Young Living Essential Oils for Full Time RV Living! (Plus 10 Must Haves for Camp Life Video!)

Guest post from Melissa Russo, Young Living Member #1382569

Why Choose Young Living for RV Life, Personal Care Remote Business Opportunity & More!

Young Living Essential Oils- have you heard of them? If not, strap yourself in! If so, let me answer your lingering questions!

Young Living (YL) is, first, so much more than essential oils.

They are an essential oil company, supplement and food company, personal care company and COSMETIC company (have you been waiting for great quality and CLEAN makeup!?), and now own a CBD company with the same standards and farming practices. (As a YL member, you also get discounts on Nature’s Ultra CBD products!)

Young Living’s 25 year history is built on a mission that is put into practice daily on their farms, in the distilleries, in their research labs; globally through their foundation and in the everyday lives of members supporting whole-life wellness for themselves and their families…

as well as independent distributors (like me!) who also benefit from their “other product, “ the business opportunity- for financial wellness – an often overlooked stressor in people’slives…..and boy, has YL changed my life….but let’s save that for later!

For now, let me tell you a bit about what sets YL apart from essential oil companies that seem to be popping up every day as well as companies that do their best to mimic, yet with a deeper look, you too will see the difference. We will start with essential oils (that infuse all of the YL products. Have a peek at over 600 of them in this beautiful virtual catalogue!

People often ask, is Young Living organic?

Young Living is BEYOND organic. Did you know it only takes 3 years to transition from conventional to organic farming? That is not enough time to clean the soil of the harsh chemical used as well as replenish the soil to standards that will produce the healthiest crops.. (You will want to be aware of this especially when purchasing any CBD products as cannabis pulls toxins and heavy metals from the soil. Great for cleaning the soil but NOT for products we consume or use topically!)

Young Living plants on virgin soil or soil not used in conventional farming for at least 50 years. They also have testing equipment (that NO OTHER essential oil company has) to be sure that there are no contaminants in any of the products.

Did you know that each plant/tree/shrub needs to be harvested at its own specific time of day, under specific conditions/temperatures and distilled at different times/temperatures?

With their own distilleries they can monitor the specific process needed for each plant. When you purchase an oil from a 3rd party, you don’t know any of these things: how it was distilled, how many distillations were taken before being mixed together (affecting its potency) what soil conditions they were grown in, what other plants could be part of the oil (for example, camphor grows naturally with lavender. Unless it’s hand-weeded like Young Living does, camphor could be in your lavender making that oil TOXIC to small dogs….)

Young Living doesn’t even use organic herbicides or pesticides, they use companion planting and even essential oils to protect the plants!

Did you know as a Young Living Member you can visit their farms around the world?! 

They are so beyond organic the workers know that THEIR state of mind when harvesting affects the quality of the oil when distilled….

This process of growing, harvesting, distilling, testing and distributing directly TO YOU and guarantee of purity and potency that comes along with it is called ‘Seed to Seal.’ You can find out more by clicking here!

Also note that this guarantee is for products you get directly from Young Living.

Melissa Russo

This purity and potency guarantee carries over to all of Young Living’s product lines- supplements, protein drinks and foods, personal care and cosmetics.

As distributors, we are not allowed to sell on Amazon or Ebay for example, and I have seen 1st hand people selling diluted or adulterated products through these sites. Become a retail or wholesale member and order directly from YL. (Keep reading on how to get the BEST deal!)

Use Them Aromatically, Topically and Internally.

Because of the Purity and potency guarantee you can use Young Living Oils 3 Ways: Aromatically, Topically and Internally.

Yes, internally.

These are obviously not perfume oils you see on the shelves of your favorite discount stores!

Here is an overview of using some of the most popular and versatile oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit- the way most people get started with YL. It comes with your choice of diffuser and 12 Oils as well as other goodies!!! Have a peek and let me know what you think!

Young Living is a Lifestyle

Young Living is not a product, although Progessence Plus changed my life and I couldn’t shut-up about it.

As I got more into the oils, and I realized what I put on my skin or the bottoms of my feet was affecting my body, mind and emotional state, I realized EVERYTHING I was putting on my skin was being absorbed into my bloodstream, I started looking at the ingredients in my lotions, makeup, skincare, and hair care products- many of which I couldn’t prnounce.

I was already eating quite clean and as organic as was available (without being obsessed or anything) but I never imagined the skin being my biggest organ (with no filtration system, by the way!) and switching to safer personal care products was a HUGE leap in my Wellness!

I was already feeling pretty good- this was a game changer! Next I switched to safer cleaning products – Thieves household cleaner all the way!

I’m a yogi; I am usually barefoot at home. Not only was I absorbing the residue of whatever harsh cleaners through my feet but so were fur babies as they also laid on the floor, licked treats off the floor etc.

Switching to Thieves laundry soap, hand soap, toothpaste and dish detergent sealed the deal. They all cleaned SO WELL I actually started to enjoy cleaning- no Mr. Yuk stickers needed! Here’s a whole Thieves Booklet to peruse, just click here to check it out!

A perfect FIT into my RV Life

Literally. All of Young Living’s products are so concentrated it is extra convenient to have a tiny bottle of laundry detergent that will last months (I usually get over 75 loads from it) and personal care products that last at least 3 times as long as the old stuff I used to use – for example my skin care regime went down to the size of a pea dab of lotion compared to 4 or 5 pumps that equaled a handful of moisturizer just for my face alone!

I’m sure I would have asphyxiated myself by now simple trying to clean tiny areas like my bathroom with toxic cleaners! Not only does Thieves cleaner, clean phenomenally and smell great, it’s actually supportive to my immune and respiratory system as I use it!

What other cleaner can claim THAT!?

My 10 RV Life Young Living Must-haves

  1. Thieves Cleaner
  2. ThievesLaundryDetergent
  3. ThievesDishDetergent
  4. ThievesFruitandVeggieSoak
  5. ThievesFruitandVeggieSpray
  6. Mineral Sunscreen
  7. InsectRepellant
  8. SeedlingsBabyWipes
  9. Mirah Facial Cleansing Oil
  10. 10.Mirah Hair Oil

Would you like to see them in a 10 minute You-Tube video from my camper?

Why the Young Living Business Opportunity

As a Young Living Member you have no obligation to share the products. 93% of Young Living Members simply are members to enjoy wholesale benefits for themselves and their family. Of the 7% that have taken advantage of the business opportunity most just share here or there. It’s a pretty easy way to cover the cost of your products!

If you look at the income disclosure statement, you will see the potential if you really make the business a priority!

The YL Business Opportunity has given me the FREEDOM to travel, live my dream and work my business around the priorities in MY LIFE!

Melissa Russo

It’s allowed me to help others by empowering their Wellness Goals and, if they choose, financial goals! Whether you’re looking for an extra $300 a month, $3000 a month or $30,000 a month – I can help.

Your compensation is determined by YOUR effort and time. If you can prioritize the time you give to your business, even just 5 or 10 hours a week, if you work it smart andconsistently, you will grow- faster at 15 to 20 hours a week, but if you stick to IPAs (income producing activities) you ROTI (return on time investment) could just change your life!

What’s the investment to begin?

Whether you want to simply enjoy the 24% off benefit of being a wholesale member or ALSO take advantage of the business opportunity, the Premium Stater Kit with 12 oils and a diffuser is the BEST place to begin! It is over a $400 value for only $165!

You have no obligations of future purchases, but when you do order, you enjoy wholesale pricing, monthly free product promos, the ability to take advantage of the business if you choose, as well as the option to enroll in Essential Rewards which gives you the BIGGEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK with 10-25% back in product credit and extra freebies and promos!

Essential Rewards is an optional monthly program, like one of those box programs, only YOU choose what’s in your box month!

As I said earlier, Young Living is a lifestyle- from switching to safer cleaning & personal care products, supporting your body with supplements and nutritional products, to enjoying our oils and blends that will support your body, mind and emotions…we’ve got an oil/product for that!

Let me help you get started with a personal consultation!

Call or text me to set it up!
Melissa Russo
(570) 344-6375
Young Living Sponsor #1382569

I can help you get started, save the most money, not miss out on free products and if you’d like to take advantage of the business opportunity, help you ever step of the way!

Ready to get started today?

Enroll here!
If you choose to also enroll in Essential Rewards at sign up you’ll get an extra oil. Also, if you choose for your first order to be your first Essential Rewards (ER) order, you will receive that extra oil, at least $10 back in product credit, and you will also prompt you to set up next month’s Essential Rewards order so this will be a great time to switch out products you use every day to safer:

  • Toothpaste and Mouthwash (if there is a poison control label on either of these products in your home, you may want to consider a switch. We talked about our skin absorbing directly into the bloodstream. You absorb even MORE QUICKLY sublingually.
  • Thieves Whitening Toothpaste is my favorite and they also have a fruity Kidscents toothpaste for your little ones)
  • Next I invite people to look at their cleaning products.
  • Thieves Household cleaner can replace EVERY cleaner in your home! No Mr. Yuk sticker required!
  • What else do you use every day?
  • Sunscreen. Makeup (The Savvy Mineral cosmetic line is AMAZING!!)
  • If you have specific goals such as:
  • Immune support
  • Digestive support
  • Fitness or Weight Loss goals
  • Overall Nutritional Support & Energy
  • EMF support
  • Savvy Mineral Foundation match and Skincare consult

Let’s have a chat and customize your ‘Box’ and make a plan so you’re not overwhelmed with the over 600 product options.

I’m happy to help you every step of the way!

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