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Workamper Resumes-Make Sure You Have One!

A Workamper resume is ideally a single page document that highlights your abilities and quickly details your past work experience. This can easily spread to 2 pages for a couple or family, which is totally fine!

Work experience should not be limited to what, if any, experience you have had in actual Workamping. You should also list past working experiences you’ve had in careers that will give you a leg up with employers looking for seasoned workers with specific skills.

Workamper Resumes

When I created my Workamper resume, I didn’t have any Workamping experience, so I could only include my past work experience, which I thought would be helpful to almost any employer! That included customer service, tons of computer and web skills, retail and sales experience as well as some event planning.

As I began to get job offers from employers who were in dire need of some ‘new blood’, I saw that not only were these offers being quoted at higher dollar amounts than what was being reported by fellow Workampers, but some employers were actually creating positions for me based on my experience and trying to bring a new surge of fresh energy to their businesses!

Don’t discount your skills! List what you do best and trust that the perfect job opportunity will present itself! At the very least you’ve done your part by putting it out there. The ball is officially in their court.

Awesome Applicants Resume Builder

Many Workampers are often confused as to what information they should be providing to employers on their personal resumes. They are not sure if past experience in lifelong careers are considered valuable for positions that they are overqualified for. The answer is yes!

The resume builder by Workamper News provided as part of your paid membership will walk you through the minute details of telling your best story! It takes you by the hand and prompts you to fill out an extensive questionnaire form, that then generates a professional resume for employers to view and search through the system.

Providing additional information not typically found on traditional resumes like the geographical locations you desire to work in, when you are available, and even a place to add photos of yourself and your rig- make the Awesome Applicant Resume one of the most highly used and utilized recruiting strategies of Workamping employers who want to hire great people.

Sure, you could type up your old resume or just update a copy of your current one, but sometimes it’s easiest to just use the systems that have been put in place to make it simple to get a successful final result. There is really no need to reinvent the wheel! And if you are in doubt, use both and extend your reach to employers.

I found it was best to have my resume on hand at all times! I kept it on my phone so I could easily email it to employers I was interested in working for. This is a big leg up! If you’re able to get your resume to the employer asap- like really be one of the first people in their inbox, you have a great chance of being at the top of their recruiting list!

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