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LCW 2.11 Workamper Resume Builder

Season 2 Episode 11 of the LiveCampWork Podcast! Workamper Resume Builder In this episode I want to talk about the Workamper Resume Builder offered by Workamper News. I’ve  received quite a few emails regarding resumes over the last few days, and want to provide some insight on what you need […]


LCW 2.04: Sugar Beats- An Unbeatable Experience

Season 2 Episode 4 of the LiveCampWork Podcast! Sugar Beats- An Unbeatable Experience Workamping the Sugar Beet Harvest In this Episode, I’m covering the information you need to know about the Workamping program offered by Express Employment Professionals regarding the Sugar Beat Harvest. This program is said to be on […]


LCW 2.03: Workamping & Life on the Road

Season 2 Episode 3 of the LiveCampWork Podcast! Workamping & Life on the Road A Family Perspective, Interview with Christi Mooney of the D20 Nomads. In this Episode, I caught up with a Workamping friend of mine, Christi Mooney- who travels Fulltime with her husband Michael and their 2 children! […]