Workamping Course


We’ve developed a better course with the help and feedback from our valued members and readers!

This course, which was offered for 100% FREE to the first 2000 students has been revamped, revised and redone with you in mind!

Now back and better than when it was first created, the Workamping 101 course is officially ready for sale!

Whats Included?

This e-course is designed as a series of PDF files containing the course information for that day. Simply download the PDF, complete any homework assigned for the day, then mull it all over until the next day. You can complete your course in 7 days, or just go through it at your leisure and take as much time as you need!

1. Understanding the Workamping Lifestyle

Before you can do this, you have to know what it is! Start with the basics and everything else will fall into place. Know what you’re signing up for and what the community is about$

2. Choosing An RV: Your New Home On Wheels

An RV is a very important part of the Workamping lifestyle! You will need one for almost all employer offered jobs, so you might as well pick one that’s right for you! After-all, this will be your new home on the road.$

3. Creating the Working Vacation Mindset

You’re not on vacation… well not entirely! If you set off on your new RV adventure totally in vacation mode- you might pull over and hop of the road sooner than your expected due to burn out.$

4. Planning For Just One Season At A Time

First things first! You can’t attack the whole year as a whole. You have to plan each season individually, or you’ll have overlap, leaving you with a decision to leave early or arrive late. Both will look poorly and cost you an Employer reference and possibly a completion bonus.$

5. Finding Jobs In Places You Want To Travel

Finding the Workamping jobs is a huge task and one that you’ll want to do well! You have to know the process for making sure your hard work pays off in the end. In this module I give you my tried and true 9 steps to get your Workamping jobs!$

6. Employers You Need To Know About

There are always a few Vets who you really need to know about when you are just starting out! Workamping is no different. These 10 Workamper employers made my list of Top 10 for one reason or another- but the main point was to let you know who the key players are!


After you’ve got the basics of work camping down and know a few popular employers, you might want to have a list of others that you can contact about possible positions! Use this list of 101 work camping employers to make getting started as easy as possible!


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