LCW 1.11: Season 1 Recap & Wrap Up

Season 1 Episode 11 of the Live.Camp.Work. Podcast!

Season 1 Recap & Wrap Up

What’s Next, What Worked & What Didn’t

In this episode I’m sharing my personal feeling regarding the new LiveCampWork Podcast! I do a recap of the first season including information I covered, what went well and a few things that didn’t. After it’s all said and done, I include some information on what I’m planning for season 2.

Come along for the adventure as I navigate through the world of Workamping with real information, tips & trick, stories from the road, and interviews from Workampers and Employers! You can download the episode or just click and listen online.

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Episode Transcript

Let’s get started with Episode 11: Season 1 Recap

What’s Next, What Worked & What Didn’t

Okay friends, today is the big day! On this episode of the Live Camp Work podcast I’m going to share with you a full recap of Season 1 including what’s next, as well as what worked and what didn’t.

Let me just start by saying I can’t believe I made through a whole season! I know, I know- you’re probably thinking… Really, Sharee? Its only been 11 episodes- what’s so hard about that?

And if that thought came to mind for you, then I have to agree. 11 episodes was a quick and easy start. And to be honest I made the decision early on to split the podcast into small seasons with about 12 episodes each so I wouldn’t feel overwhelmed. The thought of having to produce 52 weekly podcasts was too much to think about and too be honest I wasn’t sure I could commit to something big- if I wasn’t enjoying it.

But so far so good. I completed the first season with 11 episodes… (cough) I may have miscalculated the start and end dates of the season- which may have led to 1 less episode than I initially thought would be possible- but no biggie right? Did somebody say, ‘Done is better than perfect?’

I think so…

So let’s move on to the recap:

Season 1 was all about Workamping Basics.

Starting from the very start of the lifestyle and the backstory, I wanted to lay foundation for future seasons and more in depth information. The topics I covered were:

  1. Podcast Overview & Introduction to your host
  2. What is Workamping?
  3. Workamper Compensation
  4. Finding the Jobs
  5. Websites for Workamping Jobs
  6. Workamping Seasons
  7. Special Situations in Workamping
  8. Workamper Myths & Mistakes
  9. Campground &   RV Park Jobs
  10. My Favorite RV Resource For Affordable Full-time Camping

Let’s talk about what went well-

Overall I think the 1st season went well as a whole, but these are 4 things that I think were the big takeaways.

  1. I made it through the first season with a positive outlook.
  2. I found that writing my show notes ahead of time help with the flow of the episode. (it also gave me a full piece of blog content to publish as the episode transcript for those who wish to read the content instead.)
  3. I learned how to setup the podcast hosting, and find an easy way to publish the episodes from inside the LiveCampWork website, which saved a bunch of time
  4. The positive experience with Season one lead me to immediately start recording season 2.

Now, Let’s talk about what didn’t go so well-

Given this was the first season, as well as my first time producing audio content, there were bound to be some hiccups and areas for improvement. 

  1. There was a big learning curve with trying to edit the podcasts. Big! Because I’m not a pro at recording or public speaking for that matter- there were tons of little edits that need to come out, before I could publish a reasonable well done podcast. This was really time consuming to learn and I’ll probably end up outsourcing this in the future.
  2. In my grand vision for the podcast, I saw myself as a great show host- interviewing a few guest each season to add value for listeners and switch things up a bit… needless to say- that wasn’t possible in season 1 and I might not get there in season 2. the problem is- this takes a lot of time! Coordinating the interviews around schedules, finding quiet time to record, and the additional email communications back and forth to set it all up- seemed a little much for me to take on. So I’m not taking it completely off the table, but its going to take some time and possible a much slower transition to that point than I originally thought.
  3. Now this is a big one- since I was terrified to get feedback on if the podcast was good, bad or just plain out a waste of my time I didn’t promote or really share the episodes on social media like I probably should have.

What’s next for Season 2

So with all that said, you might be wondering what exactly I have planned for Season 2

  1. I plan to focus the next 12 episodes on featuring some Workamping programs as well as providing some detailed episodes with information and inspiration as well. My goal is to provide an insiders look of at least 6 workamping programs during season 2. I know one of the programs will be Amazon Camperforce, since my husband and I worked this Workamping job 3 different times- with 3 different experiences. I also think its both, an experience everyone needs to have at least once and also an easy way to back big bucks for travel later down the road. (More on this in Season 2- I don’t want to spoil it…)
  2. In season 2, I’ll be posting all the episodes at least one time on social media to get the information out and hopefully grow the podcast. No time to be shy- ☺️ I’m much more comfortable with where this is headed now, so I might as well push it out in to the internet along with all the other content I publish
  3. I’m going to continue editing the podcasts myself, and will re-evaluate this before episode 3 to see if I should outsource or just keep going, because somehow I’ve become a pro and can have them finished super fast!
  4. `Lastly, my goal for season 2 is to complete at least 1 interview, but hopefully 2-3. I’m not sure yet if this will be with an Employer or someone who is out living the life- Workamping, but I know for sure that I want to test out an interview asap to see what adjustments I need to make for the future.

Okay- that’s enough for today and that’s a wrap for Season 1 of the  Live Camp Work Podcast. This was episode 11 of season 1 and I hope you enjoyed the information covered so far and that you’re looking forward to listening to season 2.

As always, if you have any questions always feel free to send me an email directly to sharee@livecampwork.com or join in the conversation in the live camp work community group on facebook!


Until next time-

Safe Travels & Many Adventures!

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