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Thank you for registering for the 2020 re-launch of the The Make Money & RV Virtual Summit! It’s a MEGA event that RVers can’t afford to miss!

Mark your calendars to learn ways you can get started, go farther and earn cash along the way!

This year, you’ll get to watch 20 video sessions put together by fellow RVers and RV brands that offer great insights into the not just the RV lifestyle, but how you can fund it with Workamping, Small Business and Remote Jobs.

Watch 2020 Video Sessions for FREE:

The Re-Launch is scheduled for October 1st – 5th, 2020 and will showcase a variety of Featured Videos from 2019 as well as New videos we’ve put together specifically for you!

  • Go to
  • Click on the 3 dots () in the upper right hand menu on your screen. 
  • Click ‘Login” and enter the email address you used to register
  • Click on “Schedule” or “Replays” and watch the sessions you want!

Sessions are available for FREE for the first 24 hours after they go live on the summit. After that they get locked away.

So watch them while they’re free…

VIP Passes Are SUPER CHARGED This Year!

For the 2020 re-launch, we’ve asked some of our speakers to throw in an Exclusive FREEBIE just for people who upgrade their tickets!

These freebies are worth over $200 in retail value and come 100% FREE with any VIP Pass… even the $37 one!!! (***Limited Quantity Available)

Here’s What’s Included in VIP Passes:

All VIP Passes include access to the videos included in this year’s line up as well as all the videos in the vault from 2019!!! That’s over 2 dozen videos with Tips and Advice from RVers on how to Make Money & Travel!

In addition, you will also receive the following Exclusive Freebies from our speakers!

$10 off a new Escapees RV Club membership

The Escapees RV Club is dedicated to supporting your RV lifestyle with everything you need to make it easier, more affordable, safer, and–most important of all–fun!

Launch It Lean Mini Training

How to Make Money From Your RV Testing Your Business Ideas Without Spending a Load of Cash or Wasting Any Time. A 45-minute mini-training on the Launch-It-Lean process.

Free Fix It Yourself Checklists

Fix It Yourself helps the new and experienced RVer maintain and repair many of the systems in their RV for themselves, saving precious time and money. This workbook accompanies the course to allow students to track their maintenance and includes checklists for departure and a tool list.

$10 off RV Mobile Internet Aficionados (MIA) Membership

Whether you’re working from the road or water, attending online classes, keeping in touch with friends & family, planning your next destination, sharing your adventures or keeping entertained – the MIA was designed for you. A MIA membership goes further than our free content – more in-depth guides, product reviews & field testing results, alerts, videos, interactive guidance, vendor discounts and insider tips.

Workamping 101: 7 Day Workamping Course

Learn all About Workamping from the comfort of your home… or your home on wheels! Enroll in this 7 Day Course and get the information you need to go now, rather than later!

Resume Writer’s Guidebook

This digital download is packed with helpful concepts and tools to help you get started in crafting effective, interview-getting resumes

  • Is Your Resume Helping (or Hurting) You?
  • 6 Fatal Resume Mistakes
  • The Value of Soft Skills
  • Functional Resumes Don’t Work – Here’s Why
  • 5 Quick Tips to Boost Your Resume’s Value
  • 9 Resume Fonts Recruiters Don’t Hate
  • The Importance of a Secondary Resume
  • Is a Cover Letter Really Necessary?
  • How to Write a Cover Letter That Wows
  • Action Plan to Write an Interview-Getting Resume
 Instagram: How To Grow To 10k Followers, Become An Influencer, And Start Monetizing Your Account.

Whether you are just starting out with a few hundred close friends and family followers, or you feel stuck at a couple thousand, this eBook will give you 20 different tips and ideas (with our real-life examples!) to help get you to that magical 10k, turn you into an influencer, and help you start monetizing your account. It’s not a quick and easy road but growing the right way will give your account a solid foundation to build a super engaged, super loyal following…which is exactly what brands want to see!

Remote Work for Nomads Digital Course

Remote Work for Nomads is an online, self-paced course for ambitious nomads to learn to make money remotely and live life on their own terms. You’ll learn to identify your passions, skyrocket your skillset, and write resumes and cover letters that actually get read. Also, find out how to avoid scams and where to find the best cheap and free online courses. With this course, you’ll learn everything you need to know about remote work so you can get on the road and out of the office.

30 Minute Ukulele Lesson or 30 Minute Business Coaching Session

Enjoy the choice of either a 30 minute ukulele lesson or a 30 minute business coaching session with Ross and Jamie! Click the link above to redeem your VIP offer and schedule your call!

Your Travel Therapy Questions Answered

30 minute 1:1 call with Kathryn to answer any specific questions you may have about the process of getting started as a travel therapist.

Create Space from Thin Air: Ideas for Adding Storage to Your RV

Discover new potential storage space in your RV or tiny home! A full-color, 36-page e-book in PDF format emailed to you for you to download and read on your preferred device (computer, tablet, smartphone, or e-reader).  Or, you can print it out and read it on paper if you prefer!

Troubleshoot Your Blog eCourse

Enjoy 16 lessons designed to help you identify your target audience, figure out how to serve them, and ultimately, come up with a strategy for earning real income. You’ll also get an outline you can follow for creating a Business Plan for your blog and my best advice for laying a solid foundation for monetary success a blogger.

6 Steps to Start a Remote Business

As with most things in business and life in general, it’s all about the basics, right? Learn the basics now, so you can achieve your goals. This book covers the steps necessary to get started with your business. This includes business structure, registration, basic expenses, and more!

VIP Passes Are Limited

We only have a limited number of VIP Passes available this year! Unfortunately with so many goodies included, we can’t keep the passes open for ever with an unlimited quantity!

If you want a pass, make sure you buy one sooner than later! You don’t want to miss out!

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