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Sending Photos & What is Acceptable

Many employers will ask for you to include a photo of yourself and your rig along with your resume. Many Workampers are instantly put off by this practice and question if it’s merely a method of discrimination for one reason or another. I have to say I both agree and disagree with the validity of sending pictures to employers. And while I have participated (in my own way) and encouraged the participation of this recruiting practice, it was for one reason and one reason only… to avoid myself or any fellow Workamper arriving at a job site only to be turned away.

Workamping Resume Photos

With an ancient motorhome and 4 kids in tow, my husband and I never wanted to arrive at a new Workamper job with the employer not knowing exactly what they were getting. In the beginning, I would silently refuse to send photos, but would casually include a link to our blog with an invitation for the employer to get to know us… after 2 instances where the employer was shocked after arrival that we were so young and had multiple children, even though they still worked out well, I promised myself I would never drive anywhere until I had clearly laid out in an email with a time stamp, that we had 4 kids, this is what we look like, and this is what we camp in.

There is no way I wanted to drive any distance with the lingering fear of denial or rejection. When people ask me about why I think Workampers should just send the pictures, this is what I tell them.

Workamper employers are hiring you virtually. They are not taking the traditional interview route, which would require you to be present for at least one face-to-face interview. In return for not having to travel to their business for an in-person interview, which I was actually asked to do one time, do yourself a favor and send the photos or agree to a virtual interview over Skype or FaceTime!

Photos that are considered acceptable for employer review:

-Professional headshot
-Basic headshot
-Selfie showing the full face
-Outdoor pictures with 1/2 body
-Indoor picture with 1/2 body
-Professional full body shot
-Selfie with multiple people showing full face.

Photos that are not considered acceptable for employer review:

-Action shot where you are barely visible
-Outdoor photo of just scenery
-Multiple persona selfie with partial face
-Pictures where your tongue is sticking out
-Full body shots in anything other less than business casual
-Pictures where you are making a funny face, such as a pouty lip

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