How RVers Get Their Mail

How RVers Get Their Mail

In this episode I’m be talking all how fulltime RVers get mail on the road as well as a few mail services that offer ease and convenience for travel life!

Let me start off by saying it took us a while to get into a good place with receiving and sending mail on the road. For some reason, we just couldn’t get it together and to a place that was both easy and comfortable. We had times where other RVers would take a picture of a package I missed at a campground we had already left, times where I had to circle back to a campground to pick up media passes for a press trip I scheduled, times where the mail never arrived, others where I expedited something (aka my passport) and it was returned to sender because the campground changed their policy on receiving mail without notifying guests prior to the change.

As you can probably imagine- getting your mail as an RVer isn’t all that difficult, but it is something that you have to setup and work through the details to make it easy. It shouldn’t be hard and I know feel confident in saying that it is not, but like most things in life, I took the path less often traveled!

Come along for the adventure as I navigate through the world of Workamping & Working on the road from your RV with real information, tips & trick and stories from the road!

You can download the episode or just click and listen online!

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