Workamping Jobs for Singles: Ultimate Guide

Workamping Jobs for Singles

Workamping jobs, for singles, is the art of working while you camp without having a partner to split responsibilities with. 

While the workamping world seems to be catered to workamping couples, the truth is that there are tons of amazing workamping jobs for singles out there waiting to hire YOU! 

Work camping jobs, for single or solo travelers (read more about the difference here), open a world of opportunities to see the country while you make money on the road. It’s a chance to meet new people, see new places, have a steady income, and maybe even a place to park your rig or travel trailer. 

You could work camp as a single for a season or settle down in your favorite area for a whole year! As solo RVers, it’s completely up to you and how you want to experience life solo RVing. 

In this post, we’re going to specifically focus on Work Camping Jobs For Singles! 

Workamping Jobs for Singles

Work Camping Jobs For Singles

There are so many campgrounds nationwide that offer jobs for RV travelers that the possibilities will seem truly endless. The positions available to RV singles are also just as diverse from housekeeping, maintenance, and office assistance to Rangers, Visitor Centers, and Activity Directors. 

Whatever your strength, solo RVers are sure to find the perfect fit. 

So, whether you want to greet park guests 5,000 ft up in the mountains of Colorado or beautify the landscape as a groundskeeper in Florida, there are perfect workamping jobs for singles out there! 

Solo RVers are the bread and butter of how a campground is able to function, often offering jobs for RV travelers while also providing them with a place to park their RV. Solo RVers are an excellent match for most campgrounds hiring working RVers because they are usually more flexible and give the campgrounds a chance to trust that they have the right employee. 

When campgrounds hire working RVers as a couple or a pair, they risk having to be stuck with someone that may not be suitable for workamping. Nothing worse than hiring two people together when one is perfect for the job and the other doesn’t want to be there at all. 

Single RVers have an advantage because they bring only themselves to the table. 

With RV singles you get what you hired. 

Workamping jobs for singles often center around either guest interaction or ground maintenance. And while work camping jobs for singles may not lead to management or campground operations, there are tons of nationwide workamping jobs for singles looking to enter the world of camping singles and working RVers. Here are a few tips and tricks on what to expect when looking for workamping jobs for singles.

Workamping Jobs for Singles

Things to Know When Looking for Workamping Jobs for Singles 

It’s true that a lot of jobs for RV travelers promote or encourage workamping couples to apply, but don’t get discouraged as there are plenty of ways to find workamping jobs for singles. Here are a few things to know when you begin your search for workamping jobs for singles. 

  • As I said, the jobs for RV travelers often cater to couples. This is just a reality. Campgrounds hiring work campers see a benefit to having two employees for the price of one RV site. It suits their bottom line. And while there are plenty of ways to work around this as solo RVers and camping singles, you will notice the trend. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when looking for workamping jobs for singles.
  • You can still reach out to campgrounds that hire working RVers, even if they mention they are looking for a workamping couple. Maybe that specific position is more suitable for a couple, but they could very well have another position available for Single RVers or camping singles. 
  • It’s great to have a specialized skill when looking for work camping jobs for singles. If you’re an electrician by trade or a customer service guru, campgrounds who hire RV singles and solo RVers will be thrilled to have you on their team. 
  • Be prepared to pay a little more as camping singles as some campgrounds consider part of your working hours as compensation for your site. It makes sense for some parks that hire working RVers to have two workers for the price of one site which means couples often split the bill and workload. Work camping jobs, for singles, means you are splitting the bill with yourself. 
  • Be prepared to take on an extended family as solo RVing is an excellent way to meet new people and even other camping singles and solo RVers. When singles camp, they are less likely to go off and spend time with a partner and more likely to socialize with other working RVers. People look after you as single RVers and you will find a new home everywhere you go. 
Workamping Jobs for Singles

Pros and Cons of Workamping Jobs for Singles

Now that we’ve talked briefly about some of the things to know when looking for workamping jobs for singles, it’s time to break down all the pros and cons of becoming solo RVers and camping singles. 

  • Workamping jobs, for singles, are an amazing way for single RVers and camping singles to see the country. I spent 3 years traveling from work camping job to work camping job, seeing the country, and solo RVing. I’ve been able to enjoy solo camping in California, Utah, Washington, Arizona and so many beautiful places in between. 
  • Some campgrounds with jobs for RV travelers really do prefer having single RVers. Small private campgrounds like the one I worked at when I was solo camping in California like having a single camp host because it means less action around the park for them. Single RVers are going to require less attention and use fewer amenities than a whole fleet of working RVers. 
  • You work on your own time when you are solo RVing. Workamping jobs, for singles, means you only have one schedule to contend with rather than two. It’s easier for camping singles to request days off. RV singles are also an advantage as they often look after only themselves and not an entire family. Singles camp alone most of the time and while there is nothing wrong with having obligations, some will have less than other working RVers. 
  • You can do what you want when you’re solo camping. California in the winter and Utah in the Spring, wherever and whenever you want, camping singles and solo RVers are always choosing their own path. Check out 6 Easy Boondocking Tips for Beginners to learn the art of camping without amenities so you can travel even more! And if you don’t like certain workamping jobs for singles, you don’t have the pressure of a partner guiding where you work.
  • People look after you when you’re solo RVing. Sure, singles camp alone but they are really never alone when it comes to the amazing community of working RVers they’ll meet out there. 
  • Work camping jobs for singles don’t actually mean you have to be RVing solo. So, if you want to bring your person with you but they aren’t interested in jobs for RV travelers, no biggie. This is great for working RVers who have partners with other positions. Here are some pros and cons to teaming up with your partner in The Ultimate Guide to Workamping Jobs for Couples
Workamping Jobs for Singles

Cons to Workamping Jobs for Singles

Like every opportunity you find, workamping jobs, for singles, can have its share of cons too. 

  • It may be hard to get into the grove of finding actual jobs for singles. Look into State Park camp hosting jobs and other jobs for RV travelers that encourage camping singles and solo RVers to apply. Solo RVers may have a difficult time finding campgrounds that routinely offer workamping jobs for singles and not couples, but they are out there if you search hard and well in advance! 
  • Solo RVing means you are responsible for yourself and sometimes for single RVers, that’s a lot of pressure. Singles camp alone and when you are solo RVing you have to handle issues often on your own. And while there is a great community of RVers ready to help you when you arrive, that doesn’t always help when you are solo RVing on the road. 
  • You may end up paying more for your site when looking for work camping jobs for singles. It’s very possible to find jobs for RV travelers that want 10 hours from a couple and 13 hours from their Single RVers. RV singles may even find that, in order to deter singles, camp fees are a little higher for solo RVing than for couples RVing. Learn how to negotiate solo RVing style with Know Your Stuff & How to Negotiate Workamping Positions. 
Workamping Jobs for Singles

Tips and Tricks for Camping Singles and Solo RVers

Don’t let the cons discourage you from finding the perfect work camping jobs for singles as there are plenty of tips and tricks for single RVers to find jobs for RV travelers. 

  • Let your resume stand out! At the end of the day, campgrounds want the most qualified working RVers applying to their jobs for RV travelers. Having the credentials to fit the position is an excellent way to stand out as single RVers. Build the perfect resume with The Ultimate Guide to Workamper Resumes.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out directly to workamping jobs. For singles, you notice that campgrounds hire working RVers as a couple because that’s what they advertise. Truth is, it’s worth it for single RVers to send their resume or inquire about working when solo camping. California is a huge place and I never thought I would make it as a camping single. But the RV park I found loved that I was solo RVing and welcomed me into their fleet of working RVers. 
  • Ask for consecutive days off because single RVers love to explore too! Having time off to travel the area is an essential part of what makes jobs for RV travelers worth it. Even take some time solo RVing around between gigs. For more information on how to save money while you travel, check out Maximize Your Travels with Min. Costs. 
  • Find a way to have a new experience by applying to jobs for RV travelers that you wouldn’t normally look at. RV singles have an opportunity to work in fields like housekeeping, maintenance, and guest reservations. Work camping jobs, for singles, is a great way to step into a new career. 
  • Or you can do the opposite and apply to jobs for RV travelers that require a certain niche. Again, solo RVing as an electrician who has experience in business management are going to stick out in the crowd. Highlight your skills as a single RVer and make know what you bring to the table. 
Workamping Jobs for Singles

Workamping Jobs for Singles

Now let’s get down to it and start sharing the jobs for RV travelers that hire singles! From Camp hosts to Rangers, and groundskeepers to beet harvesters, are tons of positions for working RVers and RV singles. 

Camperforce Jobs for RV Travelers

Amazon Camperforce is a huge network of working RVers and warehouse employees. 

Working with one of the largest online retail markets on the planet, Amazon Camperforce has plenty of room to hire single RVers. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Amazon Camperforce to learn more about how to start your Camperforce journey today!

And to learn more about the different warehouse workamping jobs for singles that are available to solo RVers click here: Warehouse Jobs for RVers

Sugar Beet Harvest for Solo RVers

Each season hundreds of working RVers flock to the Sugar Beet Harvest for short-term adventures. Known as an Unbeetable Experience, the annual migration of RVers heading to the Sugar Beet Harvest locations starts after the end of the Summer Camping season when Labor Day celebrations are just dwindling down.

If you’re looking for fast cash, this could be the opportunity for you! But apply early, because their capacity to hire single RVers is limited each season and spots fill up fast. 

Workamping Jobs for Singles

Adventureland Jobs for RV Singles

This workamping job for singles and solo RVers is as fun as it sounds! 

Are you one of those adventure-seeking RVers? Camp next to Adventureland Amusement Park and you are sure to have an incredible season. They offer plenty of chances to socialize which is a perk for most RV singles wanting to get out and meet new people! 

Spend your summer solo RVing with Adventureland Hires (solo) RVers Every Summer!

Thousand Trails Workamping Jobs for Singles and Solo RVers

Thousand Trails is a well-known membership group in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. 

Not only do they have amazing campground deals (Learn more here: Thousand Trails Membership) but they love to hire RV singles and solo RVers. Finding places to work within Thousand Trails is easy for camping singles, couples as well as families with kids!

Camp Hosting for RV Singles and Solo RVers

This may just be the biggest and most resourceful opportunity for RV singles. 

Camp hosts are stewards of the campground and RV singles make great hosts! These jobs for RV travelers and solo RVers mostly happen in State Parks but even when I was solo camping in California, I found opportunities to camp host as a single RVer. So, here is a list of different parks that have the potential to hire single RVers for their camp hosting jobs. 

Workamping Jobs for Singles

Other Jobs for RV Travelers and Single RVers

Try your hand at being a digital nomad! There are many remote and freelance opportunities for those solo RVing. Singles, just like RVing couples can camp wherever they want so it helps to have a job that follows you wherever you go! Check out this list of Jobs for Digital Nomads

Have a skill or business strategy that you want to get off the ground? Becoming a freelancer or starting your own company from the comfort of your RV is the way to go!  Start a mobile business with 69 Mobile Business Ideas for RVers!

Delivery services like Doordash and Instacart are also great jobs for RV travelers. Learn more about how to Make Money Using Delivery Based Gig Apps On Your Smartphone and How RVers Can Make Money & Travel With Instacart Grocery Delivery Service

Workamping Jobs for Singles

Solo traveling and solo RVing is one of the best ways to see the country and work camping jobs for singles is the best way to get there. With a strong resume and skill set, you are sure to land any of the jobs for RV travelers out there. Whether you want to try your hand at solo camping in California or party it up with other working RVers, it’s the best way to get out there and go camping. Singles and solo RVers are an essential part of the work camping community so start your solo RVing journey today with the Ultimate Guide to Workamping Jobs for Singles. 

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