The Majority of Jobs

Seasonal Jobs

The majority of Workamping job opportunities fit into the category of seasonal jobs. They benefit both the Employer and the Workamper from this perspective.

Employers are looking for the perfect hire! They want additional employees to come help them out in their busy seasons and then leave when the season is over.

Workampers, on the other hand, want to stay in the best locations during the high seasons and leave when the weather turns to the undesirable type and make some cash to cover expenses.

The intersection where the needs and wants of both parties meet is the picture-perfect place that Happy Workampers & Employers thrive inside the community!

Why Choose a Seasonal Job?

Choosing to work in locations during what is considered the Workamping season or any season for that matter is a decision to stay put for a specific amount of time. For some folks the thought of traveling to only then accept jobs that require you to live in one location for 3-6 months at a time is madness, but for others who see the benefits of traveling slow and working along the way, it brings a variety of adventures season after season.

Since seasonal jobs are the most widely advertised for positions, it, in essence, makes them also the easiest type of Workamping job to find and acquire. Job sites across the web are filled with positions advertising for Workampers to fill a variety of positions ranging from Site Hosts to Ranch Hands and from Front Desk & Reservations to Grounds Maintenance & Housekeeping.

What Kinds of Jobs are Available?

As a seasonal worker, you will have the ability to stay in awesome locations and destinations some people can only dream about spending more than a few days! These locations can include State & National Parks, like Yellowstone or Glacier. It could also mean working more physical positions like Amazon Camperforce and the Sugar Beet Harvest to meet savings goals to travel for the remaining 6 months out of the year without much need for other gigs.

Positions range from one end of the spectrum to the other and include everything from those mentioned above to food service, housekeeping, working at shooting ranges, activity planning, membership sales, events, festivals and much more.

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36 Seasonal Workamping Jobs

  1. Gate Guarding
  2. On-Site Security Personnel
  3. Tour Guide
  4. Ski Resort Staff
  5.   Rafting Tour Guide
  6. Volunteer in State Parks
  7.  National Park General Staff
  8. Historical Docent
  9. Property Caregiver
  10. Christmas Tree Lot Managers
  11. Pumpkin Lot Managers
  12. Firework Sales
  13. Dog Show Judge
  14. Amusement Park Staff
  15. Casino Staff
  16. Bus/Shuttle Driver
  17. Sporting Event Staff
  18. Santa Clause
  19. RV Caravan Wagon Master
  20. RV Deliveries
  21. Visitor Center Worker
  22. Maintenance
  23. Mystery Shopper
  24. Circus Workers
  25. RV Inspectors
  26. NASCAR Circuit Workers
  27. Horse Wrangler
  28. Backcountry Patrol
  29. Park or Gate Attendant
  30. Census Taker
  31. Tax Preparer
  32. Warehouse Worker
  33. Festival Booth Setup
  34. Craftsperson
  35. Harvest Employee
  36. Park Ranger

Many Workamping jobs do not require extensive skills or certifications. Most of the positions advertised can be done by just about anyone with a can-do attitude, a willingness to help in more than one area, and a flexible schedule. To be successful and find jobs easily, you will need a new outlook on what jobs you find attractive. In exchange for a life of travel that allows you to go now rather than later, you will need to figure out what you are willing to do and not do.

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