Summit Special Guests: Heath & Alyssa

I sure hope you have some fun planned for today! I’d like to say I do- but the truth is, I’m putting the finishing touches on the Make Money and RV Virtual Summit…. so basically it’s me in front of the screen!

Speaking of the summit did you see what just happened?

No, really! Did you see it???

I just updated the Make Money and RV Virtual Summit Website to include a super special announcement about having Heath & Alyssa Padgett join the summit for a super special in-depth interview about being RV entrepreneurs!!!

Wow! I know. It’s literally the first interview they’ve done after having their baby, Ellie, and I have to say I feel pretty special to have been given the opportunity to be the one asking all the questions! To be honest I had a bunch of questions- so it’s our longest interview for the summit, at over an hour. 

Do you know Heath & Alyssa?

They’re a husband and wife duo who started the RV Entrepreneur Podcast, the live RVE Summit and they keep a great blog over at! They’ve pretty much mastered the art of dominating multiple income streams and building businesses that allow for adventure seeking, fun and income on the road- so of course it only makes sense to share this information on the summit, right?


After all, we can all learn from others around us and hearing inspiring stories from people just like yourself who have been there, done it or maybe are still doing it now- allows us all to get a better understanding into how different aspects of RV life and business work for different people and help shape our adventures for the better!

With so many businesses, products, services and income streams- the Padgett’s are true RV Entrepreneurs with a ton of valuable insight to share!

Make sure you have your ticket and get ready for this session on Monday! Click here to view the final schedule!

Don’t forget, the Summit starts in less than 48 hours!


P.S. That means you have less than 48 hours to grab a discounted VIP Pass. Read up on them below if you’re still on the fence…

The first 24 hours of each video is totally FREE to watch and you can watch videos by:

  1. Entering your email at www.MakeMoneyandRV.comto watch it on the summit website while it’s happening.
  2. Click the FREE replay link I send you on Monday and watch the sessions from that day for free over at Live Camp Work for 24 hours.

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2 days to go. A million more things to get done…

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