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Cinco De Mayo on Taco Tuesday

May 5th, 2020 at 2:30pm Pacific

Join me, Sharee Collier, online for a fun live meetup! 

Okay so I have no idea what this will be, how it will turn out or who will show up- but one thing I can promise is I’ll be there figuring it out along the way! lol. 

But really, I have this awesome platform to do live webinars on and I need to test it out a few times, before launching something super special- so what better way than to use Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to jump on line with whoever wants to chat and just see what happens? 

The details:

  • I’ve never hosted a live webinar like this before 
  • You will be able to see and hear some attendees
  • You will need a web camera and a microphone 
  • I’ll be sitting around the campfire
  • We can share stories, chit chat and connect
  • Yes! I’m having tacos and tequilla- so bring yours as well!

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You’ll be sent a special link to allow you access to the webinar, but make sure you test your camera and microphone prior to the start time!

Looking forward to seeing you online!

And please email me directly if you have any fun ideas you’d like to contribute to the webinar!

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