Have you ever heard of a not so little campground directory called Big Rigs Best Bets? 

If not, I’d love to be the first to tell you a little about them! 

Not only can the information save you time and energy when planning where to stay and play along the way, but it could actually save you thousands in maintenance and repair- by taking a little extra time to invest in preventative measures!

Let me start off with a personal story of our first camping trip with our ‘new to us travel trailer’….

Okay so here’s how it all started- 

How Not To RV Full-Time

My husband and I purchased a used travel trailer that was in great shape, although several years old. We fixed up the inside with our favorite colors and fabrics on the beds and sofa, practiced driving it around town a few times, then loaded it up and set off for more family adventures!

Everything was going great on our maiden voyage from Georgia to Florida where we had a bunch of activities all set-up and scheduled. We stopped at a few places on the way down and had no trouble backing into our spots or setting it up. 

RV Road Trip Takes A Turn For The Worst

After crossing into the state of Florida, we pulled into a beautiful state park, who’s name escapes me at the moment, but it was supposed to be an incredible week with an onsite pool, hiking, water sports and a snack bar! (I mean- when do you see all these amenities at a state park???)

Well, we approached the Ranger Station for check-in where the staff members asked us to pull forward and over to the side, then to come back to the office to finish up. We did as they asked and noticed everyone inside was extremely friendly!

As we slowly drove by the window, EVERYONE inside was waving at us. So, we waved back with big smiles, feeling grateful for the warm welcome!

When we exited our vehicle, we noticed one not so friendly Ranger walking with a broom and dustpan outside to sweep something up…

As we walked through the door, we realized what had happened. (Looking back, this would have been avoidable with some preparation or a directory tool like Big Rigs Best Bets… just saying!)

We hit the side of the building with the trailer!

OMG! How Embarrassing… 

We just bought this thing and had already damaged it??? Who does this stuff happen to?

Reminding ourselves to be thankful that we didn’t buy a brand-new rig and do this, we realized that even though there wasn’t much damage to the Ranger Station with the exception of a busted exterior light, our camper had a pretty good-sized slash on the driver’s side. 

The insurance company ended up totaling the unit out- since the whole right-side panel would have needed to be replaced and this was the start of lots of paperwork!

Overall it was a relatively small mistake that turned into a really big problem!!!

Big Rigs Best Bets RV Secret

Big Rigs Best Bets Directory

Looking back on this day, I know we made a few mistakes. We of course could have used more training in driving with the trailer. But we could have also used some additional information about the place we were headed. 

Knowing what to expect both, at the front entrance as well as inside the park, can be a real-life saver!

Can you imagine knowing up front what sites are the best or which ones are paved? What if someone visited the parks and detailed all the information on what type of hook-ups were available?

What if they also detailed information about the condition of the sites, which sites were the best, longest?

What if someone told you when to swing wide, where to unhook or where you might have trouble wiggling in? 

This is valuable information! Especially for new drivers and folks traveling in big rigs. 

Big Rigs Best Best is an RV Community Secret

So, for this reason, I wanted to let you in on a little secret in the RV community… and it’s called Big Rigs Best Bets. It’s an online and print directory of the best places to stay and play along the way. It’s a gold mine of valuable information for when you’re living full-time in an RV! 

Serving the RV community since 2001 this spiral bound guide has 500 pages and is printed in large print. Also available online as a digital version, which is always up to date. You can count on satellite views of each park, physical GPS addresses, 720 fuel stops, 340 restaurant tips, in addition to the camping destinations that feature a blend of upscale resorts, destination parks, public parks and even overnight stays along the interstate!

Creators of Big Rigs Best Bets

The creators, Adam & Alicia Miller, are a husband and wife RV couple! They actually travel to these parks themselves to check RV parks out before including them in the book.

“For eighteen years the goal of Big Rigs Best Bets has been to be a credible resource, from an RVers point of view, to take the guess work out of where to park a big rig safely and easily in great campgrounds, parks and resorts across America and Canada.”

Big Rigs Best Bets

Personal Big Rigs Experience

The information is based on their personal experiences and observations, which I think is amazing and truly authentic! (I mean, who wants to learn from someone who hasn’t been there and done it, right?)

Adam & Alicia, have invested 18 years visiting parks and destinations to find all the details we RVers need to know. 

Whether you need a copy now or in the future, this is valuable information you can keep in your back pocket! 

Big Rigs Best Bets Pin For Later

Check Out Big Rigs Best Bets

Check out Big Rigs Best Bets where both the online and print version is available. 

FYI: I also, interviewed Adam for the Make Money & RV Virtual Summit, where we talked just a little about Big Rigs Best Bets, and more so about Workamping at Camp Gulf!!!