The Cadillac Ranch

Things to do in Amarillo, Texas

We’re headed WEST, finally on a road trip to explore the California Coast and beyond! Making it out of Texas- has been a long journey in itself, but after 6 weeks of enjoying relatively warm temps, an RV Inspector Training in Athens for Antwon and a few freezing nights, it’s finally time to leave this big ‘ol state and inch our way further west.

We headed out towards I40, (the 3rd longest interstate highway in the US) we made a quick stop at the infamous Cadillac Ranch to check out the tagged line up of 10 vehicles buried nose down in the dirt. 

Visitors are encouraged to tag the cars and leave their mark on this piece of roadside artwork in the middle of a barren field right off the interstate at exit 60, on Frontage Rd.

We grabbed our bag of pre-purchased spray paint in various colors and the SONDORS Fold- which we like to take on quick trips like this- so we can have an excuse to post pictures. LOL! Check them out here on Instagram!

Here’s the deal… You can’t pass through Amarillo, Texas without stopping at the Cadillac Ranch! There’s really nothing else of great interest in this place, and its Free conveniently right off the highway and great for folks of all ages! Just do it.

What is the Cadillac Ranch

You’ve probably seen pictures of this place and just didn’t take notice. The Cadillac Ranch is basically a public art display. It was created in the 70’s by a group of artists as a tribute to the evolution of the Cadillac’s tail fin. (I tried to remember to look at the tail fins- but was too consumed in spray paint and taking pics…)

Know before you go: 

    • Located off I40 on Exit 60
    • Turnstile at the entrance- not accessible by wheelchair.
    • Don’t go in the rain! It’s all red dirt- you’ll be a muddy mess.
    • 10 Cadillacs are buried nose down.
    • Bring just 1 can of Spray paint. (Everyone leaves their cans- and you can find some to use if you forget.)
    • Bring a trash bag, and help keep it clean!
    • The original location was just 2 miles down West.
    • Not something I would recommend to do in the dark.
    • Don’t wear new clothing- it’s windy and you might get dirty!
    • Make sure you have a camera or a good charge on your phone.
    • Sneakers are your friend! Flip flops and heals would be the enemy.
    • Ditch the stroller and use a sling or carrier instead.

At first, the kids were a little sketched out on if this was legit, they were like

“are we really going to go on someone’s land and spray paint their cars?”

Once we arrived, they realized this was a ‘thing to do’ and were then excited about the opportunity to get out of our car, stretch and have some fun, before completing the remainder of our drive.

Overall I would say this is definitely a stop you want to make! Even if you just go for the pictures- make sure you stop! You’ll thank yourself afterward!

Check out our photos and the video we posted on Instagram! 

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