Spring Countdown RV Lifestyle Product Giveaway

I’m so ready for spring I can hardly contain myself!

Winter has been long, wet and cold and I for one am ready to say good-bye until next year! Did you know the first day of spring is just 20 days away? It’s true! In less than 3 weeks we can officially stop using the word ‘winter’ and replace it with a beautiful spring season full of new life!

I asked myself…

Sharee, what’s a fun way to celebrate the first day of spring and say a special thanks to everyone who reads your blog, listens to your podcast and supports your book?

Then it hit me! Instead of a warm heartfelt email, why not give away a bunch of freebies! Everyone loves free stuff, right? Right!

So I’m hosting a Spring Countdown RV Lifestyle Product Giveaway starting today!

A quick 20 day giveaway where I’m giving my subscribers the chance to win some pretty cool prizes! I’ll be giving away a total of up to 10 prizes as mentioned below. And instead of making this RV giveaway super complicated with an app that encourages you to do this and complete that to gain more entries and whatnot- I’m just going to make it really easy!

Live Camp Work is hosting an RV Lifestyle Product Giveaway for RVers who RV Fulltime.

Spring Countdown RV Lifestyle Product Giveaway Details

The giveaway will be based on the amount of reviews my book,
Live Camp Work: Make Money & RV Fulltime has on Amazon (wink-wink)

I’m going to level the playing field for everyone on my VIP list- so all you have to do is be on the list for a chance to win! (Enter your email below to make sure you’re on the list!)

[convertkit form=865005]

Sound too easy? Well it is!

The contest will start today, March 1, 2019 and run through midnight on March 20th– the first day of spring! Hopefully by then I’ve hit all 3 benchmarks and all the prizes will be sent out to lucky winners over the weekend! Of course, you can help to make sure I get rid of all the prizes in the 20 days the contest will be running by heading to Amazon.com and leaving a review– but that’s about it!

If we don’t hit the benchmarks and the time for the contest is over- I’ll just save the prizes for another contest later down the road. Although they do take up a bit more space then I’d like- so hopefully that won’t be the case!

Okay- that’s all folks!

Head to Amazon.com to leave your review if you haven’t done so already, make sure you signed up for my VIP List, and then  just sit back with your fingers crossed and hope you’re a lucky winner!


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