate fees
  2. Greet visitors and provide information as needed
  3. Light maintenance on campsites and facilities
  4. Firewood and ice sales to public
  5. Monitor restrooms for general cleanliness
  6. Obey all rules and regulations and provide guidance to visitors to do so as well
  7. Be a model camper
  8. Report maintenance issues in the campground to site staff
  9. Report safety and security issues to site staff or if necessary, to 911 emergency
  10. services
  11. Provide visitors with information about the historic site, state park system, park
  12. rules, and area attractions and services
  13. Open and close gates at designated times
  14. Other job duties vary based on specific job descriptions.

Camp Hosting in Missouri State Parks

How to Apply

Visit MyImpactPage – Missouri State Parks ( to start your application process.

Camp Hosting Missouri State Parks

Arrow Rock State Historic Site, Arrow Rock

Stroll through the history of a once-bustling river town that’s now the serene village of Arrow Rock. You’ll walk streets lined with the architecture of the historic “Boone’s Lick Country.” At Arrow Rock State Historic Site, you may wander into the historic J. Huston Tavern, which dates back to 1834 and provides a dining experience in the oldest continuously operating restaurant west of the Mississippi River.

View displays of historic furnishings in the old kitchen and upstairs bedrooms. You can visit other historic buildings, such as the Old Courthouse and George Caleb Bingham’s house. You can learn about the history of Arrow Rock and the “Boone’s Lick Country” through exhibits and audio-visual presentations in the visitor center. The historic site is part of the larger Village of Arrow Rock, which features quaint stores and several antique shops.

Camp Host Duties

  • Registration of campers and collection of appropriate fees (CRS system and POS
  • registration)
  • • Firewood and ice sales to the public
  • • Provide visitors with information about the historic site, state park system, park
  • rules, and area attractions and services
  • • Monitor restrooms for general cleanliness, light cleaning and stock with toilet
  • paper if needed. The site staff does routine and major cleanups.
  • • Report maintenance issues in the campground to site staff
  • • Report safety and security issues to site staff or if necessary, to 911 emergency
  • services
  • • Open and close gates at designated times as directed by the site administrator
  • • Reconcile fees collected and prepare collection reports and turn in to site office by
  • 9 a.m. each morning

Bennett Spring State Park, Lebanon

The valley that cradles Bennett Spring has created a place of peace and recreation that has welcomed generations of enthusiastic anglers. Bennett Spring State Park is one of Missouri’s earliest state parks and continues today to attract fishermen and nature lovers seeking to make new memories.

More than 100 million gallons of clear, cool water gush from Bennett Spring each day and form a spring branch stocked daily with rainbow trout waiting for lucky fishermen. Fishing may be the main draw but the park also offers many other amenities such as a dining lodge, campgrounds, cabins, and hiking trails. Whether you are a traditional fishing enthusiast or someone seeking a place to relax and refresh, Bennett Spring State Park has what you need to make every trip one to remember.

Camp Host Duties

Duties of Check Station Host: 4 Check Station Hosts February-October
• Staff the check station: sell camping permits, register campers with reservations,
and provide information and directions to the park’s guests. Help keep check station
clean and supplies stocked. Other duties as agreed on.
• If the roving host is not available: sell firewood, tour the campgrounds and advise
persons on unpaid campsites where to make payment.
• If the roving host is not available: after check station closes, tour campgrounds 1, 2,
3, 4, and 5 – writing down vehicle descriptions and license numbers of unpaid
occupied campsites on forms provided by the superintendent.

Duties of Roving Host: 2 Roving Hosts February-October
• Remove expired camping tabs.
• Open the wood lot and sell wood for one hour, as directed by the park
• At 8 p.m. check the restrooms and supply toilet paper as needed. Note if toilets
are plugged up, and try to plunge it open. If there are any maintenance problems
you can not fix, phone the shop and leave a message.
• Help the check station as needed.
• Tour the campgrounds and advise persons on unpaid campsites where to make
• While on duty, tour the campgrounds 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 – writing down vehicle
descriptions and license numbers of unpaid occupied campsites on forms provided
by the park superintendent.

Duties of Nature Center Host: 1 Nature Center January-December
• Meet and greet park visitors, including school and civic groups and the general
public; assist with answering visitor questions and giving out information
• Help keep the nature center lobby and exhibits clean and keep brochures and
displays organized
• Assist interpreter with programs and other duties as possible
• Keep outside building neat and orderly
• Check trails and make minor repairs

Duties of Handy Host: 1 Handy Host June-September
• Report to maintenance shop Monday – Thursday
• Clean the fire pits and keep a record of pits cleaned on forms provided
• Blow leaves, use a weed eater to trim, and pick up litter, mainly in the
• Perform the duties of the check station and roving hosts if those positions are
vacant as directed by the park superintendent. See the descriptions of those
positions above. Perform other duties as agreed on.

Big Lake State Park, Craig

Big Lake State Park is the perfect destination for a vacation or family gathering in northwest Missouri. The 407-acre state park offers everything visitors need to create a memorable vacation with a campground, camper cabins, day-use area, and access to Big Lake.

The park is located adjacent to Big Lake, the largest remaining oxbow lake in Missouri. The park’s location provides easy access to the lake, which is popular for boating and fishing. The shallow lake also supports wetlands that create an ideal refuge for wetland bird species and migratory waterfowl.

The combination of activities provided by the lake and the amenities provided in the park make Big Lake State Park the perfect spot for a family vacation or an afternoon of fun.

Big Lake State Park, generally has 2 Campground Hosts on-site from April 15 through October 31.

Camp Host Duties:

Visitor Assistance:
• Become familiar with Missouri State Park rules
• Provide information (brochures and directions)
• Help campers find an available site
• Maintain a current log of campers
• Inform visitors of park rules and violations
Fee Collection:
• Report to the office every morning to turn in paperwork, and money and pick up reports.
• Use a tough book computer to collect and make sales at the site.
• Make sure that all sites are paid and have camping permits posted.
• Post incoming camping permits by 11 am each day. Pull expired permits by 2 pm
each day.
• Rent canoes and kayaks during designated hours. Make sure all paddles and life
jackets are returned with watercraft. Collect fees for non-returned items.
Light Maintenance:
• Check Pit Toilets (2), Shower Houses (2), and Day Use Restrooms (1) periodically
each day.
• Pick up litter in the campground and in cabins. Also, assist with litter throughout the
rest of the park as time allows.
• Check for trash in campsite and cabin fire pits (clean if needed) and dispose of
miscellaneous debris properly.
Monitoring the Campground:
• Make periodic rounds through the park in a golf cart checking for rule violations and
informing visitors of park rules.
• Inform full-time park staff of any problems, ideas for improvement, & complaints

Camp Hosting Missouri State Parks

Crowder State Park, Trenton

Crowder State Park provides 1,912 acres in the rolling green hills of northern Missouri. Visitors can enjoy more than 17 miles of hiking, bicycling, backpacking, and equestrian trails in forested, rugged terrain. The park also offers fishing and boating opportunities on 18-acre Crowder Lake. The family-oriented campground includes modern restrooms and shady picnic sites are scattered throughout the park.  

They typically hire 1 host from April – October

Camp Host Duties:

  • Collect camp fees using the campground reservation system
  • Sell firewood and ice
  • Inform public of park rules
  • Answer visitor questions about the park and area
  • Post reservation tags
  • Report problems to park staff

Cuivre River State Park, Troy

Looking for the Ozarks in northern Missouri? Cuivre River State Park is one of the state’s largest and most rugged parks!

Cuivre River State Park lends a wilder, Ozarkian flavor to the otherwise predominantly agricultural landscape of northern Missouri. Although not far from St. Louis, the park is a nature lover’s paradise. It is an outdoor delight to stroll through the park in the spring when flowering dogwood is in bloom or in the fall when the trees are ablaze with autumn colors.

The park is perfect whether you want to enjoy an afternoon visit or spend a few days. Both primitive and modern campsites are available, and Lake Lincoln offers swimming, boating and fishing. The park’s wild and natural areas provide hiking, backpacking, photography, and wildlife observation activities. There is also an equestrian trail with a campground for overnight stays.

They usually hire 4 camp hosts from March – December

Camp Host Duties

Visitor Assistance:
• Become familiar with Missouri State Parks camping rules and give each camper a
copy of the campground rules
• Notify appropriate personnel (Natural Resource Manager, Park Superintendent or
Park Ranger) promptly in the event that campground rules are being disregarded.
(The campground host is responsible for making patrons aware of the
campground rules. ONLY the above personnel are responsible for enforcement)
Fee Collection:
• Open contact station and collect campground fees, register reserved campers, sell
firewood, ice, and retail items and rent canoes and kayaks during designated
operation hours (see operating hours)
• Required to work with another host in contact station when open. Host will operate
out of cash drawer
• Verify the identification of individuals on the reserved sites as you process
reservation permits and enters them into the system
• Have reservation cards changed and reservations posted by 11 a.m. daily
• At end of the shift log out of the cash drawer and put all receipts and money into the drop
safe located in the contact station after 10 p.m. No money is allowed overnight in
the camper
Light Maintenance:
• Check the pit toilets (3), shower house, and modern restroom for toilet paper and
install rolls as needed. Notify park staff as soon as possible if the facilities do not
meet our cleanliness standards
• Check for trash in campsites and fire pits (clean out if needed) and dispose of
miscellaneous debris properly
• Don’t call park staff on issues related to the shower house and pit toilets until you
have verified and attempted to take care of the issue first, i.e. plunge toilets
• Other duties may include but are not restricted to, plunging toilets, spot cleaning
and gathering miscellaneous debris and disposing of it in the appropriate
Monitor the Campground:
• Make periodic (every 2-3 hours depending on how busy the campground is)
patrols through the campground in the golf cart checking for park rule violations
and inform campers of campground rules
• Unlock the kayak building at 8 a.m. daily and lock the building at sunset daily
• Do not offer to open the back gate. Gate will be open on Sundays from 8 a.m. to 2
p.m. and opened on holiday Mondays

Echo Bluff State Park, Eminence

More than 85 years ago, this area opened as Camp Zoe, a summer youth camp that provided outdoor experiences and life-long memories for thousands of young people.

Today, Echo Bluff State Park is a year-round outdoor destination that allows visitors to create new memories as they experience all the Ozarks have to offer. Visitors of all ages can fill their days with floating, hiking, swimming, or fishing. While the park has a spectacular natural setting, the modern amenities enhance the experience and make it welcoming for everyone.

An impressive, iconic lodge features guest rooms, indoor and outdoor casual dining, and meeting rooms. Nine full-service cabins with 13 units are a great option for families and groups. Camping opportunities range from primitive to full-service campsites. The bluff-top shelter is perfect for special events, and an amphitheater for smaller events offers a dramatic natural backdrop. The park also offers hiking and mountain biking trails.

2 camp hosts are typically hired from March – October each year.

Camp Host Duties:

  • Make sure that all sites are paid and have camping permits posted
  • Pick up litter around campsites and creek
  • Find vacant sites for incoming campers as needed
  • Work at Check Station using the computer on scheduled days
  • Work at Wood Lot to sell firewood at designated times
  • Answer camper questions and patrol campgrounds.
  • An hour before closing, check campsites to determine which sites are required to
  • pay camp fees and report to Check Station
  • Check shower houses for toilet paper and litter on the floor
  • Assist fee collectors with any requests that they might have through the evening
  • Assist with special events or campground projects
  • Sweep leaves or dirt away from entryways
  • Remove litter and old soap from shower stalls
Camp Hosting Missouri State Parks

Finger Lakes State Park, Columbia

The roar of ATVs and off-road motorcycles combines with the peacefulness of rolling hills at Finger Lakes State Park, one of two ATV parks in the state parks system. Built-in a former coal mining area, Finger Lakes’ trails and motocross track are popular with users who come for the day, but often fall under the spell of the spacious campground, leafy trees, and hilly terrain. The park is also the site of the challenging 2.75-mile Kelley Branch Mountain Bike Trail and a 4.5-mile water trail.

They usually hire 2 campground hosts each season from April – October.

Camp Host Duties:

Campground Host Duties
• Collect all camping fees in a timely manner
• Check restrooms for cleanliness before the end of each shift
• Check each campsite for cleanliness and insure that all sites have been maintained
by park staff
Office (Handy) Host duties
• Collect riding fees at the park office
• Provide park information to all visitors that come to the office
• Sell firewood, ice, and other items
• Collect camping fees
• Responsible for Boat Rental sales
• Check inventory of boat rental items
• Close and lock the park office at the end of each shift.
• Clean park office
• Restock office handouts when needed
• Answer telephone calls and questions about park facilities
• Check camping reservations
• Provide the best customer service possible to all park visitors

Graham Cave State Park, Danville

A walk-in Graham Cave State Park is a walk through ancient history. Artifacts uncovered in Graham Cave reveal that people occupied the cave 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. To walk through the park’s 386 scenic acres, which includes the diverse Graham Cave Glades Natural Area, is to walk in the footsteps of the hunter-gatherers who lived in the area’s caves during the ancient Dalton and Archaic periods.

Visitors can go into the mouth of Graham Cave, an interpretive exhibit along the Graham Cave Trail detail the life researchers believe early inhabitants lived. Additional interpretive exhibits throughout the park explain the cultural and natural significance of the site. Graham Cave State Park is a prime hiking location, and the campground is perfect for get-togethers in a quiet place. A boat ramp to the Loutre River provides access for boating and fishing.

They usually hire 1 camp host each year from April – October.

Camp Hosts Duties:

Standard Duties:
• Available to guests during posted check station hours
• Registration of campers and collection of appropriate fees
• Provide visitors with information about the park and its features, the state park
the system, rules, and area attractions and services
• Manage reservations, complete permits, post appropriate signs, check-in arrivals
• Firewood sales to the public
• Maintain stock of park brochures, maps, etc. for distribution to guests
• Reconcile fees/sales collected and prepare reports, turn in same to the park office
• Monitor restrooms for cleanliness, light cleaning, and stocking when necessary
• Light trash pick-up in the campground
• Report maintenance issues in the campground to staff
• Report problems and safety issues in the campground to staff
Optional duties for interested and qualified hosts:
• Operate weed eater and mower at the campground (with approved training)
• Additional maintenance duties (with approved training)
• Additional janitorial duties (with approved training)
• Assist at special events
• Assist with interpretive programs (with approved training)

Hawn State Park, Ste. Genevieve

Hills of stately pine and oak trees, sandy-bottom streams, and sandstone canyons and cliffs create one of the most significant and scenic landscapes in Missouri at Hawn State Park. Located in western Ste. Genevieve County, the 4,956-acre park offers a special experience for anyone wanting to enjoy the splendor of nature. Geology buffs come to the park to see the number of exposed rock types, hikers love the park for its amazing trails, and bird watchers flock to the park for its variety of birds.

This amazing landscape offers a scenic and peaceful setting where visitors can camp, hike, picnic, and enjoy nature. The park’s campground, beneath a canopy of lofty pines, includes both basic and electric sites. Picnickers can enjoy a quiet lunch at one of the many picnic tables that dot the sandy, pine-covered woodland floor. The best way to experience the park is on its trails, which range from a short walk to an overlook area to an almost 10-mile-long backpacking trail that is considered one of the best in the state.

Once visitors experience the park, it’s easy to understand why Hawn State Park is considered a special treasure in a state park system filled with outstanding recreational jewels.

There are 2 camp host positions at this park each year from March – November.

Camp Host Duties

• Register reservation campers
• Register and collect fees from first-come, first-served campers
• Sell firewood and ice
• Maintain required paperwork associated with revenue collection
• Provide directions and information to visitors
• Educate visitors about park rules and regulations
• Post Scout area and shelter reservation cards as needed
• Collect litter
• Monitor restroom and vault toilet cleanliness
• Perform minor janitorial duties, call park personnel for more detailed cleaning
• Collect, restock and submit trail registration cards
• Open and close the main gate as needed
• Report damage or vandalism as soon as possible to park personnel
• Contact proper authorities in case of emergency
• Sometimes help in the park office (answering the phone and talking to visitors)

Camp Hosting Missouri State Parks

Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park, Middle Brook

Looking for a unique destination? Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park offers ancient beauty!

The wilderness qualities and geology of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park and the surrounding St. Francois Mountains make this park a special place to visit. Its rugged character provides the perfect backdrop for camping, hiking, picnicking, splashing in the shut-ins, exploring nature, or just relaxing.

There are 2 camp host positions at this park which are available from January – December each year.

Camp Host Duties

  • Greet the public and provide information about the park and park system.
  • Educate park visitors of park rules
  • Work in the check station registering campers as needed.
  • Take down and put up “Vacant” signs on reservable sites as needed.
  • Sell firewood as needed.
  • Report any suspicious vehicles or incidents to the natural resource manager, park
  • superintendent or park ranger.
  • Other duties as required.

Knob Noster State Park, Knob Noster

Knob Noster State Park is a tranquil retreat of open oak woodland with a few patches of prairie along both sides of the meandering Clearfork Creek. It’s a place for fishermen to wet a line, for mountain bikers, hikers, and horseback riders to get some trail time, and for families to spend quality time together. The park also features an oxbow slough, which has been officially designated as Pin Oak Slough Natural Area. 

There is usually just 1 camp host position at this park from April – October. The normal days off for the host are Monday and Tuesday.

Camp Host Duties

• Assisting our campers is your primary role.
• Answer questions
• Give directions
• Help visitors find a vacant site
• Distribute brochures
• Monitor shower houses for toilet paper and report issues to the supervisor on duty
• The host on campsite #2 is responsible for the entire campground
• Assist with cleaning out fire rings and litter clean-up throughout the campground
and Special-Use Camping Area
• Check-in Special-Use Camping Area sites and sometimes help to check-in
Adventure Sites.
• Rent out kayaks and sell a few souvenirs
• Sell a camping permit to those that do not already have a reservation
• Collect fees for the Special-Use Camping Area
• Rent out kayaks during the posted rental hours
• Sell bags of ice and a few souvenirs to visitors
• Complete weekly inventory of supplies, wood, ice, and souvenirs

Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Kaiser

Enjoy the solitude of an undeveloped cove hidden along the shorelines of one of Missouri’s largest lakes. Swim, fish, boat or simply take in the view from a shady campsite or picnic area overlooking the Lake of the Ozarks. The park offers the opportunity to enjoy a variety of recreational activities on the lake or on shore.

On shore, hikers, backpackers, equestrians, and bicyclists can wind through open woodlands, sunny glades, small springs, and streams to bluff-top views of the Lake of the Ozarks. Water enthusiasts can make use of the park’s two swimming beaches, boat rentals, and paved boat ramps. Park stores sell all of the necessary supplies for a day on the water. Year-round overnight accommodations include campsites, Outpost Cabins, and yurts.

Lake of the Ozarks State Park’s natural beauty and solitude remain untouched, yet visitors are just minutes away from extensive shopping, restaurants, and a variety of entertainment opportunities.

4 camp host positions are available each year from April – September.

Camp Host Duties

  • Collecting fees from customers at the check station
  • Handing out information to the public/campers
  • Selling firewood when the concessionaire is not operating
  • Cleaning bathrooms when needed and cleaning fire rings when full of ashes or
  • Hanging and removing reservation cards on campsite posts prior to arrival and
  • after departure
  • Interacting with customers on a regular basis
  • Checking in reservation customers and registering first-come, first-served
  • General park rule enforcement (parking on grass, too many tents…)
Camp Hosting Missouri State Parks

Lake Wappapello State Park, Williamsville

Lake Wappapello State Park is the ideal vacation spot for a day or a week. The park offers a modern campground and cabins plus rustic camper cabins. Miles of trails for hikers, backpackers, and horseback riders offer great scenery and picturesque views. With easy access to Lake Wappapello, the park offers opportunities for boaters, including canoers and kayakers, and anglers searching for crappie, catfish, and bass.

2 Campground Hosts are available from April-November. The hours are varied and in part up to you. Hosts get the freedom to come and go as long as they are assuring that their volunteer duties are done daily.

Camp Host Duties

• Job one – Assure all campers are paid and properly on the correct sites
• Notify staff of complaints, campground problems, and rule infractions that would
require staff attention
• Inform and educate the public about what to do and general information about the
park, park system, campground rules, and other initiatives, such as the emerald ash
borer, Get Out and Play!, Camper Award Program, etc.
• Check shower houses from time to time and let staff know if you see any problems
• Help people have a good time within the park rules and operating practices, which
are designed for safety and convenience

Lewis and Clark State Park, Rushville

The Lewis and Clark Expedition headed west in 1804 and encountered a lake that William Clark described as “full of Geese & Goslings.” Today, that lake is Lewis and Clark Lake, which is bordered by Lewis and Clark State Park. The park’s broad open spaces make it a favorite for families who take advantage of the scenic picnic areas and playground. Bird watchers come to Lewis and Clark to watch geese, great blue herons, eagles, swans, and snowy egrets flock to the oxbow lake throughout the seasons.

Camp Host Duties

  • Collect camping fees
  • Sell firewood
  • Provide campground and park information to campers during assigned hours
  • Litter pickup in and around the campground
  • Notify the park superintendent or appropriate park staff of camper complaints and issues, maintenance issues and security issues
  • Ability to operate a golf cart or utilize other modes of transportation to complete campground rounds
  • Work weekends and evenings

Long Branch State Park, Macon

Looking for a place to get your watersport fix? Long Branch State Park’s three boat ramps provide access to sprawling and picturesque Long Branch Lake. For more fun on the water, fishing is popular and the marina store, swimming beach, and day-use area next to the beach are a favorite for families. A modern campground, the park is a perfect place for overnight stays. The park preserves some of the last savanna and prairie remnants in the Chariton River Hills. Trails through the Chariton River Hills Natural Area provide a good way for hikers to see colorful prairie wildflowers and a variety of birds, including red-headed woodpeckers, brown thrashers, and indigo buntings. 

1 campground host position is available from April – September.

Camp Host Duties

  • Support campground management
  • Hang and remove reservation cards on campsite posts
  • Ensure guests are aware of park rules
  • Light trash pick-up
  • Monitor restroom/shower house for cleanliness
  • May occasionally meet vendor for ice or firewood deliveries
  • Provide ice and firewood sales to campground guests
  • Collect fees from campground guests and account for all money
  • Greet campground visitors
  • Inform visitors about the park and park system, answer questions and
    hand out information as requested
  • Make staff aware of problems, ideas for improvement, and complaints
  • Camp hosts shall be model campers supporting all rules and
    regulations and setting a good example.
Camp Hosting Missouri State Park

Meramec State Park, Sullivan

The Meramec River flows by majestic bluffs, wooded areas, and a dramatic cave entrance. More than 13 miles of hiking trails are available for exploring the park and visitors can swim, fish, raft, and boat in the river. A modern campground, cabins, and motel give visitors a choice to stay the night or even longer. Exhibits in the visitor center interpret the natural and cultural features of the park. No visit to the park would be complete without a tour of Fisher Cave with hand-held lights.

3 camp host positions are available at Meramec campground from February-November. Hosts work split shifts from 7 a.m. until the evening hours when they are on duty. Hosts will work 4 days on and 3 days off during their stay at the park.

Camp Host Duties

• Ensure all reservation sites are vacant for incoming guests.
• Hang all available 1-day tags on sites that are available for 1 night.
• Keep track of available sites for the hosts working the booth.
• Answer guest questions.
• Work booth when on duty
• Clean the shower houses after hours and restock
• Pick up trash and cigarette butts off the sites and along the park road.
• Keep running a list of fire pits that need cleaning.
• Open and close the front gate
• Collect camping fees.
• Assist with special events.
• Assist with storm warning notifications.
• Assist with campground evacuations due to the rising of the Meramec River.
• Assist with keeping track of potential rising floodwater.
• Assist with flood cleanup if the campground floods (generally in the spring).
• Assist maintenance with issues in the park when needed.

Annie and Abel Van Meter State Park, Miami

Annie and Abel Van Meter State Park features remnants of the Missouria Indian village that sat at the Great Bend of the Missouri River, marked on a map by Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet in 1673. A hand-dug earthwork — Old Fort — and several burial mounds lie within the park’s boundaries. The state’s Indian history is interpreted in displays and exhibits at the park’s Missouri’s American Indian Cultural Center.

For outdoor enthusiasts, the park features hiking trails and an 18-acre fishing lake. Trails lead visitors through the Oumessourit Natural Area with views of the freshwater marsh and through bottomland and upland forests. The park’s lofty trees shade picnic sites, picnic shelters, and a campground.

There is 1 position available at this campground from April-October.

Camp Host Duties

• Collect camping fees and turn them into the office by 10 a.m. the next day.
• Greet incoming campground users, give information (pamphlets, brochures, etc.),
and answer their questions.
• Sell firewood and turn in money for wood with the camping receipts.
• Pull the expired camping receipts from the site post.
• Inform park guests of the camping rules and report any problems to the site

Weston Bend State Park, Weston

Not far from the hustle and bustle of Kansas City, Weston Bend State Park offers secluded picnic sites, a campground and sweeping views of the Missouri River from trails and a scenic overlook accessible to persons with disabilities. A 3-mile Paved Bicycle Trail takes hikers and bikers through the park’s woody terrain.

There is 1 camp host job at this location April – October of each year.

Camp Host Duties

  • Collect camping fees
  • Sell firewood
  • Provide campground and park information to campers during assigned hours
  • Litter pickup in and around the campground
  • Notify the park superintendent or appropriate park staff of camper complaints
  • Ability to operate a golf cart or utilized other modes of transportation to complete
  • campground rounds
  • Work weekends and evenings
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