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I’m glad you’re here and hope you ‘ll enjoy this website as much as I enjoy producing the content that goes into it! On this page, I want to offer a snapshot of the information you can expect to find here on Live.Camp.Work. and give you a head start on tracking down exactly what you’re looking for!

Live Camp Work (LCW) is a resource for RVers and those interested in RVing and want to know how they can earn cash along the way! Each week I’ll do my best to deliver helpful insights into the world of Workamping covering various topics, answering frequently asked questions, and spotlighting employers who hire RVers!

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What is included in this course?

This e-course is designed as a series of PDF files containing the course information for that day. Simply download the PDF, complete any homework assigned for the day, then mull it all over until the next day, when the new lesson arrives. You can complete your course in 7 days, or just go through it at your leisure and take as much time as you need!

Day 1: Understanding The Workamping Lifestyle.

Day 2: Choosing An RV:  Your New Home On The Road.

Day 3: Creating The Working Vacation Mindset

Day 4: Planning One Season At A Time.

Day 5: Finding Jobs In Places You Want To Travel.

Day 6: 10 Programs You Need To Know!

Day 7: 101 Workamper Employers

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Once you’re on the list, make sure you know where to find what you’re looking for!

This site is organized by categories to keep the content well laid out as it’s published, and easy to find further down the road. You can start exploring now by clicking on the following categories for information on Workamping and How to Make Money while living in an RV full-time!

  • Books:
    I love to write helpful content! Sometimes I’ll go as far to make an ebook or a printed version if I think it’ll really be a great resources for fellow RVers. In this section, I’ll keep a running list of my books currently for sale!
  • Employment:
    What would Workamping be without information on employment? Not much and the same goes for this site! So in this section, you’ll find information about Workamping employer progams and the different opportunities available for those who wish to RV and work when I find something interesting!
  • Workamping Families
    This is a soft spot for me since I have 4 kids that travel with us! Workamping as a family brings a whole new set of expectations, questions, concerns, and topics, that only other families would relate to! This is where you can find that information!
  • Workamping:
    This is a great place to start overall! If you’re unfamiliar with Workamping in general, you’ll find a lot of great information in this section to help you learn the basics and start understanding the lifestyle. 
  • RV Life:
    RV life might be more appropriate, but sometimes life, in general, has to be discussed. For general RV life information and posts- Check here for general information 
  • Resources:
    Sometimes you need more than a blog post to get the information you need or the help you desire. In the resources sections, I’ll be providing tools and resources you can use to get on the road, ace an interview, research job possibilities and more. Many of the items will be available ad a PDF for you to print and use offline!
  • Travel:
    For content related to traveling, full-time, part-time, or seasonally, both with and without an RV… look here! General travel information, articles on planning, and information about traveling in an RV can all be found in this section!

Okay! Well, that about sums it up! You have everything you need to get started.

And if you have any questions… Feel free to send me an email, use the contact form to submit questions or just ask them online inside the Live Camp Work Facebook Group!