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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconCan I Workamp With Kids?

    As a mother of 4 small kiddos- who worked many seasons of Workamping jobs before going remote for Workamper News, I’m here to reassure you that not only is Workamping as a family possible, but it can be a fantastic adventure for all involved.

  • q-iconCan Kids Work With You?

    While Workamping with kids doesn’t always include a position where the kids can actually come to work with you, this is a possibility at some properties and with certain employers! This is something you will want to verify before accepting a position.

  • q-iconWhat Jobs Are Available?

    Virtually any Workamping job can be a job for families, if it fits your needs.  If they are hiring a couple and opposite shifts are available, then it works. If they are hiring a single and kids are able to tag along or help out- then it woks as well. My best advice is to just ask!


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