What is Copywriting: The Best Copywriting Books & Courses To Get Started!

What is Copywriting?

Not to be confused with a copyright, where you protect things like inventions against theft and misuse. The definition of copywriting is basically writing for action. In other words, it’s the art of writing promotional material for things like websites, brochures, email sequences, advertisements, social media, ebooks, and much more!

The text you’re creating is also known as ‘copy’. 

It’s a big business since then need for sales, promotional and informative copy is everywhere! 

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What Do Copywriters Do?

Copywriters have the sole responsibility of writing to readers and encouraging them to take action. As a copywriter you will be delivering words in a thoughtful and impactful way to achieve your goal.

Sometimes this includes encouraging someone to buy a product. Sometimes you need them to enroll in a service or training program. Other times it’s simply asking them to opt-in to the start of a sales funnel with a freebie incentive.

A great way to learn how to write effective copy is to listen the issues, complaints and pain points of the idea customer or your target audience! Listening to the way your target audience describes their issues can help you discover keywords you can use to solve their problems.

While it takes no formal training or education to learn, copywriting does require the knowledge and use of techniques.

Common techniques used by copywriters are things like: 

  1. Using testimonials and case studies to prove your case.
  2. Aligning the features and benefits with readers pain points. 
  3. Encouraging people t take immediate action. 

Many other techniques are used copywriters, depending on what types of copywriting services they are offering. Some will pertain directly to web copywriting services while other will only apply to pieces published in print.

Deciding which services you will focus on providing is a great place to start!

3 Common Types of Copywriting Jobs You Can Offer 

Business to Business Copywriting:

Use your skill for crafting moving copy to help one business sell their products and services to other businesses! B2B copywriting can offer the best copywriting salary for those looking for less competition and generous pricing structures. 

Website Copywriting:

Every business that maintains an online website will need copy to fill their pages! Writing copy that drives sales and offers results for these businesses is a great opportunity for beginning copywriters. 

Direct Response Copywriting:

If you are interested in writing promotional copy, you can make the best copywriting salary with Direct Response Copywriting! 

What Are The Best Copywriting Books: 

I love to read, so naturally I would want to find the best copywriting books to dig into in my spare time! If this sounds like you or maybe you just want a breaks from viewing information on websites- I’ve searched out the best copywriting books for you to look into and read your way through the material at your own pace! 

The Art of Explanation:
Learn how to communicate about your product or service to your audience in their words! Clear and effective communication is a must if you want to sell. 

Words that Sell:
Learn the difference between just writing words for the sake of writing words and writing copy that sells! 6,000 words and phases that can make you copy sell more efficiently!

The Art of Social Selling:
Learn how to effectively sell on social media! Tap into your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Find your idea customers and learn how to engage with them online. 

Tested Advertising Methods:
Want to know the secrets behind copy that actually sells? Read this book! Its a classic which gives readers inside information on how to formulate effective headlines and copy that sells!

The Copywriter’s Handbook:
A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Copy that Sells by David Ogilvy. 

How To Get Started As A Copywriter?

If you want to be a copywriter the best thing you can do is start with a good foundation of education and information. 

You can find many resources online that can help you along the way, but I like the options offered by Copy Hackers, The American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) as well as many others like Tina Lorenz- who was interviewed during the Make Money & RV Virtual Summit! 

Since copywriting salaries can offer multiple 6 and 7-figure incomes, you can probably see why investing in good copywriting courses to help learn the ropes and become proficient is an excellent idea. 

Best Copywriting Courses

Want to know what the best copywriting courses are? I know me too!

I did some research for both of us and here is what I found for the best copywriting courses you should take!

Authentic Copy:
Developed by Tina Lorenz, this course can teach you how to develop authentic copy that help build a copywriting business from the ground up. It starts with a FREE 80+ minute workshop and then rolls into the full online course program that focuses on the 3 key pieces Tina says can help you make money now, the opt-in, the same letter and the email sequence. 

Accelerated Program for Six Figure Copywriting:
Learn the art of writing sales letters and more in this copywriting course focused on direct response. 

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Kopy Writing Kourse:
Sign-up for this course to learn how to write like you speak! Learn the tested and tru brain hacks that people have been using for decades to get the most out of business!

Additional Copywriting Resources

Here are some other great resources (all FREE) you can look into to get started and grab some insider tips from copywriting experts!

FREE Copywriting Course: Conversion Copywriting 101:
Learn the fundamentals of writing high converting copy in this 27 video eCourse! Learn the fundamentals of writing high converting copy in this 27 video eCourse! 

Grab the FREE Copywriting 101 eBook by Copyblogger:
Use this great freebie to teach you the basics of copywriting! Learn the fundamentals of direct response copywriting to build your new business!

Complete Guide to Copywriting:
Published by Quicksprout- this in-depth guide will offer you the ins and outs of what copywriting is and how you can work your way to becoming a world-class (top 5%) copywriter in about 30 days without a huge financial investment!

FREE Copywriting Worksheets:
Sometime you need a good Printable template or worksheet to help you organize your thoughts and work through new information. These 14 FREE worksheets include topics like creating a content strategy, writing copy for buttons, how to assess your headlines, tracking your split tests, 

101 Copywriting Dos & Donts:
How simple it is to learn from other people’s successes and failures! This is a long list of dos and don’ts but if you take the time to read through them you’ll have a head start on what works and what doesn’t. 

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