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RV Shows | The Ultimate Guide 

Attending an RV show this year, will allow you to learn about the RV lifestyle in general as well as how to travel or live in one- if that is your intent!

It can also just be a fun day full of resources from the industries top experts where you learn something new or something that could save you cash down the road!!!

My favorite RV show so far, is the Hershey RV Show “America’s Largest RV Show” that happens every September in Hershey, PA! I attended the RV Show and gave seminars to fellow RV enthusiasts about the Workamping lifestyle and how you can work and travel while out seeing the country. 

After attending Hershey, I was sold on the worthiness of attending RV shows regardless of if you're looking to buy or not!Click To Tweet

Not only was this the largest RV show I had ever attended but also the first at which I would be giving seminars to other RV show attendees. Everything turned out wonderful and the room was packed each time with groups of folks having to stand around the outer edge trying to squeeze in!

Prior to this experience I had only attended small RV shows just to get an idea of what type of RV we wanted to buy or dreamed of buying for that matter and I don’t remember ever sitting through a seminar just for information. That was big mistake!

RV Shows Are Great For Shopping

If you’re in the planning stages of RV life and are in the market for a new RV, RV shows can be an invaluable resource! They are a great way to view a variety of different models and floorplans from a large selection of manufacturers all in one easy location!

When you’re looking for that perfect RV, it’s always best to look at as many options as you can find. While browsing from the comfort of your couch, behind a computer screen is both easy and convenient- being submerged into one of these RV show events will allow you to touch and feel the RV features and help you get a true sense of what it would be like to actually live in it!

I also find that browsing at the RV shows is less pressure than trying to go look around at a local dealer- when salesmen are more aggressively trying to sell units!

RV Inspiration at RV Shows

We all need a little inspiration sometimes and looking at RV models and floorplans can you help you decide if making modifications to your current RV is the best course of action!

Walking through several different layouts at an RV show can help you decide if you want to change some things up in your RV, which might include new curtains and blinds, trading your dining table chairs for a booth or bench seating, new storage and organization ideas as well as bigger options like adding residential refrigerators and convection ovens.

RVs have come a long way since the 70’s so there are tons of options.

Ask Your Questions at RV Shows

When you have questions regarding anything RV related, a RV show is the place to be!

With a variety of manufacturers, company representatives as well as fellow RVers- these RV shows are the perfect events to help you obtain the information you need- quick, fast, and in a hurry! Make a list of the questions you need the answers to before you go and carry them with you.

Find the right person or company to provide insight on the topic and get the details on what matters most to you! Personally I think this is the perfect way to get all the information you need for all those questions you’ve been thinking about.

Already Own An RV?

Attending an RV show can be very helpful when you are in the process of buying, but also for when you want to learn something new. RVshows, as I mentioned above, are a wealth of information and provide it in a variety of different ways to make sure everyone finds what they are looking for.

So, from RV seminars, and RV product & service booths with live vendors- even those who already own an RV will find something new and interesting at RV shows if you look in the right place. Make sure to ask your questions to company representatives who are staffing these booths, so you can get your answers quickly without having to call the 1-800 number or deal with the web chat.

RV Lifestyle Seminars:

Thousand of people flood the doors of the RV shows each day with the intention of attending at least one seminar, where they can visit with a lifestyle or industry expert and get information on specific topics!

RV seminars are a great way to grab some new information of a specific topic from industry or lifestyle experts who know their stuff! The 30-90 minute sessions are very informative and helpful to those who are just looking into topics as well as those who need more specific details.

Topics will vary at each show, but for the most part you can expect a wide range including everything from Basic RV Setup Techniques, RV Maintenance & RV Inspection to RV Trip Planning, Camping Memberships. Sometimes RV seminars will also include a small upsell or promotional offer- which could help you save of a product or service you were already interested in!

RV Show Products & Services:

Shoppers will love the variety of RV products and services available at RV shows across the country and in Canada! New offerings as well as classics and staple items flood the RV show floors with their best deals to attract as many sales as possible! This is a great time to stock up on necessary items as well as some things you just find interesting. I’ve seen everything from flat folding wallets, camping chairs, firepits, tow hitches and even a full Camping World store!

Upcoming RV Shows: 2022-2023

RV Shows in April

Washington State Evergreen Spring RV Show

Spring Hall of Fame RV Show

RV Shows in May

Puyallup RV Show

DFW RV Party

RV Shows in June

Tampa Bay Summer RV Show

RV Shows in July

Enumclaw RV Show

RV Shows in August

Midwest RV Super Show

Hampton Roads RV Super Sale

RV Shows in September

Hershey America’s Largest RV Show

Ohio Outdoor RV Bargain Expo

37th Annual Portland Fall RV & Van Show

Maryland RV Show

Direction Wide Open RV & Motorcycle 2022 Rally

RV Shows in October

Myrtle Beach RV Show

Tacoma Fall RV Show

RV Shows in November

Tampa Bay Fall RV Show

  • Nov 11, 2022 – Nov 14, 2022
  • Florida State Fairgrounds
  • Tampa, FL

RV Shows in January

Tacoma RV Show

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