Make Money & RV Contributors

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for your interest in the Make Money and RV Project!

If you reached this page you probably already know a little about the project, but just in case- I want to make sure you have all the details available… so please continue to read below!

***You can also fill in the Google Form at this link, if that is easier for you.

Project Overview

I think we can all agree that tons of people are interested in finding ways to make money and travel!  I think we can also all agree, that many of the things we do for income, could be done by other wishing to get out and travel! I’m putting the pieces in place to get a (1) blog series and (2) book written about the variety of ways we all earn money while we travel, along with many others!

My goal for this 2-part project (blog + book) is to provide an RV Lifestyle resource that grants readers an inside look into the lives of many successful RVers who are making money on the road from remote jobs, blogging, small businesses, seasonal jobs and much more. It’s my hope that this information will help provide answers to those searching for ways to make money and RV, while allowing the RVers being featured to share in the marketing and financial success of the overall product.

The information you provide will be used to craft one blog post as well as inside the book 101 Ways to Make Money & RV, that I aim to publish later this year.

Contributor Details

Blog Series- each post will feature one RVer’s personal story with information on how they make money on the road. Please make sure to cover these specific questions in your write up:

  1. Your story:
    1. What led to your RV life?
    2. What is a typical day?
    3. How long have you been traveling?
    4. What do you travel in and who with?
  2. Income opportunity:
    1. How do you make money while traveling?
    2. What is a typical schedule like?
    3. What experience is needed?
    4. Is a degree required?
    5. What resources can you recommend? (include links)

Book- the final book with be a combination of information and personal stories. Blog posts will be used in part or whole and your website links as well as social accounts will be noted for credit.

Photos- Please take some time to sort through your pictures and choose 4-6 of your best options. Rename your pictures with a usable caption

Example: ShareCollier.Collier-family-at-yellowstone-national-park.jpg

This will allow me to track and utilize your photography, while providing the appropriate photo credit to each. Send your photos to

Compensation Your contribution to this blog series and the upcoming book is vital to the overall success, which I can compensate you for by linking to your website URL, as well as up to three social media accounts.

You will also be listed as a contributor in the final book and provided with an affiliate code to earn 60% of sales on all e-books sales you refer.

Lifestyle Expert- There is a limited amount of room available in the blog series and the book in particular. If you are interested, please send an initial email to with the subject line: I Make Money & RV with the name of the income opportunity you’re interested in talking about, to hold your spot.

Confirmation- My goal is to confirm all spots by July 1, 2019.

Thanks again for taking the time to read through the details of being a contributor to the Make Money & RV project! I really appreciate you taking the time to consider being a contributor and hope we can work together to bring it to fruition.